The U.S. Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, has called for due to the fraud if the “mirror” is an independent
investigation and the news magazine “anti-American coverage” are accused of. The editor-in-chief rejected this allegation.

The fraud revelations “prepare the Embassy of the United States of America is of great concern,” said the representative of the US President, Donald Trump, in Germany, in a Friday evening statement published. This is especially the case, because
it is in some of these fake reports to US policy, and certain parts of the American population was gone. “US Ambassador Richard Grenell has set out these concerns today in a letter to the “mirror”editor-in-chief and an independent and transparent investigation of the matter requested”, – stated in the message of the Embassy.

expressed Even sharper up Grenell in the actual letter to the editor-in-chief in Hamburg, the this published in “Spiegel Online”. “It is clear that we were the victims of a campaign of institutional bias,” he wrote. “The anti-American reporting of the “mirror” has increased in the past years; since then, President Trump is in the office, increased this tendency to the infinite.” The reporters would deliver “obviously, what the company’s management demands,” wrote Grenell. They have published about US “information on a regular basis and reports that their untruth would, if the facts had not first been using the US Embassy checked”.

“mirror” rejects the allegations

The “mirror” rejected this claim in a response letter, which was also made available on the network. “When we criticize the American President is not the Anti-Americanism, but criticism of the policies of the man in the White house,” wrote the Deputy editor-in-chief Dirk Kurbjuweit. Germany thanks the USA very much. “There is the “mirror”, there is no institutional bias against the United States.”

in fact, one of the reporters have invented “reports”, including those from the US. “We apologize to all American citizens that have been offended by these reports and denigrated. Us is very sorry. This should never have happened,” said Kurbjuweit. At the same time, he asked Grenell to identify the indicated additional cases of incorrect reporting on the United States, so that they could be investigated.

Grenell is Trumps, the most important Europe-Ambassador

Grenell is a Familiar Trumps and is regarded as the most important Ambassador of the President in Europe. Trump under the media again and again, the proliferation of “Fake News”. Him self-will, however, accused of not to take it so exactly with the truth: According to statistics from the “Washington Post” he set up in the first 649 days of his term of office 6420 false or misleading statements, with an average of nearly ten per day.

“The mirror” in the case of fraud, in-house, on Wednesday, made famous, not the tearing of the discussions about it. In the current issue of the news magazine made a cover story. And not only that is unusual: The title of the page comes from this time, also without a photo or Illustration. Instead, the Motto of the “mirror”to read’s founder, Rudolf Augstein, is there, in large letters: “Say what is.”

“This house is shocked”

“This house is shaken. To us the worst has happened, what can happen to a editorial. We had invented over the years, reports and other texts in the sheet, not covering the reality, but in Parts”, – stated in the “house of communication” at the start of the own reporting on the case of fraud.

Therefore, an editor has forged in “to a large extent his own stories and protagonists invented”. He has acknowledged the allegations of the information, and last Monday his contract after a year and a half quit. By him to the “mirror” that, since 2011, almost 60 texts in the magazine and “Spiegel Online” – first of all, he had been worked as a freelancer, then as a staff editor.

cf/Christian Andresen / DPA

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