US Court Fined 2 Million USD Dollars to President Trump
US Court Fined 2 Million USD Dollars to President Trump

A New York court has fined US President Donald Trump 2 million $ for using the charity’s Trump Foundation funds for private purposes.

According to the International News Agency, a New York court heard petitions filed against President Trump’s misappropriation of charitable funds. President Trump also confessed his personal use of charitable funds through the Attorney General, which Judge Sally Scarpula fined.

The judge wrote in his decision that in his confession, President Trump had directed his campaign team to raise funds through his own charitable organization, the Trump Foundation, which was misused, however, in the presidential election. Trump has neither apologized nor considered the act illegal.

On the other hand, the American president’s lawyers and attorney general have agreed to dissolve the “Trump Foundation” and split its $ 1.7 million funds into 8 non-profit organizations. Trump has previously denied any ‘settlement’.

Meanwhile, President Trump has expressed his displeasure over the judicial decision, saying that I am the only person in the United States who does most of the aid work in New York, I have spent $ 19 million in charity, which is an act of political revenge Continued for 4 years.

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It is to be noted that several New York Democratic attorney generals filed constitutional petitions against President Trump for donating funds to the charity’s Trump Foundation personally.