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Venezuela has German Ambassador (16.50)Assault on a money Transporter: a security guard is no longer in danger of their lives (15.48 Uhr)Italians can basic income apply to (14: 34)Alleged German ISIS-supporter in Munich before the court (14.06 PM)North Korea is building missile plant, apparently (8.32 PM)number of Islamist threat drops not (3.38 PM)

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+++ 17.53 p.m.: suspicious subject at the British Parliament +++

Close to the British Parliament in London, a suspect object has been found discovered. The police informed. Therefore, the package in the vicinity of the upper house was discovered. Injured, there is not, according to the announcement.

The day before, had appeared in several places in the British capital package, which turned out to be a letter bomb. Because of these cases, the Anti-terrorist identified-police. Whether there is a connection with the incident at the Parliament, was not initially known.

+++ 17: 28: Brazilian President makes obscene carnival video +++

The Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has released a Video with obscene scenes from the street carnival on the Internet – and thus a critique of the state of society. “I don’t feel comfortable to show this. However, we need to show the population the truth so that you can know and will always have your priorities set,” wrote the since January ruling right-wing populist head of state and government on late Tuesday evening (local time) on Twitter.

Rio de Janeiro

carnival in Rio: Samba schools dance, victory, glory and honor

On the recording, which is identified as sensitive content, is a man who stretches on a stage in Sao Paulo to the audience his buttocks and a Hand on the Anus. Then he bends down, while another man urinates him on the hair. “Comment on them and draw your own conclusions”, ends Bolsonaro his Tweet.

+++ 17.31 PM: Update: After RAID on money transport: investigators have found Kalashnikov +++

After the Robbery on a money transport at the airport of Cologne/Bonn, the police found a suspected murder weapon. The investigators had on Wednesday in the burnt-out getaway car found a Kalashnikov rifle, police said.

“It may be the weapon on one of the three guards in the Robbery was shot,” it said. The injured employee was after the fact in the Morning at times in danger of their lives.

The police went out after a further investigation, in the afternoon by two robbers. First of all, the investigators had spoken of three offenders. After the two men wanted.

+++ 17.28 PM: Russian authorities are to online media, with Fake News ++

may block Russian authorities in the future may inhibit online media, if this spread, in your opinion, wrong messages. This provides a new law, the deputies in the lower house of the Duma on Wednesday in its second reading agreed to. Critics see in the vague formulated design a further limitation of the freedom of the press.

+++ 17.08 PM: the Federal art and exhibition hall holds on to Michael-Jackson-exhibition +++

in Spite of new allegations of abuse, the Federal art and exhibition hall holds on to her planned Michael Jackson exhibition. The Show does not treat the life of the pop star, but his influence on contemporary art, said the Museum on Wednesday in Bonn. It was “not a tribute to the Person Jackson”.

“blood stains”

Two men’s suits: Michael Jackson should have in child sexual abuse

The current controversy to the film documentary “Leaving Neverland” follow it intensively. “The allegations are shocking, the procedure is not completed and since the death of Michael Jackson is also much more difficult,” said the Federal art and exhibition hall. A distancing to the exhibition was given “at the present time”.

+++ 16.50: Venezuela accuses the German Ambassador, + + +

Venezuela’s government has declared to the German Ambassador in the country because of the support of the Opposition to the unwanted Person and shows him to have been. Daniel Kriener have interfered in the internal Affairs of the South American country, informed the Venezuelan foreign Ministry on Wednesday on its website. He had to leave the country within 48 hours. An opinion published in addition, the foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza on Twitter. The Federal Foreign office in Berlin confirmed the operation, which is currently the further course of action, a vote would be held locally with partners in Germany, said a spokeswoman.

Kriener had been expected on Monday, along with other diplomats from Europe, Latin America and the USA, the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó at the capital airport of Maiquetía. They wanted to prevent seems to be that the leader of the opposition is arrested on his return to the country. Guaidó had to temporarily leave Venezuela, to meet with the heads of government of neighbouring countries. Between his followers and those of the head of state, Nicolás Maduro, a power raging for weeks, the fight in the economically stricken country.


German armored vehicles in use in the Yemen – what did Israel do in order to

Hans-Martin Tillack +++ 16.24 at: Federal government extended the arms export ban to Saudi Arabia by the end of March +++

The Federal government has the arms export ban to Saudi Arabia for a further three weeks until the end of March is extended. This was also with a view on the Yemen conflict is decided, said Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) in Berlin on Wednesday. “We are of the opinion that Yemen is a war that must be as fast as possible leads to the end of the course,” added Maas. Originally, the arms embargo was up to 9. March.

+++ 16.21 PM: dozens of students suffer in Duisburg respiratory irritation +++

first of all, of undetermined cause in a secondary school in Duisburg on Wednesday, dozens of students Atemwegsreizungen suffered. A total of 34 people were affected, informed the city of the Ruhr. 14 of them had been brought in hospitals, lives are in danger, no one hovering. The cause of the disaster was, therefore, initially unclear.

+++ 16.17 PM: number of district cancellations has doubled +++

When the railway failed in the past year, twice as many long-distance trains as in the previous year. The number increased from 1771 to 3669, how to company information. Thus, the share of all trips rose from 0.6 percent to 1.2 percent. First, HR had reported on the “Info” about it and a request of the Greens in the Bundestag called.

+++ 15.57 PM: Peru sends soldiers to help in the fight against illegal gold miners in the Amazon +++

In the fight against environmental destruction in the Amazon, the Peruvian government has opened the first of four in the Region of the planned military bases. As defense Minister, José Huerta on Tuesday (local time) announced that 100 soldiers, 50 police officers and a Prosecutor are in use there. Together, they are intended to prevent illegal gold felling graves, trees and other environment damage.

“We will stay as long as it is necessary,” said Huerta at the opening of the support point in the protected area of Tambopata in the South-East of the country. At the site of the new military camps around 350 gold digger previously lived. The Peruvian army and police had stormed the area deep in the forest, located the camp in February, and there, among other things, large quantities of Sand discovered, was loaded with mercury. Mercury is often used to gain from gold-containing soil is pure Gold.

The Peruvian authorities focus on an area in the Region of Madre de Dios, which is particularly affected by illegal gold mining: 6000 people live there, mines a work in a non-approved gold. Alone in the year 2018, according to official figures, 9000 hectares of rain forest were cut down around such mines. The wild gold gräberei also brings other problems, such as mafia-like structures, and Prostitution.

+++ 15.48 PM: RAID on money transport: a security guard is no longer in danger of their lives +++

in the case of a cash van RAID at the airport Cologne/Bonn is no longer wounded security guard is in danger of their lives. A police spokesman said on Wednesday. The man had been injured in the Morning by at least a shot. Three masked and armed men had robbed the money van at the Airport. They fled after the crime in a black car, you set it on fire, and left. The police have an APB out with a large contingent after the perpetrators.

+++ 15.16 PM: employees of the jobcenter Bayreuth with knife +++

attacked With a knife a man in Bayreuth, Germany, has injured three employees of the jobcenter. He entered on Wednesday around noon, the building and the employees suddenly attacked, police said. Thereafter, the perpetrators fled. A short time later, officers arrested a 38-year-old suspects in the city area. Details on the reasons behind the fact, and the attackers were not immediately known.

+++ 15: Indian rape victim kills attacker +++

An Indian woman has been killed after her rape, her rapist, by she pulled him in self-ignited flames. The police announced on Wednesday, has not been attacked the 35-year-old widow in her home in Kolkata by a man and raped, while her two daughters were at home. “After that, he doused you with kerosene and lit them,” said the policeman Sajal Kanti Biswas, citing the statement of the woman.

hail kills more than 1000 birds in Northern India – including 590-breasted

The woman had managed to pull her tormentor in the flames. You’ve survived the fire only burns in the face, her attacker had succumbed to his injuries in hospital.

Sexual violence against women in India is omnipresent. According to the most recent statistics were raped in the year 2016, an average of one hundred women per day. In the past years, the rape victim repeatedly to brutal methods to fight back: In December, a woman cut off a man because of the constant sexual harassment in the Penis.

+++ 14.44 PM: pulmonary doctors warn of health impact of air pollutants +++

the German lung doctors have warned that the fine dust and nitrogen oxides can trigger many respiratory disease or worsen it. “Bronchitis and Asthma in childhood are often associated with pollutants in the air,” said Erika von Mutius of the society for pediatric pneumology (GPP) in Berlin on Wednesday. In addition, there is evidence to suggest that air pollution may lead in adults to lung cancer.