The Democrats in the US Congress want to force an end to the President, Donald Trump declared a National state of emergency on the border to Mexico. The Democrats brought on Friday a Resolution in the house of representatives, in which they have the majority.

The Congressman Joaqin Castro, who drafted the Resolution, said: “What the President is trying, is an unconstitutional usurpation of Power.” Trump had declared a week ago, a National emergency, to be able to the desired wall on the border to Mexico without parliamentary approval to Fund. The success of the Resolution is doubtful.

The Chairman of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said they plan to leave next Tuesday to vote. The Resolution then goes to the Senate, the other chamber in Congress. This is controlled by Trumps Republicans. Even among Republican senators, the state of emergency Declaration skepticism triggered. Should agree at the end of both chambers of the Congress of the Resolution, the President Trump the power of Veto. To override this Veto, is in each of the two chambers of a two-thirds majority is necessary. This is not likely to come to the state of things.

Pelosi and Castro appealed on Friday to the Republican Congressman and senators, the Resolution to approve, which would end the state of emergency. Pelosi said the issue is not party politics, but of “Patriotism”. Trump to try, “the Constitution of the United States to undermine”. There is no evidence Trumps assertion that it give on the border a crisis. Castro said: “The President declared a National state of emergency, in order to fulfill a campaign promise.”

The border wall has been a key election campaign promise by Trump. The Congress had approved the Trump in this financial year is 1,375 billion dollars for the construction of the wall – significantly less than the required $ 5.7 billion.

The Declaration of a state of emergency allows the President to collect from the other pots, and without the parliamentary approval of money. Trump wants to access a further $ 6.7 billion for the construction of the wall. The largest share of which comes from the Pentagon.

Trump had justified the state of emergency on the border with an alleged Invasion by migrants, criminal gangs and drug smuggling. Against the state of emergency Declaration, 16 US States had submitted this week a class action lawsuit. Pelosi said on Friday, with a view to trump a state of emergency Declaration: “We will fight this measure in Congress, in the courts and in Public.”

Meanwhile, in the U.S. house of representatives, the election for a seat from the state of North Carolina to be repeated. An employee of the in the parliamentary election last November, very nearly victorious Republican Mark Harris is said to have manipulated the absentee ballot process. Harris, a right-wing conservative Pastor whose candidacy was expressly of Trump supports, said at a hearing on Thursday, he believe that the conditions for a repeat.