employees terminate, because the Store is broke, this is the one. How hard but it needs to be, if you have more jobs than applicants? About the shortage of skilled workers, many companies sue in Germany. The Dry and interior design Neuseddin in Brandenburg has responded: With a current display, which is quite different than anything the company has released so far.

“You can with a tool handle, don’t need to every three minutes, a WhatsApp write Facebook check in, dominates the basic arithmetic, you can communicate well.”

So it was in the local newspaper in seddiner see. A parish, with three hamlets, with 4600 inhabitants. And a couple of open Spots because the place is not as a hot tip for job-seekers, professionals in General awareness. Perhaps, thought the boss at the Dry and interior design Neuseddin, maybe that can change.

display from seddiner see

it is Clear: The company has too much work for too few employees. Lately would have made more and more of them independently, says Chef Uwe Heinrich. Some would be moved, he says. Way out of the East. He needed capable people, I have to think of something for the display. And somehow differently it should sound. Now it sounds at least according to the not far distant Berlin:

“You can imagine, to work five times a week to fall ill without a Burnout syndrome.”

does not work Added: After blow-in insulation and flooring, the sounds really, but kind of cool. Facebook, WhatsApp, Burn-out: the Keywords of the target group. The people the first time You offer. Screed and cooling blankets to come later.

A call site: How to come up with that idea? Well, says the chief of seddiner see, to be honest: The cool language from the display he have copied this from another company. He had hoped to get so finally the attention that he desperately need. Unfortunately, there have been only three applicants.

application without the sender

What could possibly lie in the lack of awareness of the place, seddiner see. To its geographical location. Or the impression that it may help as could go, to be as little as possible in social media on the go and to work as much as possible. Work, and the Smartphone barely use – not so attractive idea for a candidate.

a lady, 57 have Applied for at least:. A Lord, 53. And one who had not time to use the sender on the envelope, says Uwe Heinrich. Then he dictated the number of the Store, he has the formulations depreciated. A craft operating from the North, but wants to remain anonymous. Seven staff are employed here.

Here we had the same Problem as in Brandenburg, the lack of skilled workers. Last summer someone came up with the idea that it would be easier to young, if you search in his own language, according to him. The companies from Schleswig-Holstein advertised. “Just different,” told a member of staff on the phone. In addition, it is voice that more and more colleagues looked at while working on the phone – Facebook and WhatsApp instead of a Hammer and chisel.

orders instead of candidates

The display was a success, the small business experienced a wave, told the staff: 15 to 20 applicants! Not only from Schleswig-Holstein. “That went beyond the country’s borders,” he says, “that went down in the Ruhr valley.”

Three people was immediately. With the editing of the documents, you couldn’t keep up barely, that’s why the establishment wants to also have his Name on the Internet. The Situation had calmed down.

The Dry and interior design in seddiner see the success of the display was, however, manageable. You need workers, instead, would have been reported so far, mainly architects and builders, says Chef Uwe Heinrich. The nice formulations in the display is used only as the occasion for the question of whether next time someone could come for one or the other order.

In the clear: more work and too few employees.

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