anyone Who has looked in front of four or even twelve years ago at the polls, saw two Times the same name on the front: Hillary Clinton. In both 2008 and 2016, it was considered as good as a done deal that the then-most prominent Democrat, a) would a presidential candidate and b) then wins. But Nope. First, the political came to her-a newcomer, Barack Obama, in between, and then the political newcomer Donald Trump. Now, 20 months before the next election, there is no fixed candidates. More than a dozen Democrats are already entered into the presidential race, female especially, and with such different backgrounds, but in the polls: two white men.

Beto O’rourke – the heroic loser

There would be Beto O’rourke, America’s heroic loser, Texans, the one they call the white Obama. His home is at the heart of American conservatism for decades, no Chance is there: the Democrats. However, in the last Senate elections, he would have made it almost to cracking, the house majority to the Republicans. This is as good as a victory, and that’s more than enough to be a legitimate presidential candidate contender.