because Of displeasure over the planned installation of a controversial Russian anti-missile defence system in Turkey has stopped the US government, the delivery of Material for F-35 fighter jets to Ankara for the time being. As long as the Turkish government not the Russian air defense system S-400 waivers would be suspended, deliveries and activities to do with the F-35 Jets, initially, informed the US Department of defense on Monday in Washington. The United States had made it clear that the acquisition of the S-400 system to Turkey is unacceptable. The Pentagon stressed at the same time, the dialogue in this issue go further.

armor shops with Erdoğan

Are now retrofitted with German assistance, Turkish tanks?

Hans-Martin Tillack

Turkey has agreed with the government in Moscow, the purchase of S-400 missile systems for air defence. At the same time, the Ankara of the United States F wants to obtain-35 fighter jets against the S-400 System could theoretically be used. Turkey wants to have the Russian air defense system starting in October, ready for use. In order for Turkey would be based as the first Nato member on the Russian weapons system that is described as incompatible with Nato systems.

Turkey to buy 100 F-35A fighter aircraft

Turkey to buy 100 F-35A fighter jets and has already sent pilots for Training in the United States. According to the manufacturer, Lockheed Martin would have summed up the contracts with Turkish suppliers on the basis of twelve billion dollars (10.7 billion euros).

to purchase The system from Russia has long been a major point of contention between Turkey and the United States. In an analysis of the magazine “The National Interest,” it said in July, a major concern of Americans was the “mixing” of the Russian product with the American Jets. If Turkey had both, could you test how well the immune system clipping against the capabilities of the jet data, the Russia, through Turkey, then also could get.

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