The Democrats in the US Congress to require the submission of the full report from FBI special investigator Robert Mueller to the Russia-tests until next Tuesday.

Six Committee chairmen in the house of representatives called on the Minister of justice, William Barr, in a Letter to report to 2. To submit April to Congress. So far, four-page summary of the confidential report is only one of the Barr wrote.

The Republican US President, Donald Trump sees this summary is completely relieved. The Democrats doubt whether the report of Trump completely relieved.

According to Barr’s summary Mueller came in his report that there was no evidence of collusion of the election camp of Trump and representatives of Russia. On the question of whether Trump have obstructed the justice, met with Mueller, therefore, no definition, but presented evidence for and against. Barr came on the basis of this evidence to the conclusion that the President had to make in this point, no criminal charges.

In the on Monday evening (local time) issued a Letter calling on the six democratic Committee Chairman Barr, in addition to the report, the underlying evidence and other materials. Not to criticize, the four-page summary would be sufficient to ensure that the Congress could not fulfil its task. The setting of Barr’s, that Trump had not obstructed the justice, “only raises more questions”. Previously, the Democrats had asked Barr to be the judiciary Committee to answer questions.

Trump and the White house were under which to the counter-attack. Trump wrote on Tuesday on Twitter with a view to liberal media: “you really are the enemy of the people, and the true opposition party.” For two years the “Mainstream media reports” about the alleged collusion of his election campaign team with representatives of Russia, even though they had always known that there had been no such agreements.

the spokesperson of the White house, Sarah Sanders, criticized. “How many times have the Democrats and their liberal media to lie-ally embarrassing wrong, before you finally accept that Donald Trump is a great President?”, she wrote on Twitter.

Mueller had finished its investigation on Friday with the Handing over of the report to Barr after 22 months. After the submission of Barr’s summary on Sunday, Trump had spoken of a “complete and total relief” of his Person. The investigation, he called “illegal.” On Monday, Trump had said that it was up to Barr, if he will publish the Mueller report. “It would not bother me at all.” Trump had dismissed the Mueller investigated allegations of always and of a “witch-hunt”.