The call of a publisher of a Local newspaper in Alabama to the Lynch murder of liberal politicians in Washington by the Ku Klux Klan in the United States indignation. After fierce criticism of his editorial Goodloe Sutton, however, showed little insight. Rather, the 79-Year-old put in an Interview with another newspaper in the U.S. Südstaats again.

Ku Klux Klan to come up with in guarded facilities

In his on 14. February published editorials for the weekly newspaper of the small town of Linden, “The Democrat Reporter”, had written to Sutton, it was time that the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) receiving his nightly actions. “Democrats in the Republican party and Democrats” in Washington are the “true ruling class” that they forged in Secret plans, the tax in the state of Alabama to raise, he wrote.

Sutton called the KKK, in the “residential facilities” in the U.S. capital. At the same time he indulged in wild conspiracy theories, according to which the “elites from the North-East” took advantage of the various conflicts in the world where the United States is involved, in reality, for the maintenance of the “military-industrial complex” in the country.

“My God, what chunks of rock this guy crawled out from,” wrote Alabama’s democratic Senator Doug Jones. “This editorial is totally disgusting and he should step down – now!”, as Jones. He had witnessed, what it meant, if no one may take anything, while others – “especially with the influence of” racist and hate-filled comments.

Lynch murder of the “socialists-Communists”?

In another Interview with the “Montgomery Advertiser” defended Sutton his views. “If we could get the clan to go there and clean up Washington, D. C, would all of us better,” said the 79-Year-old and made it clear that he think well of lynching of the “socialists-Communists”.

On the question, whether he regarded the Klan as a violent organization, he added: “Well, you have only killed a few people”. Be the first to become violent, “as you had to be there”. The racist and violent secret society had sided with Lynch murders and torture of Black against the end of racial segregation.

Pulitzer prize

Sutton’s editorial deprived of the surprised even more, as the publisher had made in the 90s as an investigative Journalist with a name. Several awards he had received at the time, he was deprived of now. Searches of the “Montgomery Advertiser” also promoted a whole series of articles with racist, anti-Semitic, or homophobic undertones, which Sutton had published over the years.

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