some political observers in the United States says that Donald Trump is actually getting in the election campaign. Officially, he will be there on Wednesday night. Then the reigning US President opened in Orlando, Florida, his campaign for re-election. The election itself is not until 3. November 2020 instead. This is in less than a year and a half, and it means: From now on, it will heat up the already irritated in the political mood in the U.S. more than 16 months and on.

Both camps are gearing up currently solid. There is much to suggest a particularly tough contest. Here the selfish incumbent, who flirts at all with the Constitution not provided for by the third term, want to degrade the Democrats, who want to prove to the world that the US is “different” than Trump, and the choice of the step-Trump to a kind of “accident”.

attack against Fox News

Bad poll numbers Now Trump even throws his favorite radio station “Fake News” before

By Marc Drewello, Donald Trump: Good chances for re-election

That Trump has a good chance to be re-elected, which is the U.S. Opposition, however, well aware of that. Likewise, the Democrats realize that they currently sit in the Defensive fixed. 40 hours before the kick-off-rally camp for the first Trumpianer-designate in front of the Amway Center, Florida, to make sure that you can pay homage to their Idol. While Trump can, and so in this election campaign a kick start, don’t know, the Democrats once again, who do you want to send for the populist incumbent, in the race for the White house.

Ben LaBolt, an Advisor to the democratic Ex-President, Barack Obama, warned in The Atlantic that Trump go virtually “without resistance” in the race for the election in 2020. In addition, he stressed that the last presidents were re-elected, not in the final spurt had backed up prior to the day of the election her victory, but over the long haul, by auffrischten during the Kandidatenkür your opponent, the connection with their voters base and stayed awake. If Obama had not been different.

against the wind without a counter-candidate

To counteract this effect, put the Democrats on a massive, 150-million-Dollar campaign, such as “Politico” reported. So-called super PACS will begin in the near future with one year of ad-measures against the re-election of the President, to counter the truth long ago launched the election campaign of the Trump camp.

In the case of super PACS, it is formally independent expenditure committees, which can make unlimited collect money from companies, associations, or individuals, to spend this money without restrictions, open for political candidates to use. Even if this must be done specifically without a vote, or direct cooperation with a specific candidate, the objective is clear: Donald Trump is in abundance against the wind – even before his democratic opponent is.

US President vs. Democrats

Trump calls himself “an extremely stable genius” – and opponent Pelosi “crazy”

DPA Democrats need to trump’s advantage to catch up

This is the more so, because of the intra-party fight for the democratic presidential candidate is expected to be long and stressful. The 23 individual candidate, he is likely to leach personally and financially. At the earliest on the so-called Super Tuesday, the preliminary rounds, Once the Democrats in 13 States on 3. March 2020, could emerge, who will compete against Donald Trump (even if no longer all of the original contenders in the race are likely to be).

Until the festival is against a candidate, had to keep the party apparatus, with all our strength against it. Nevertheless, some of the direct combat Trumps specialized activists fear, according to “Politico” that the President’s camp could have up to that point-especially in the competitive “battle ground States” a difficult einholbaren advantage.

According to the Mueller Report

more and more Democrats are calling for to lead Donald trump’s impeachment in the paths

Niels Kruse billionaire funded the development of new strategies

Significant barriers are already in place: While the Republican National Committee this year was able to collect 62 million dollars for the election campaign, the democratic counterpart of the DNC, not even to the half of the sum (27 million). And money is in the US-American election campaign, one of the decisive factors.

all The more important for the Democrats, the billionaire Tom Steyer – a well-known Fund Manager, environmentalist, and philanthropist – funded groups to test a series of new strategies, the people, to bring to register and to vote. The DNC has also begun to attract hundreds of College students to pull as election officials in the disputed States, and to convince people that a change of policy was necessary.

evangelicals do not make for Trump mobile

However, the sleep counter bearing. In view of the trenches in the U.S. society, many Trump seems to be aware of followers that there is a need for special efforts to keep the 73-year-old incumbent in the White house. The best example is Ralph Reed, leader of the “Faith and Freedom Coalition”, promised the President, the “most ambitious and wide-ranging” voter mobilization in the history of the Evangelical Church, reported the Washington Post.

According to Reed plans to register one Million Evangelical voters, knocking on doors on three million doors and dissemination of campaign fonts in more than 117,000 churches in key States far advanced to be. This would correspond to about three times the cost of 2016, Reed, and according to the independent Pew Research Center, Trump has values just below the white Evangelicals of the highest Approval. At the election in 2016, he has reached over 80 per cent of the votes in the strictly religious community.

in the Middle of the Interview

Trump his chief of staff complains. His Offense: He has been coughing

the election campaign already in progress

Now that the US election is officially opened, he began so long ago. The choice of 2020 is still more than other presidential elections in the focus of the world Public. The two camps prepare for a long fight that could be more unappetizing than Trumps duel against Hillary Clinton. Will choose the Americans for this President, again? A President who has divided their Nation, the racism and misogyny are accused of election tampering from abroad not to Worry seem to be and with Power to the world peace to shake? As of now, advantage Donald Trump is.

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