if you happen to be in the coming days in the Outdoors, you should pack a thick – as in Germany a frosty winter weather wide. Already for the Sunday, forecasters for large parts of the Republic duration of frost predictions. In the Monday night temperatures can drop even to minus 10 degrees, such as the German weather service (DWD) reported on Saturday in Offenbach. Only in the southwest, on the coast and along the Rhine, it remains frost-free.

weather in Germany

polar air brings cold up to minus 20 degrees

In the coming days, it means: to dress warmly. A cold wave hits Germany. The icy polar air to persist at least until Thursday of next week and night-time temperatures of up to minus 20 degrees bring.


the cause for the upcoming cold period Brigida is High “”. It provides, according to the DWD, Germany has gone polar air moves. The result is that it cools down at night through the mostly clear sky. As far as it goes with the temperatures down, is still uncertain. “The winter period but could persist to a current model forecast is for several weeks, and also includes large parts of Europe,” predicted a DWD meteorologist.

kg / DPA