The US Department of defense has released a billion dollars for the President, Donald Trump forced the strengthening of the border plants to Mexico.

The Executive Minister of defense Patrick Shanahan announced on Monday evening that with the money a fence of almost 92 kilometers in length and 5.50 meters in height in the case of El Paso in the US state of Texas built. In addition, streets should be and lighting installed built. The goal is to block the cross-border drug smuggling. Thus, a request from the Department of homeland security will be met.

The Pentagon spoke explicitly of a fence, not a wall. Such a border wall was before the election of 2016, Central election Trumps promise. The Democrats are opposed to a wall. After a week long dispute had Republicans and Democrats in Congress agreed in February on a compromise for a budget that allocated significantly less money than Trump demanded sum of 5.7 billion dollars for the construction of the wall.

Then, the Republican President had to call in the middle of February a state of emergency on the border to Mexico, to the funding of the wall, even without the consent of Parliament. Trump wants to tap into other pots of money, especially at the Ministry of defence. The Congress approved lifting the state of emergency prevented a Trump, by on 15. March, the first Veto of his term of office put. The Democrats in the U.S. house of representatives want to override this Tuesday the Veto.

The necessary two-thirds majority but is likely to be achieved. Even if it were achieved, would then the of Trumps Republican-dominated Senate with a majority vote to overturn the Veto. Also considered to be unrealistic.