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power struggle in Venezuela: Juan Guaidó explained to the head of state (19.11 PM) – USA open detect Guaidó to US: “All the options” if those in power Maduro’s use of violence – riots in Caracas – Venezuela breaks diplomatic relations to the United States (21.26 PM) – the military is in power, Maduro (23.05 hours), and a woman in a coma brings Baby to the world – arrest (17.15)Indictment in case of murder of Susanna (16.07 PM)imprisonment for 15 Years for group rape (15.20)Merkel frustrations in East Germany (12.22 PM)is arrested some 185,000 asylum applications in the year 2018 (11: 11 PM)brother of Abou-Chaker in Denmark (8.43 PM)

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+++ 23.05 PM: Venezuela’s military is in power, Maduro +++

In the power struggle in Venezuela has the military behind President Nicolás Maduro. “The soldiers of the Fatherland will not accept a President who is being used by dark forces, or from the Law itself uses,” tweeted the Minister of defense Vladimir Padrino. Earlier, had declared Parliament-in-chief Juan Guaidó to the interim President. So the military has no respect for an appeal from US Secretary of state Pompeo to impede the transfer of power. The United States had emphasized that “all options” were open, should Maduro do violence against the opposition. Venezuela has been stuck for some time in a massive state of crisis.

+++ 21: 26: Venezuela breaks off diplomatic relations with USA +++

Venezuela has broken off diplomatic relations with the United States. The diplomatic staff must leave within 72 hours the country, said President Nicolás Maduro on Wednesday. The United States had previously recognized President Juan Guaidó as a transitional President.

+++ 21.19 PM: clashes reported in Caracas +++

for Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, are reported clashes between the opposition and the police, after the opposition leader Juan Guaidó to the interim President had declared. An appeal from US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, the security forces should not be a peaceful transfer of power and ousting of President Nicolás Maduro in the way, it seems, is that once faded away. The US had warned Maduro previously, kept “all options” if Maduro should use violence against the Opposition. “If Maduro and his cronies decide to answer with violence, if you choose, members of the inflicting of the national Assembly damage, are for the USA all of the action options on the table”, quoted a high-ranking government employees in Washington.

+++ 20.44 PM: US Secretary of state Pompeo calls on security forces in Venezuela, to change the way +++

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo called on the security forces in Venezuela, a peaceful non-transfer of power to stand in the way. Pompeo called on the military and other security forces, “to support democracy and to protect all the citizens of Venezuela”. The people have suffered for long enough under the “catastrophic dictatorship” of President Nicolás Maduro. US President, Donald Trump had recognized Parliament’s President Juan Guaidó previously as interim head of state of Venezuela. In a communication Pompeos it was said that the United States is prepared to provide humanitarian aid for the people in Venezuela, in so far as the conditions would allow.

+++ 20.40: Colombia recognizes the self-appointed President of Venezuela in +++

Colombia has recognized the Venezuelan Parliament chief Juan Guaidó as interim President of the South American country. “Colombia recognizes Juan Guaidó as President of Venezuela and accompanied on this path back to democracy for the Venezuelan people can get rid of the dictatorship,” said the Colombian President Iván Duque on Wednesday on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the world economic forum (WEF) in Davos. Colombia gets the severe political and economic crisis in Venezuela, to feel particularly hard, Around one Million Venezuelans have already fled poverty and oppression in their home in the neighbouring country.


“I swear to officially take over the national Executive powers as acting President of Venezuela”: Venezuela President Juan Guaidó, during a Demonstration against President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas.

©Federico Parra, AFP +++ 19: 42: American States organization recognizes Guaidó as Venezuela’s President +++

The organization of American States, the Venezuelan Parliament chief Juan Guaidó as interim President of the South American country recognized. “Our congratulations to Juan Guaidó as interim President of Venezuela. He has our back, in order to lead the country back to democracy,” wrote to OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro on Twitter. Guaidó had declared shortly before, even to the President.

+++ 19.36 PM: students with punches and kicks hard++

injured + A 18-year-old student has been held in Cologne by a group of young people beaten, and severely injured. According to the initial findings of the police, he met in the afternoon at a bus stop near a school to three teenagers. He had been beaten razed to the ground and solid, with fist – blows and kicks against the head. The young people left the 18-Year-old after and fled. The severely injured person was treated by an ambulance and taken to a hospital. The police questioned a 15-Year-old should have been. The investigation aims to clarify how and why it came to be fact. Investigators are looking for witnesses, information to the fact.

Syria conflict

respite: What is in Syria on the game and what you should

+++ 19.27 PM: Russia know-Turkey is pressing to a harder approach in Idlib +++

Russia urges Turkey to step up the fight against terrorist groups in the Syrian rebels in Idlib region. “We see that the Turkish Partner will do a lot to reduce the emitted by the threat of terrorism,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin after a Meeting with his Turkish colleague Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Moscow. Necessary joint efforts to eliminate the danger permanently. The agreed demilitarized Zone should not be a reason in the fight against terrorists.

The Turkey he had last autumn, Zone in the Northern province of Idlib. As a Syrian and a Russian attack on the territory has been averted, there is in addition to the armed opposition also millions of civilians. In the past weeks, the terrorist group HTS Geländeg but ewinne in Idlib.

+++ 19.11 PM: Venezuela’s President explained to the head of state +++

Venezuela’s President Juan Guaidó has declared himself “acting President” of the country. “I swear to officially take over the national Executive powers as acting President of Venezuela, to stop the Usurpation, a transitional government () and free elections to hold,” said Guaidó, during a Demonstration against President Nicolás Maduro. Shortly thereafter, the White house in Washington, U.S. President Donald Trump recognize Guaidó to officially declared as a “transitional President” of Venezuela. Guaidó represent as President, “the only legitimate” state institution of the country, because it was “properly” by the people elected. Guaidó was dominated at the beginning of January to the President of the of the Opposition and Maduro disempowered the national Assembly has been elected.

meanwhile, the Supreme court of Venezuela has instructed the Prosecutor’s office against the members of the majority from the government, opponents of the existing Parliament to launch an investigation. The largely disempowered the Parliament, the court of accused, in abuse of the powers of the heads of state Maduro to acquire. The investigation should take place immediately, it said in a statement read out.

+++ 19.07 PM: Trump insists on state of the Union speech in the house of representatives +++

US President, Donald Trump insisted, his speech to the Nation on 29. To keep in January in the U.S. house of representatives, despite the objections of the Democrats. The Chairman of the chamber, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, had voted in favor of Trump shifts his speech – and this is justified with security concerns due to the ongoing Government shutdown. Trump wrote in a letter published today to Pelosi, there is, according to the competent authorities the right not to be security walls. Therefore, he was looking forward to his speech as originally planned, on 29. To keep in January in the house of representatives.

It would be “so sad for our country,” if the speech is not on time, on schedule and at the designated place would be held, the President stressed. The latter he called “very important”.

Trumps speech on the state of the Nation

How Nancy Pelosi used the “Shutdown” against Trump and the revenge

proposes The use of a high-ranking US Democrat Nancy Pelosi, that the President, Donald Trump shifts his speech on the state of the Nation. Behind it is a political manoeuvre is suspect. Trump has already brings to the counter.

+++ 18.53 PM: archaeologists more than 5000 years ancient tombs in the Nile Delta +++

archaeologists have discovered sites in the Egyptian Nile Delta historical tomb, some of which are more than 5000 years old. About 20 of the tombs, which were discovered about 140 kilometers North of the capital, Cairo, came from the pre-dynastic period (about 3200-3000 BC), the Egyptian antiquity authority. In the graves the skeletons of the dead in a squatting Position were still. However, many of the graves were no longer in good condition.

in Addition, in the Region of Kom al-Cholgan more grave sites from the Second intermediate period (1782-1570 BC) have been found. In it were found the Remains of animals and pottery. Information at the time of the discovery by the archaeologists, the ancient Ministry made on Wednesday.

+++ 18.44 PM: robbers hands of victims stuck to the table +++

With a second adhesive, a robber glued to the hands of a seller on a tabletop. The 52-year-old employee of a clothing business in Ingolstadt had opened before opening the man the door, because she believed that it was their colleagues, the police announced. The one with a gun-armed offenders forced the woman to open the safe and fled with about 2000 euros. After the robber had left the Store, the saleswoman “in spite of the extremely limited opportunities,” a national call, which, in turn, chose the emergency call, a police spokesman said.

+++ 18.17 PM: teacher for Sex with 13-Year-old sentenced to prison +++

A kindergarten teacher has been sentenced for the molestation of a 13-year-old boy in Berlin to two years and nine months in prison. Three Times it came to sexual acts with her former protege in a youth welfare institution, reasoned the district court of Tiergarten. The 37-Year-old had previously been largely. The Boy I wanted Sex with her, said the defendant. You have explained to him repeatedly that it was a punishable offence. “Still, it’s come to this.”

The woman worked as a carer for children in residential groups, as it came in the time between March and October in 2017, while the service times of the acts of Abuse. The defender said his client wanted to build in the problematic group of “close understanding”. The lawyer pleaded for a so-called less serious case of abuse. As the allegations were known, had been dismissed by the defendant. “For you, it is clear that you can never work again in the area.” The court followed the judgment in the application of the Prosecutor, went out in two cases of severe child abuse.

+++ 17.54 clock: auto attacks in new year’s eve night: Oberhausen, apparently, was the scene of the crime +++

The alleged perpetrator of Bottrop and Essen should be in the new year’s eve night in Oberhausen aimed at people. According to a report by the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of the interior on today in the state Parliament in Düsseldorf, has been debated. The 50-Year-old had steered his car at 13 venues in Bottrop, Oberhausen and Essen in collections of people or a single person, says the report. A 46-Year-old from Syria is difficult, and another nine people were slightly injured. All of the victims had an immigrant background. First, the statements of the unemployed had pointed to racism as a motive for the crime. His thoughts may argue for a politically motivated act of violence, the report says.

The German has now been in a psychiatric hospital meadows. A psychiatrist had him classified as to the time of the crime, at least greatly diminished capacity. A debt inability is not excluded. Attempted murder of the man had been previously in custody.

+++ 17.15: woman in a coma brings Baby to the world, capture +++

In the case of a coma patient in the United States, who had brought a child into the world, there has been an arrest. The reports “CBSNews”. A 36-year-old nurse had been arrested, according to police due to the allegation of rape.

In the nursing home Hacienda HealthCare in Phoenix had at the end of December for a patient in a Baby born. A crime was the only coherent explanation for the birth. The 29-year-old woman has been available for at least ten years in a coma and may have agreed to a sexual act, accordingly, impossible. The also saw the police and came to the alleged offender with a DNA Test on the track. The man working in the facility and had been entrusted with the care of the patient, according to investigators. Your DNA agree with those of the babies. The police had announced after the birth, all the male staff of the care facility a paternity should be subjected to the test.

the right way

How “Christians in the AfD,” in churches on the campaign trail

+++ 17 o’clock: go to court cancels dismissal of AfD-near Professor +++

The düsseldorf state labor court rejected the dismissal of an AfD in the middle, a Professor at the Niederrhein University of applied Sciences. The allegations against a Professor in business administration Karin Kaiser did not justify the expulsion or had already been consumed by warnings, the court found on Wednesday the lower court. Its party-political orientation to justify the termination of the employment relationship.

+++ 16.07 PM: Wiesbaden public Prosecutor’s office has brought charges in a murder case, Susanna +++

About eight months after the violent death of 14-year-old Susanna from Mainz and the Wiesbaden public Prosecutor’s office has charged officially charges against the 21-year-old Suspect Ali. The Iraqis are accused of rape and murder, of treachery and concealment of a criminal Offence, as the authority announced on Wednesday. On admission, the prosecution must now decide, the district court of Wiesbaden.

the charge had already been in November it was reported. Only after the Information of all the parties to the proceedings, she was charged now, but not officially.

Susanna’s body had been found at the beginning of June 2018, two weeks after the Disappearance of the girl. The case also caused political stir.

B. had deposed to the fact, in Iraq, where he was arrested by Kurdish security forces. In the recovery of B. the Federal police President Dieter Romann took part.

14-Year-old raped and murdered

violence, fraud, robbery – the explosive acts of Ali B.

After the murder of the 14-year-old Susanna in Wiesbaden, Germany, was wanted by the police internationally, according to Ali. In Iraq, it took the 20-year-old, for the investigators in Germany are not Unknown.

By Daniel Wüstenberg +++ 15:43 PM: Four Dead in protests against large-scale demonstrations in Venezuela +++

Before the large-scale demonstrations in Venezuela on Wednesday at least four people were killed in night-time protests were killed. The police and the non-governmental organization Observatory for social conflict (OVCS). For Wednesday, the Opposition has called on Venezuela to mass protests against the left-nationalist head of state, Nicolás Maduro. Also, the government wants to mobilize their supporters.