The conservative values of the Union in favour of a minority government, if the Grand coalition should burst in Berlin.

“We are of the opinion that a minority government could be a more interesting kind of liberation,” said Federal chief Alexander Mitsch, the Deutsche Presse-Agentur in Stuttgart. Thus, a competition for the best political solutions could arise. “That would revive the discussion in Germany.” The values of the Union had voted last also repeated for a withdrawal of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).

The members of the conservative grouping within the CDU and CSU come together on Saturday (from 11.00 am) to your Bund meeting in Filderstadt near Stuttgart. The sisters there arises for re-election. As a guest speaker, the former the protection of the Constitution CEO Hans-Georg has been invited Maaßen. It is expected also the chief of the German police Union, Rainer Wendt.

A minority government would have to look for in the Bundestag again and again majorities for political projects. In view of the problems in the Grand coalition Mitsch not but said: “I believe that a minority government would have the competence less solution than the Grand coalition.” If the CDU subsidence in the inner security, Control and limitation of immigration is not progressing, need to ask yourself whether the Grand coalition still have a purpose.

The values-Union is to Mitschs words, it is confirmed that the Grand coalition is not a good decision. After his impressive leg of the coalition agreement believe that 70 percent of SPD content. The departmental distribution was not an advantage for the Union. “In the last years of the Grand coalition, no major CDU has been able to implement the content.” Mitsch believes that the black-and-keep red government until 2021, but possibly after the Landtag elections in Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia in the fall apart to go.

The values the Union was founded about two years ago. She has, according to a speaker around 2000 members and 200 supporting members. The CDU had in January 2019, a total of approximately 415.000 members, the CSU last approximately 139.000.

the Federal government initially, the CDU was supposed to meet with Vice Thomas Strobl speak. This said, however, on grounds of the values of the Union have recently placed the focus exclusively on personnel issues such as the future of Merkel’s. This type of self-employment is harmful.

Now, the earlier the protection of the Constitution boss Maaßen to speak at the meeting. He is both a member of the CDU and the values-Union. Maaßen was brought in as President of the Federal constitutional protection for criticism, after he had expressed doubts about the authenticity of a video that shows the killing of a man in Chemnitz, an attack against migrants. In November 2018, the Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) Maaßen in the temporary peace, after the latter had spoken at an event, according to a speech manuscript of part of “radical left-wing forces in the SPD,” says the inside.