High “Frauke” the Winter of the oblivion: Up to the mid-week, it remains, according to the German weather service (DWD) in Germany, an unusually Sunny and at least in the afternoon hours also mild.

Then, the maximum values in many places are in the double-digit range up to 15 degrees. In the warmest regions, according to DWD-even top-of-values around or slightly above 20 degrees. This would then officially be a warm day that would actually fit rather well into the spring. At night especially, however, are in valley locations and up to minus five degrees, and Frost is possible.

By Thursday, the weather situation is changing gradually, however. Especially in the Northern half of denser clouds is increased. In the South and Southeast, however, it remains for the time being in the sunshine and continued mild temperatures. Probably there remains during the day, even nationwide, dry, a few rain drops, however, can not be excluded.

By Friday, we expect more and more with rain. Then the temperatures go back in the South a little bit. With 7 to 13 degrees, it remains to DWD information, but compared to the Season average temperatures are quite mild.