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reports: dubious donations to AfD Chf Meuthen (15.49 PM) Kaufhof strokes 2600 Jobs (15.26 PM)bomb threat against ICE (15.01 PM)Ex-Trump adviser Roger Stone was arrested (at 12:45)of the population in Germany to peak (9:45 p.m.)police Union for a speed limit on highways (2:53)

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+++ 19.50 PM: US President Donald Trump announces Deal to Expose the “shutdown” +++

After more than 34 days of the “Shutdown” in the United States is over – at least temporarily. This was announced by US President Donald Trump in the rose garden of the White house in front of journalists. Therefore, the government should provide for three weeks of their work. In this time of budget dispute could be negotiated further – especially the award of $ 5.7 billion for the controversial construction of a wall on the border to Mexico.

+++ 17.25: fat cash performance +++

women, especially from sick, fat distribution disorders are affected, aspiration may in certain cases be the fat soon, at the expense of statutory health insurance suction. This is the Newspapers of the Funke media group, according to a letter from the Joint Federal Committee to the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU). He had insisted on such a scheme, and welcomed the announcement of the Committee. “The performance of the women affected with stage 3 from 1. January 2020,” according to the figures, in the letter to Spahn. Particularly severely affected women have “the highest degree of suffering for you, there are no acceptable therapeutic Alternatives,” write the Chairman of the Committee, Joseph hedges.

+++ 16.47 PM: Israel criticises Ireland sharply due to the settlement boycott law +++

Israel has summoned the Irish Ambassador because of a proposed law against trade with settlements in the occupied territories. You have conveyed a sharp rebuke because of the “scandalous act”, informed the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Jerusalem. In Ireland had voted on Thursday, the lower house majority for the law. The design must, however, pass through further steps in order to become law. The bill prohibits, among other things, the sale and Import of products and raw materials, originating from “occupied territories”. The Status of the territories would have to be by the International court of justice at the United Nations in The Hague has been confirmed, it is said in the draft.

+++ 16.41 at: thousands of pupils protection +++

demonstrate in Berlin for a better climate “We are here, we are loud, because you are stealing our future” – this call is heard on Friday in Berlin, according to to. While the coal Commission debated about the exit from the fossil fuels, say in front of the Federal Ministry for economic Affairs and then in the Chancellery, thousands of students from all over Germany, the policy your opinion. It is a joyful, peaceful and powerful Demonstration for climate protection. Now had to be traded, “because tomorrow is too late,” says a spokeswoman for the Initiative “Fridays for Future” (free days for the future). The Alliance and the Green youth, the youth organization of the Greens, have called for the Demonstration. Young people from all over Germany to travel and leave for their classes fail. “We are here a lot,” says Luisa Neubauer for the movement. While the organizers are reports of 10,000 demonstrators, called the police a number of participants in the middle of the four-digit range. Many have self-made posters.

+++ 16.41 at: the protection of the Constitution in Saxony takes in parts of the AfD under the magnifying glass +++

After the classification of the Parts of the AfD as a “suspected case” takes Saxony protection of the Constitution and the law, national “wing” of the party and the youth organisation Junge Alternative (JA), more precisely under the magnifying glass. Details of this have not been called by the national office for the protection of the Constitution (LfV) in Dresden. The question of membership in the YES or in the “wings” for employment in the LfV, or in safety-relevant areas of other authorities “is of high relevance,” it said. The AfD as a whole was classified as a test case for the protection of the Constitution. In the examination you want to collect exculpatory Material over to the party.

+++ 16.31 at: riding stable-Boss, in Hesse, killed in detention in Austria +++

Almost five months after the mysterious death of a horse farm Manager in the state of Hesse, police have taken a suspect. The international arrest warrant sought-after 23-Year-old was arrested on Friday in the district of Korneuburg in lower Austria, the public Prosecutor’s office Hanau, Germany, and the police have informed in Offenbach. He had confessed to the crime, and should as soon as possible after Germany surrendered. The case had aroused in the middle of September 2018 sensation. First of all, the Events indicated on the court in Schöneck (Main-Kinzig-Kreis) to a suicide. However, the investigators were not confirmed by a body shop in your assumption that the 51-year-old woman took the life. Coroner found serious injuries to the neck. The cause of death and Instrumentalities, the public Prosecutor’s office made on request. In the case of the arrested is a 23-year-old Romanians. He worked as a groom at the stables. The motive for the alleged killing, the investigators are not called. You assume, however, that there may have been disputes in the employment relationship of the two.

+++ 15.51 PM: bomb threat against ICE – blocking of the Frankfurt South train station cancelled +++

The closure of the Frankfurt South train station because of a bomb threat has been lifted. The threat was against an ICE with 500 passengers had been evacuated. In addition, two tracks were blocked. All the passengers were brought in safety, as a spokesman for the Federal police in Koblenz, the AFP news Agency said. According to the speaker of an E-Mail, and it went against 14.00 o’clock, with the bomb threat against the ICE 74. The train had left the Frankfurt main train station a short time before, and was stopped at the South station.

15.49 PM: According to media reports, AfD-Chef Jörg Meuthen of dubious donations +++

Of dubious donations to the AfD benefited could have, according to media reports, party leader, Jörg Meuthen benefits. This is clear from lists of names provided by the AfD recently at the Bundestag administration, reported to the SWR magazine “Report Mainz” and the news magazine “der Spiegel” on Friday. Accordingly, Meuthens alleged patrons are, in part, a name identical with donors, which had been presented by the party as a patron of the Bundestag faction boss, Alice ryegrass.

+++ 15.41 PM: Mexico power switching supply for the power struggle in Venezuela +++

Mexico has declared itself ready to mediate in the political crisis in Venezuela. The country is ready to support a dialogue for a peaceful solution, said the President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador in a press conference. Would first ask the parties to the conflict a corresponding application, the 65-year-old left-politician. The talks could then be held also in Mexico, said López Obrador.

+++ 15.30: Qatar is the controversial million amount to aid projects in Gaza +++

After the fight, a scheduled payment of Qatar of around 13 million euros for the Gaza strip, the Emirate wants to give the money to local aid projects. “We hope that the grant comes as humanitarian aid to poor families in the Gaza strip”, said the Chairman of the Qatari Committee for the reconstruction of Gaza, Mohamed el-Amadi. The distribution of the money will be coordinated with the United Nations. Earlier, Israel had stopped the payment, but then allowed in this case. In the Gaza strip, the ruling Hamas had accused then Israel attempted extortion, and the payment will be rejected. The radical-Islamic Hamas is the second largest Palestinian organization. The EU, Israel and the US classify Hamas as a terrorist organization.

+++ 15: 27: more and more bakers and butchers make their Charge density +++

more and more bakers and butchers in Germany to close their business for ever. The number of craft bakers and Butchers declined from 2008 to the end of 2017, from a response of the Ministry of economy to a request from the Green. The trend could even intensify, because many of the farmers in the butcher’s and the Baker’s craft will soon go into retirement and the successor is missing.

+++ 15.26 PM: Kaufhof will ‘lose’ about 2600 Jobs +++

In the case of the ailing Department store chain Kaufhof to in the course of the merger with the rival Karstadt around 2600 jobs will be lost. The Karstadt announced on Friday in Essen. CEO Stephan Fanderl said, in his current condition, the Kaufhof is necessary for survival, “in the long term”. Approximately 1000 full-time positions will be eliminated, in the governance and management structures, additional 1600 full-time positions in the stores, as the group announced. Renovation-related closures are planned, however, provisional. Several Newspapers had previously reported about it.

+++ 15.01 PM: Frankfurt South station due to bomb threat +++

After a bomb threat against an ICE of Deutsche Bahn blocked the train in the station Frankfurt Süd has been stopped and evacuated. The competent Federal police informed. This means that about 500 passengers had to leave the wagons in order that experts can locate on Board to explosives. In addition, the tracks 5 and 6 of the station are locked. The train is the ICE 74 which has left at 10 o’clock in the morning from Zurich in the direction of Kiel. He now has one and a half hours late. How long the block will last is still unclear.

+++ 15.03 PM: use of a Skid against up funny monkey in the Taj Mahal planned +++

After a series of bloody attacks by monkeys on tourists in the famous Mausoleum of the Taj Mahal with the Indian authorities to resort to more stringent measures. The guards in the complex from the 17th century. Century should be equipped with a Skid and up the funny monkey by the fire with marbles in bridle hold, as Hemendra Singh, spokesperson of the Indian military police, the AFP news Agency said. So far, the authorities had advised the visitors to the Taj Mahal only to avoid the monkeys and feed them. The growing number of attacks by the animals, tourists and forced the authorities, according to Singh but to Act. However, the guards are not supposed to shoot only with objects, such as marbles, in the Hindu culture of India to violate the revered animals.

+++ 14.38 PM: the Athens Parliament approves Macedonia-agreement +++

The Greek Parliament has approved on Friday the agreement on the Overcoming of the name dispute to Macedonia’s name. 153 deputies voted for the agreement. 146 voted against it. It is a voice, gave attitude.

+++ 14.12 PM: No agreement in the dispute between Nato and Russia over INF Treaty +++

In the dispute over the INF disarmament Treaty, a nuclear medium-range missiles, Nato and Russia insist on their opposing positions. Talks in the Nato-Russia Council had “no real progress,” said Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels. The allies had urged Russia to re-closed, to forgo a controversial missile system. Whether Nato could kidney the Failure of the INF Treaty missiles based in Europe, Stoltenberg.

Russia had “no willingness to change its Position,” said Mr Stoltenberg after the Meeting in the Brussels headquarters of the military Alliance. Russia bring from the point of view of Nato, “the development and deployment of new missiles,” the INF Treaty “in danger”.

+++ 14 p.m.: Twelve years in prison for deadly attacks against infant +++

Due to fatal strikes against a four-day-old infant, the regional court in Osnabrück has sentenced the father to imprisonment for a period of twelve years. The court regarded the offence as a homicide, said the judge. The 25-year-old defendant had failed to Convinced the judge in may of 2018, his son Washing in the bathroom at least four Times solid with the flat of the Hand against the head, which ultimately led to the death. The man had acted out of anger and excessive demands, because the child had struggled in the Wash. The judgment is not yet final.

+++ 13:34: Gerry Weber applied for insolvency in self-administration +++

The fashion manufacturer Gerry Weber is insolvent. According to information from the Friday, it was requested from the district court of Bielefeld for the parent company, Gerry Weber International AG, with around 580 employees, a preliminary self-administration proceedings with the aim “to rehabilitate the company in the course of the ongoing restructuring process”.

+++ 12:45 PM: Long-time consultant to Donald Trump arrested +++

The U.S. political Advisor Roger Stone, a longtime Confidant of President Donald Trump, is accused and arrested. The 66-Year-old wrongly accused of statements made to investigators and Witness tampering, such as the office of special investigator Robert Mueller announced. Stone is still to appear this Friday in Fort Lauderdale in the state of Florida in court. Stone will be incorrectly accused’s statement, witness tampering, and obstruction of investigations, such as it is. Also a subject of investigation of an alleged Meeting Stone is a Russian citizen, in the Stone damaging information on Hillary Clinton for two million dollars have been offered are supposed to be.

+++ at 12:13: AfD now also in Bremen test case for the protection of the Constitution +++

The AfD Bremen is also in the country to the test case for the protection of the Constitution. Interior Senator Ulrich Mäurer (SPD) was issued by the Bremen state office for the protection of the Constitution his consent for the appropriate classification of the AfD national Association, as a message. The country authorities in the Hanseatic city, following the line of the Federal constitutional protection, treat the whole party, the AfD as a test case and explain only the Young Alternative (JA), and the right national wing of the Thuringian land – in-chief Björn Höcke to the suspicion case, which includes the possibility of a secret service Surveillance.

+++ 12.05 PM: Germany is considering recognition of Juan Guaidó as President of Venezuela +++

The Federal government is considering the recognition of the Venezuelan Parliament President, Juan Guaidó as a head of state, if there is an immediate fair and free elections. The government spokesman Steffen Seibert said in Berlin. The current rulers of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, could not claim to be the legitimate President of the South American country since the last election have not enough democratic Standards, said Steffen Seibert.

questions and answers

power struggle in Caracas

Juan Guaidó: Who is the man who usurps the Power in Venezuela, and who supports him?

Venezuela is a petroleum country. Therefore, the power struggle in the South American country at the international level of importance. After years of crisis, opposition leader Juan Guaidó has usurped Power. Who is the man who has powerful supporters?

DPA +++ 11:43 PM: hunters in the state of Baden-Württemberg shoot your own daughter +++

A hunter shot in the baden-württemberg Ettlingen accidentally his daughter. From the gun, the 56-Year-old had solved in the preparation for the hunt in his apartment from unknown causes in a shot, informed the police and the Prosecutor’s office in Karlsruhe. This met the 19-Year-old so hard that she died in a hospital. The incident occurred on Thursday evening. According to previous investigations was assumed by a “tragic accident”, stated the officials. Against the father will now be investigated for negligent homicide. The gun was legally in his possession. As “Badische Latest news” reports citing the police, must however, be clarified whether a violation of the weapons law are present, because the shotgun had been in the apartment to load and not only at the place of hunting.

+++ 11:31 Brexit: UK Queen calls for more respect to +++

to be called The British Queen Elizabeth II in a speech to British media, indirectly, more respect in the Brexit-armed. Normally, the head of state will not comment on political events. In her address in the Sandringham women’s Institute, the Queen (92), called explicitly to respect different points of view.

A visit to the archives of the fashion house

Haute-Couture dresses in coffins – where Dior is the custodian of its most valuable treasures

+++ 11:30: Yves-Saint-Laurent-dresses Catherine Deneuve for 900,000 Euro auctions +++

For 900,000 euros have been auctioned the clothes of the legendary French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent from the estate of film star Catherine Deneuve. The auction house Christie’s in Paris in an evening dress scored from Saint Laurent’s Russian collection from 1977/78 on Thursday evening, with EUR 52,500, the highest price. She achieved ten times the estimated price.

+++ at 11:23: Frankenthaler baby murder trial released from detention possible +++

In a baby murder trial before the regional court of Frankenthal, the dismissal of the defendants threatens. So far, in any case, the Fort was based on the duration of the two years and eight months of continuous detention is sufficient, as the Federal constitutional court ruled on Friday published a decision. The judges in Karlsruhe to the need for an adequate equipment of courts. A permanent occupation could justify the “never” is the extension of a detention.

The 34-year-old defendant is said to have thrown in may 2016, and its barely three-month-old daughter from the balcony from the second floor, the girl died on the spot. Then he brought his four-and six-year-old children with a knife in his violence, before he was overwhelmed by police officers. The father himself spoke in relation to the Baby from a terrible misfortune, he had been under cocaine influence.

a small plane crashed?

soccer professional Sala in the English channel, lost

+++ at 11:05: “Times”: the British Pilot would not have been allowed to fly footballers Sala +++

The Pilot, who was supposed to bring the Argentinian footballer Emiliano Sala from France to Cardiff and, apparently, with him to crash, was, according to a report in the newspaper, not paying passengers. The 59-Year-old from the Northern English Crowle only had a pilot’s license for private flights, reported the newspaper “The Times” on Friday, citing the Register of the British aviation authority FAA.

passengers against payment, to take, would demonstrate the Briton, therefore, additional flight hours and special Training to complete, it said in the report. The FAA could not be reached for comment.

+++ 10:49 PM: state verweigerin in Austria sentenced to 14 years in prison +++

In the trial against a group of public objectors, the President of the “Confederation of Austria has been convicted in Austria” to 14 years in prison. The judgment of the land court of Graz was issued on Friday, among other things, for attempted determination to high treason and the establishment of a state hostile to the connection. Another defendant must be for a period of ten years behind bars. Other defendants received sentences from nine months to three years.

the Head of The “Confederation” wanted to bring with the self-written warrants the Federal army to arrest members of the government. Then she wanted to be self-form a government and head of state.

+++ 10:41 p.m.: A dead and injured in explosions in a shopping Plaza in China +++

In the case of explosions in a shopping centre in the northeast Chinese city of Changchun, there have been at least one dead and an unknown number of injured. The city government reported a dead, while the people’s hospital of Jilin province of the German Paddress Agency confirmed on Friday by telephone that a number of injured are brought in the hospital.

The exact number of the victims could not call them: “We are so busy we cannot give you any Details,” said the woman in the emergency room. The city government has confirmed the first Explosion in the 30. Floor of the “Wanda Plaza”, where there had been the dead.

On the Videos from eye witnesses on Twitter, but can see at least two more explosions and heavy smoke at the level of the road. People ran away in panic to the safety of. “I heard several explosions,” reported the staff of a restaurant of the dpa.

+++ 9:59 PM: customs attracts dozens of stringed instruments from protected precious wood from the transport +++

the customs office is The main Frankfurt on the Main, has drawn 54 string instruments made of protected rosewood. The instruments were mainly intended for private people in Germany, as the authority announced on Friday. Including E-guitars, classical guitars and Baglamas were, therefore, a kind of Lute.

The mail came from the USA, Japan, China, Australia, Turkey, Russia and Malaysia. All of the rosewood species are protected since 2017. Violations of the Washington species are punishable by the Convention protection with high fines or imprisonment.

+++ 9:45 a.m.: the population in Germany to peak +++

at the end of last year, 83 million people lived in Germany according to an estimate by the Federal Statistical office. This is a maximum level since reunification, which had been achieved in spite of a birth deficit due to immigration, it said in a on Friday published message. By the end of 2017, the population was 82.8 million people.

+++ 9:33 p.m.: United States set more stringent rules for migrants from Mexico order +++

In the US, effective from Friday stricter rules for asylum seekers coming across the Mexican border into the country. In the future, refugees are allowed to cross the border crossing at San Ysidro between the Mexican city of Tijuana and San Diego in California only after a positive decision to their asylum application, as a spokesman for the U.S. Department of homeland security said.

In the past year, had tried tens of thousands of migrants to pass through the border crossing in the United States. According to the homeland security Department all appeared almost of them after crossing the border in the United States. At least 80 percent of the applications were also unfounded. The majority of the applicants came from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

+++ 9:17 a.m.: the Federal government wants to reduce growth forecast significantly +++

The Federal government wants to screw its growth forecast for the current year. She expects to see in the new year economic report for 2019 with an increase of the gross domestic product of 1.0 percent, as it was called on Friday in coalition circles. Previously, the “Handelsblatt had reported that” about it. In its autumn forecast, the government had assumed an increase of 1.8 percent. Federal Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) annual economic report on Wednesday (30.1.) before. As reasons for the significant reduction, according to the report, among other things, a slowdown in the global economy, as well as the suspended game to the Britain to leave the EU.

accident near Malaga

progress in recovery of the two-year-old Julen in Spain

+++ 8:56 p.m.: in search of the little Julen: Almost two and a half meters +++

is still missing In the search for the little Julen to a deep well shaft in the South of Spain, the Countdown is on. An eight-strong Team of miners was removed on Friday morning, less than two and a half meters from the location of the twelve days of missing two-year-old is suspected. The men that dig in the Andalusian Totalán since Thursday evening in a roughly 80-Meter deep rescue shaft under the most difficult conditions, a horizontal Tunnel would have managed in little more than twelve hours, approximately one and one-half of a total of 3.8 metres, media reported citing the use of force. It was hoped that the young men in the course of the Friday mountains. Of the child, there was still no sign of life. It is hoped that it could still be alive. Julen is on 13. January on a trip with his parents in a 107-Meter-deep, illegally-dug shaft. Because the hole has a diameter of only 25 to 30 centimeters, had decided the Saviour, a parallel shaft, to dig, to Julen. He is suspected in a depth of 70 to 80 meters.


In Totalan in the South of Spain is dug with heavy equipment to the small Julen. The Boy on the 13. January on a trip with his parents in a 107-Meter-deep, illegally-dug shaft.

©Jorge Guerrero AFP +++ 8:36 PM: a Turkish court orders release of hunger-striking deputies +++

A Turkish court has ordered the release of the hunger strikers prokurdischen deputies Leyla Güven. The court in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir continued Güven on Friday, under conditions, as an AFP Reporter reported. The 55-year-old Deputy of the prokurdischen Democratic party of the peoples (HDP) is since the 8. November in the hunger strike, her health condition was, according to party information last life-threatening.

+++ 8:25 PM: Several injured in fire at hospital of Recklinghausen +++

In case of a fire in a hospital Hausen from Recklinghausen have been injured in the night of Friday, a number of people. The fire, according to eight patients and a nurse, were seriously injured by smoke and gases, including three people. The police also reported four injured police officers.

According to firefighters, the fire broke out in a patient room on the fifth floor. After the first findings was burning furniture, said a spokesman for the fire Department. When the rescue arrived, the forces that were deleted, therefore, the nurses already in the fire.

+++ 8:18 p.m.: crisis in Venezuela is driving Oil prices +++

Oil prices on Friday, and, consequently, to the increase from the previous day. A Barrel (159 litres) of North sea Brent hit in the Morning 61,77 US Dollar. The were 68 cents more than the day before. The price of a Barrel of the us variety of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) rose by 67 cents to 53,80 dollars.

+++ 7:52 PM: drones, plague rats to fight to the Galapagos Islands +++

For the protection of the unique Ecosystem of auf the Galapagos Islands, try the Ecuadorian authorities, are using drones for many animal and plant species that are dangerous rats that plague. The drones throw for several days on the Seymour Norte island and Mosquera island from poison baits, such as the administration of the national parks said on Thursday. The effort is part of a comprehensive programme against the rats.

shots of Galapagos Iguana

Rare underwater hell browses in the sea

In the sights of the Park administration, the house rat and the brown rat, which have spread to the Galapagos Islands during the last years. The man-introduced rodents threaten rare and endemic animal species such as the nocturnal fork-tailed gull and frigate birds.

+++ 6:58 PM: dead homeless man in a former Berlin water Park +++

In a former water Park in Berlin-Neukölln, a dead shelter has been found discovered loser. Passers-by discovered the 51-year-old man Thursday night shortly after 23 o’clock, on the premises of the former “Blub”, police said on Friday. Therefore, the man had not have a fixed address. In addition, there is no evidence of foreign influence. First of all, the “B. had reported, for example”. Cause of death the police could do for the time being no information. Only an autopsy could provide more detailed insights.

+++ 6:53 PM: memorial Buchenwald don’t want the AfD-politician +++

The politicians in the AfD are in the former concentration camp Buchenwald, at the memorial events are not welcome. The Foundation does not believe it is commanded, “that representatives of the AfD to participate in a commemorative event to these places, as long as you are not credible to the anti-democratic, human-rights hostile and a history revisionist dissociate positions in their party,” it said in a Thursday evening statement released by the Foundation. On Friday in the memorial with the Survivors and representatives of the Thuringian state government, a wreath for the victims. This Sunday is the international day of remembrance for the victims of national socialism.