a Surprising discovery in new Zealand: researchers have discovered in the faeces of a leopard to a working USB Stick. On the storage medium are suitable for curious site – photos of leopard seals, informed the research Institute NIWA.

The only reference to the possible owner was in a blue kayak that was on a on the USB-Stick stored Video, it said. Via Twitter, the research Institute wants to make the owners now. He should, he will get back the Stick, but only in exchange for other leopard seals-Kot, it was said jokingly.

precipitates in new Zealand

investigates The excretions provide scientists with important clues to the way of life in South polar waters, common seals. For this reason, one of the NIWA active marine biologist Krista Hupman launched a Team of volunteers collects the excreta. Later, you will be examined in the laboratory of the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA).

The feces that the USB-Stick found, was sent in November 2017, in the case of NIWA, but it is only now being investigated. It is very worrying that the was to be found in such plastic in the animals, said one of the two volunteers who had discovered the USB-Stick during thawing of the feces sample.

vit / DPA