The U.S. state Department checks own information on a possible use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government forces a few days ago.

The Ministry indicated that there were signs that the dispute could have used the forces of President Bashar al-Assad for an attack last Sunday in the North-West of the country’s chemical weapons. Government troops and rebels struggle in the Region for supremacy. With new battles, there were activists say that since Tuesday, dozens of Dead on both sides.

“We are still collecting information about this incident, but we repeat our warning that the United States and its allies will quickly and appropriately respond, if the Assad Regime’s chemical weapons use,” said the spokeswoman of the US state Department, Morgan Ortagus. US President, Donald Trump and his government had threatened Assad several times in the past with serious consequences if chemical weapons should be used. The US foreign Ministry has accused Assad’s leadership and their ally Russia on Tuesday at the same time, to accuse other groups incorrectly in the use of chemical weapons.

In Syria, there are reports of alleged poison gas attacks that often civilians die. At the beginning of last year, a report of the UN high Commissioner for human rights, 34 such attacks in Syria had listed-war, which were clearly detectable and largely on the Assad government fell. A February study published in the Berlin-based think tank Global Public Policy Institute, spoke of more than 300 chemical weapons operations in Syria. In 98 percent of cases should be, therefore, Assad’s government responsible.

trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama had warned in 2012, Syria’s government against the use of poison gas. So, he said at the time, would have exceeded the “red line” – should read: In this case, nothing would be left of the America, than to intervene militarily. But as Assad then poison gas use dropped, Obama took of his ultimate threat distance. Instead, he settled on a compromise with Russian President Vladimir Putin to bring Syria’s stocks of poison gas out of the country and to make it harmless.

so Far, all Attempts have failed to finish since the 2011 civil war by political means. Meanwhile, Assad’s government controlled more than two-thirds of the country.

rebels have launched, according to activists, a broad counter-offensive, the government lost territory, troops in the North-West of the country, retake. The attackers had begun their attack in the Hama province on Tuesday evening, a suicide bombing and then battles with the armed forces supplied, said the Syrian Observatory for human rights. In the Fighting in the village of Kfar Nabude 26 soldiers and 18 rebels had been killed. Activists published photos show rebels with tanks and mortar attacks on positions of the army.

Together with its allies, Russia and supported by air attacks – had areas of Assad’s troops, the rebels, the least of Influence in Hama and Idlib province wrested. The Observatory, according to fell more than a dozen villages and small towns to the army. Idlib is the last province in Syria, which is still largely under the control of mostly Islamist rebel groups.