An outraged viewer has interrupted a carnival session with the comedian Bernd Stelter. The trigger of your Anger is a joke about a double name and the CDU was Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.

The incident happened at the recording of a TV meeting in Cologne, Germany. Stelter had made a joke, it went first to his own marriage. The maiden name of his wife was Rumpen and a possible double name Rumpen, therefore, Yes-Stelter. “The Registrar has said: ‘Nah. You want to name, not a double,'” said the comedian at the weekend, the German press Agency. His punch line: Would not have been able to warn a Registrar also Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer?

“she was 50 centimeters in front of me, what a no good feeling”

a woman in the audience that did not go down well. According to the festival Committee of the Cologne carnival, she began first to whistle. Stelter’ve asked you then, the. Then she came on the stage to complain there. “You stand 50 centimeters in front of me, what a no good feeling, if I’m to be honest,” said Stelter.

recordings of the WDR is to listen to your criticism of Stelter: “men’s names are always great and the women’s names are always shit. And the double names are the shit double.” Security guards brought the woman, according to the festival Committee to the outside. President Christoph Kuckelkorn, so to speak, of the city of Cologne the top of everybody list expressed incomprehension about the Protest: “The tastes are different, and not every guest has to like every program point. But we expect respect for the artists and the audience.”

The woman would like to have to leave such jokes do not endure

in fact, carnival talk, sense of humor, do not apply moderately, as a place of progress. Vegans have it hard, mothers-in-law anyway. Also jokes about double names existed at least since the tenure of Ex-Minister of justice, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (FDP) many. But you do not need to accept you the less? The woman from the audience says: no. In the “kölnische Rundschau” she explained later, her Motivation: “I have a double name, and need not go through me.”

Stelter said that his Humor was insulting anyone. “I’ve’ certainly ‘a lot of policy-relevant matters in the speech – only is not one of them,” he said. He wanted to keep the double name-Gag. “The Whole thing is called freedom.”

According to the WDR, the recording of the TV session was not interrupted. The cut should run at the rose Monday. Whether the scene will be, was initially unclear.

Numerous reactions au Twitter

stelter’s appearance was also discussed on Twitter. There, it rained also, and especially, criticism for the reaction of the outraged spectator:

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