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Mark Miley is to become the new U.S. chief of the General staff (19.02 hours), and 26-Year-old Mexican is the new “Miss World” (17.53 hours), and is Almost 1000 provisional arrests at protests in France (16.21 PM)To mass panic in Italy: evidence of Trapping to disco (16: 04)train-fare round cancelled – Strikes threaten (12.04 PM)

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+++ 20.42 PM: Kremlin Alexejewas work for Russian civil society +++

Russian President Vladimir Putin pays tribute to honoured according to his spokesperson, the work of the late human rights activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva. “The President appreciates the contribution made by Lyudmila Alexeyeva for the development of civil society in Russia,” said Putin’s Confidant, Dmitry Peskov, the Agency Interfax according to. He respects your positions on many issues of the country. Putin had also sent a personal letter of Condolences to the family of Kremlin critic.

The renowned human rights activist Alexeyeva, died on Saturday in Moscow after a serious illness at the age of 91 years, as the human rights Council, the Russian President said. It was considered the “Grande Dame” of the human rights movement in their homeland. She was internationally and in Russia, too, is highly regarded. To your 90. Had a birthday congratulates her Putin personally, and in their Moscow apartment visited.

+++ 20.02 PM: SPD determined on the conference of delegates list for the European election +++

The SPD is determined on Sunday to a Europe conference of delegates in Berlin on your list of candidates for the European elections on may 26. May 2019. As the top candidate of the party Executive Federal justice has nominated Minister Katarina Barley, and the leader of the socialist group in the European Parliament, Udo bullmann. In addition to Barley and bull man to speak at the conference, also party leader Andrea Nahles, and the top candidate of the social Democrats on the European level, Frans Timmermans.

the scramble there is for the other places on the SPD list. The selection of the party leadership, according to which younger candidates, and women are more promising places to begin, led to on the list proposed by the Executive Board, slid the other applicants to the rear.

+++ 19.21 at: Russian human rights activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva dead +++

The renowned Russian human rights activist and Kremlin critic Lyudmila Alexeyeva is dead. She died after a severe illness at the age of 91 years in Moscow, informed the human rights Council of the Russian President on Saturday evening. “This is a terrible loss for the whole of the Russian human rights movement,” said the Chairman of the Council, Mikhail Fedotov, according to the communication.

Alexeyeva was one of the most renowned civil-rights Activists in Russia. Together with the Nobel peace prize winner Andrei Sakharov, she founded in 1976, the Moscow Helsinki group, which campaigned for the observance of human rights. For that, you had to go into exile.

Since 2004, she was a human rights Council with the interruption is a member of the people. The activist criticized openly the growing repression against the Russian Opposition.

+++ 19.02 PM: Mark Miley is the new U.S. chief of staff +++

US President Donald Trump has nominated army chief Mark Milley as the new chief of the General staff. The 60-year-old Four-star General to replace Joseph Dunford, the in October, in retirement, informed Trump over the short message service Twitter. The date for the handover of power will be determined. The U.S. Senate must confirm Milley. Dunford was appointed 2015 by trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama.

the U.S.-according to media reports, had argued the Minister of defense of Jim Mattis for another candidate, the air force General David gold fine. Trump had set but on this recommendation. The chief of staff is one of the most important Advisor to the President in defence matters. He is also the Central point of contact to the Minister of defence.

+++ 18.41 PM: space freighter “Dragon” brings Christmas dinner to the ISS +++

Laden with Christmas food and a lot of additional equipment has docked in the private space freighter “Dragon” to the International space station ISS. The German Astronaut Alexander Gerst and the American engineer Serena Aunon-Chancellor used the robotic arm of the space station, the capsule capture. A few hours later she had been to the ISS, connected, informed Nasa. Aboard about 2500 kilograms of research equipment, maintenance tools and “Goodies for the Crew.”

+++ 17.53 p.m.: 26-Year-old Mexican is the new “Miss World” +++

The “Miss World” 2018 comes from Mexico. The 26-year-old Vanessa Ponce de Leon won this year the title, informed the organisers of the beauty competition after the final in the southern Chinese city of Sanya (Hainan province). Ponce de Leon was crowned in an emotional ceremony by the winner of the last year, the Indian Manushi Chhillar,. At the age of 68. Through the course of the competition, 118 women had fought for the title of “Miss World”.

Ponce de Leon, your character as a lover of traditional Mexican cheese, roll dough and Quesadillas, at the same time World Americas, Miss. More “Miss”title for the continents went to Maria Vasilevich from Belarus (Miss World Europe), Kadijah Robinson from Jamaica (Miss World Caribbean), Nicolene Pichapa Limsnukan from Thailand (Miss World Asia)and Quiin Abenakyo from Uganda (Miss World Africa). The title of Miss World since 1951.

+++ 16.52 PM: report: In Germany 50,000 Truck missing-driver +++

actions of The freight forwarders in Germany, a drastic shortage of personnel. “At the Moment, the 50,000 truck drivers in Germany are missing,” said the owner of the logistics company Dachser, Bernhard Simon, the “Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper”. As reasons for the driver shortage he called the “unjustified bad public Image” of the profession. Also, the fear of robberies games recently, a role.

“A further significant cause is the fact that young men have made in the army your given a Truck driving license,” said Simon. “It no longer exists since the abolition of compulsory military service. Today, the training to become a Truck driver will cost 20,000 euros.”

These costs, Dachser will not be the rich but to advertise in order to have enough offspring. He therefore go into schools and look for migrants or Trainees, said the company chief of the newspaper.

+++ 16.48 PM: Timmermans invites the UK to move away from Brexit a +++

The social-democratic Europe-the top candidate, Frans Timmermans, has invited the UK to stop the Brexit. “What’s that to me, is the United KingdomI are always more than welcome to,” said the Vice-President of the European Commission in Lisbon. The participants of the Congress of the European socialists and Democrats cheered him for it.

The world and the European Union have changed since the Brexit vote in the UK in 2016. Timmermans pointed to risks due to the policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the departure of the US President Donald Trump, who have an interest in a divided Europe. The desire from the Brexit Referendum, “to gain control back”, is the best means for jointly cope with. “Please think about it,” said Timmermans.

+++ 16.21 PM: Almost 1,000 provisional arrests at protests in France +++

On the edge of the “yellow West”protests in France, nearly a thousand people were detained temporarily. More than 720 were in police custody, it was said by the police. Most of the arrests took place accordingly in Paris. The police estimated the number of protesters in the afternoon throughout the country on almost 77.000.

+++ 16.04 PM: After mass panic in Italy: evidence of Trapping to disco +++

After the mass panic, with six dead in a nightclub in Italy, there is evidence that far too many Tickets have been sold for the concert. First investigations suggest that around 1400 tickets had been sold, said the Italian head of government, Giuseppe Conte, during a visit in Ancona. “It seems that only one was used by three spaces. This room was designed for 469 people. With the Numbers we can’t come, obviously.” Conte however noted that the investigation lasted. “Events like this must not happen again,” said Conte.

In Corinaldo was not far from broken out from Ancona in the night before the start of a Rap-concert panic. Five Teenagers and a mother were killed, dozens of people were injured. In the scramble initial findings had been sprayed, according to Mace.

+++ 15.48 PM: Erdogan criticized the “excessive action” against the “yellow West”-protests +++

The Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s concern over the harsh police action against the “yellow West”-has commented on the protests in Europe. He was against “excessive violence” against protesters, Erdogan said on the sidelines of an event in Istanbul.

“those who have accused our police of oppression, should be able to see what your police officers do now,” Erdogan said. In Paris and elsewhere, the police before going to the “the hardest way”. The current “Chaos” scenes in Paris, Brussels and other cities showed that Europe was the “Test for democracy, human rights and freedom”.

+++ 15.11 PM: “yellow West”-protesters attack luxury Department store in Paris +++

to come to the protests by the “yellow vests” it is in Paris new riots. In the centre of the capital, several protesters tried in the early afternoon, the luxury Department store to put “Publicis” in fire, as AFP reported Reporter. Participants in the Protest – some of them in yellow vests – inflamed a fir tree, which they rejected against the facade of the Department store. The police urged the demonstrators using tear gas. A young woman was brought with a head injury for the treatment.

+++ 14.35 PM: tens of thousands of protesters – “yellow West”-Protest in France +++

In the case of demonstrations by the “yellow vests” in the whole of France according to official figures, tens of thousands of people on the street. Across the country, it had been up for lunch around 31,000, according to the broadcaster France Info, citing the interior Ministry. Of these, 8000 had been in the capital, Paris counted. Throughout the country there have been around took 700.

Also a number of highways in the country were blocked during the Protest. The police controlled until early afternoon according to their own figures, more than 5000 people on major routes and toll.

The protest movement of the “Yellow jackets”, and calls for reductions in tax. Their anger is directed against President Emmanuel Macron and his reform policy. In the whole of France, but also in Belgium and to a lesser extent in the Netherlands, there were protests. It is the fourth weekend in a row, the movement in France is solid on the road.

+++ 12.37 PM: 70 arrests during protests of the “yellow West” in Brussels +++

The demonstrations of the “yellow West” have extended to the Belgian capital of Brussels. The police arrested there, according to its own figures, around 70 people. In the case of the arrests was to “preventive measures,” she said. The police sealed off the Brussels European quarter. There, institutions such as the EU Commission, the EU Council and the EU Parliament have their seat. Even pedestrians were denied access to the district.

+++ 12.36 Uhr: Hermes and DPD want to increase the price of package delivery +++

In the case of parcel services, Hermes and DPD, the customer must adjust to rising shipping costs. The Hermes of the Otto-group-party – the second largest in Germany, behind DHL wants to increase the price of the delivery to the front door. “We will differentiate the prices more. This means, among other things, that the door-to-door delivery, it will be more expensive,” said Hermes-Germany-in-chief Olaf Schabirosky the “Hamburger Abendblatt”. Hermes had already raised in the spring, the package prices by an average of 4.5 percent.

In the coming year, there will be a further increase of a similar amount, announced Schabirosky. DPD announced plans to increase the year, the prices of 6.5 percent. Stable the cost for the delivery with DHL.

+++ 12.28 PM: Bus in Northern India crashes in the 60-Meter-deep ravine +++

In the North Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir have been killed in a bus crash at least 13 people and 13 injured. According to police sources, a Bus crashed on Saturday in the district of Poonch on a mountain road in a 60-Meter-deep gorge. The driver got lost, when Accelerating, the control, the Bus slid of the road, it said. The condition of some Injured was so critical that the death toll could continue to rise. Also, the bus driver did not survive the crash.

+++ 12.04 PM: railway fare round canceled announced warning Strikes +++

train riders must adjust to the beginning of the new week on Strike, with cancellations and delays. The railway and transport Union (EVG) broke off wage negotiations with Deutsche Bahn in Hannover, Germany. Like to hear from circles of the Union was, already Busy on a Monday morning, especially in Parking stations and garages nationwide. The action might stop by for lunch.

As a reason, the ECG is called a from yourhe view to low wage offer of the employer. On the extent and exact duration of the work stoppages was not yet decided. The track spoke of “a totally unnecessary escalation”. To leave “with this offer, the negotiating table is not traceable and insecure, totally unnecessary, our customers in the middle of the Christmas season,” said chief of staff Martin Seiler. The train had fulfilled “all of the EVG claims including the core claims”.

+++ 11.05 am: First clashes came in Protest of the “yellow West” in Paris +++

the protests by the “yellow West” in Paris, the first clashes between protesters and police. Security forces set up in the morning tear gas against participants of a rally in a side street of the main Boulevard, the Champs-Elysées, like the journalists of the news Agency, reported AFP. Several protesters pelted the bodies, the police, among other things, with Pop and other items. Already a few hours before the planned mass protests, the Paris police had arrested more than 350 people on a provisional basis.

+++ 10.39 PM: 9.2 million dollars for memorabilia from Frank Sinatra’s ownership +++

20 years after his death, Frank Sinatra remains a magnet for the public – at auction in New York, and memorabilia found in the possession of the US Entertainer like hot cakes. Almost all of the 304 offered objects from the collection of his last wife, Barbara, moved in to the multi-day auction and the owner, including her engagement ring, as well as five of Sinatra’s paintings, Sotheby’s announced.

Each of the abstract paintings achieved according to the auction house at least $ 100,000 (88.000 euros) and, therefore, the more times your Estimate. The main attraction is the 20-Karat diamond ring, the “Ol’ Blue Eyes was served” his last wife for their engagement in a champagne glass. He came on Tuesday for $ 1.7 million under the Hammer. Overall, the auction, according to Sotheby’s 9.2 million Dollar, 300 bidders from 30 countries participated in it.

+++ 7.58 PM: Two German airlines are among the least harmful to the climate, Airlines +++

two German airlines, according to a study of the Top Ten of the least harmful to the climate, Airlines of the world. As the environmental organization, Atmos announced fair, TUIfly and Condor on the front seats. Details will be announced Atmos fair in the course of the day. The organization a rating of around 200 large companies around the world to the environmental pollution. The Index is based on the CO2 emissions of an Airline on a per-km and passenger on all of the flown distances.

flight of the emotions

so stirred? Why you on the plane faster wines

+++ 06.40 PM: Ghost rider dies in accident in Karlsruhe +++

A Ghost driver got in an accident on the motorway 5 Karlsruhe killed. “The car crashed in the night to Saturday in a car in which a woman was seriously injured,” said a spokesman for the police in the Morning. The spirit of the driver – a 31-year-old man – was short dangers in the wrong direction on the highway. The 33-year-old woman was taken to the hospital. Police and rescue workers were with a large contingent in use. The 5 freeway was blocked in the direction of the South until the early hours of the morning for the traffic.

+++ 6.28 PM: “horror house” of Höxter: judgment against Wilfried W. legally +++

The verdict against Wilfried W. from the process to the so-called horror house of Höxter is final. “His defenders and the public Prosecutor’s office have not made a Revision,” said a court spokesman. The district court of Paderborn had sentenced the 48-Year-old at the beginning of October to imprisonment for a term of eleven years for the murder by omission.

In the case of the sentenced to 13 years in prison Angelika W. the defense has used the right medium. “Murder by omission is, as yet, been very decidedly rare for the German courts. I have inserted, as in the court announced, the period of time during Revision,” said her lawyer, Peter Ziegler. He would not look first to the written judgment was available to him. “In the new year, we will decide whether it remains in the Revision by the Federal court.”

+++ 5.20 PM: fishing on the Marshall Islands 48 kilos of cocaine go into the net +++

A fisherman went to the Marshall Islands in the Pacific, 48 kilograms of cocaine into the grid. As the police of the island state said, were the drugs with a sales value of around 3.5 million euros in plastic bags and are professionally bonded Packed.

The fisherman had found the packages with the white powder according to the figures, in the past week, while fishing in front of the Kwajalein Atoll, located almost 500 kilometers from the capital, Majuro removed, and the police agreed. The authorities of the Marshall Islands asked the US drug enforcement administration DEA to support, because there are on the island group, not a laboratory, it could confirm the authenticity of the cocaine.

+++ 5.17 PM: Six Dead in a panic in a nightclub in Ancona +++

In a stampede of visitors to a disco near the Italian port city of Ancona on the Adriatic came early Saturday morning, six people were killed. Around 1000 music lovers who had gathered in the nightclub “Lanterna Azzurra” (the blue lantern), in Madonna del Piano, the municipality of Corinaldo, to the concert of the made in Italy extremely popular rapper Sfera Ebbasta, as an Unknown in the crowd tear gas sprayed. In the following panic onset, than the people crowded to the exits, killing six young men.

about 120 mostly young people were injured, report To first media, ten of them seriously. They were taken to the nearby hospitals. Paramedics reported that many of the injured have in the crowds some serious bruises, but also broken bones.

+++ 0.11 PM: US neo-Nazi for the murder of a woman in Charlottesville +++

sentenced A US neo-Nazi for the murder of a protester in the U.S. city of Charlottesville has been found to be in August 2017 guilty. The 21-year-old James Fields was convicted by a Jury in addition, because of “malicious injury” to several other people and hit-and-run, according to US media reported. The sentence will be announced at a later date. The defendant faces life in prison.

Fields was on the edge of a preparation of right-wing extremists in the University city in the state of Virginia with his car into a group of counter-demonstrators. A 32-year-old woman was killed. Fields pleaded in the process, nevertheless, innocent. His defenders argued that her client I have been in a state of panic and “for his life to be feared”.

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