The US government does not want to take the penitent IS a supporter of Hoda Muthana. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday in Washington, Muthana was not a US citizen and will not be left in the United States.

you have no valid U.S. passport and are not entitled to one. The woman did not have a visa to enter the US. US President, Donald Trump wrote on Twitter that he did not have to rely Pompeo, to let the woman back into the country. Muthana had lived in the US state of Alabama before you for a while to Syria, where the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS).

The lawyer of your family, Hassan © RDRs opportunity for, said that Muthana was born in 1994 in New Jersey and have the US nationality. He accused the government of wanting you of their citizenship, deprive.

The 24-Year-old is one of about 1,500 foreign women and children are being held by Kurds in a refugee camp in Al-Hul. She had reported in an Interview with the British newspaper “the Guardian” word and expressed hope to be able to return to the U.S. She was online been radicalized and do not regret their decision, said the mother of an 18-month-old son.

Muthana travelled to their own information, 2014 via Turkey to Syria in the former ISIS stronghold of Al-Rakka, where she married an Australian jihadists. As this was killed, she married a Tunisian who fell in the battle of Mosul in Northern Iraq. In 2018, it entered into a marriage with a Syrian IS fighters. In social media Muthana IS Propaganda and incited followers against the United States. She counted agitators among the most prominent IS -. You now, that others would have led to their Twitter Account.

Trump had called on European countries such as Germany previously, more than 800 in Syria prisoner IS fighters to withdraw, and to bring them to justice. If the allies did not react, had forced the United States to put the fighter on free. But these are not in US custody, but in the violence of Kurdish forces.