Hannover: Unknown, throws stone from highway bridge

a blessing in disguise for a 33-Year-old man drove his car on Saturday on the A2, near Hannover, in the direction of Dortmund, as between the connection of Lord Hausen, and Garbsen place a stone on the windscreen of his car hit. An Unknown had thrown the missile thrown from a bridge. As the police reported, bounced the stone on the passenger seat, which was luckily vacant. The driver remained unharmed. An immediately launched search brought no success. The police have now initiated a criminal case for attempted murder and are seeking witnesses. The incident occurred at about 23.15. Information can be submitted to the forensic service in Hanover at the phone number 0511-109 5555.

source: police Directorate Hannover

Cologne: 116 wild birds in road discovered control – 13.500 Euro black market value

116 protected birds in unventilated boxes for Moving have been discovered in the case of a vehicle control on the A4 in a car. The goldfinches, green finches and hawfinch were in moving boxes. Three of the birds had dead located in the transport boxes, informed the police in Cologne on Monday. According to police, the birds on the black market to a value of around 13 500 euros.

were noticed In the case of a control of traffic on the A4 near Cologne on Sunday, police officers in two moving boxes in the footwell of the rear seats of a car. When you see Inside, they found 16 small boxes with core biters, including a further five boxes were located with a total of 50 Goldfinches and 34 green finches. The part of the injured animals were brought to a wild bird station.

Against the driver and the passenger will now be determined because of a violation of the animal protection act. The 38-Year-old and the 37-Year-old said that they wanted to have bred the animals themselves, and in Belgium sell it.

Wangerooge: SEC-use on a ferry – connection to the case, Lübcke?

On Saturday afternoon were two North sea ferries, too late from the East Frisian Harlesiel in the direction of Wangerooge drop. Reason, a police operation was on-Board. “The police action, the force from lower Saxony were used, took place for another state,” said the police inspection of the Wilhelmshaven/Friesland. Not to compromise from the determination tactical reasons and the ongoing proceedings, could be no further information given, it was more.

information of the “Jever’s week sheet” that could be of use in connection with the murder of the Kassel government President Walter Lübcke. This would result in searches of the sheet, the newspaper reported on Monday. Accordingly, the SEC-forces would have the ferries to be searched, a man would be taken into custody and after interrogation was released. In fact, even the investigators had reported in the case of Lübcke on a capture (read more here). An official confirmation for the assumption that the arrest had taken place in Harlesiel, not there yet.

sources: police inspection of the Wilhelmshaven/Friesland, the police, Northern Hesse, “Jever’s weekly”, “NWZ”

Munich: man goes to the brothel hand grenade

In a Munich brothel, a guest has whipped out a hand grenade. The 60-Year-old had complained earlier, according to the police, according to the working conditions of prostitutes. “The man left the bar, came back a little later and pulled from his pocket a hand grenade,” he said on Monday, a police spokeswoman. A 33-year-old clerk pushed the man to the ground and prevented that he pulled the locking pin. The police moved in with special forces. The hand grenade, Russian design was real, however, detonators and explosives were removed. The 60-Year-old was injured in the tussle with the employees and came first to the hospital. The public Prosecutor’s office launched after the incident in the Monday night investigations.

source: dpa

Oberstdorf: regional rail RV,

rammed A commuter train has hit on a railway crossing in Oberstdorf (Bavaria) is a mobile home. The 71-year-old driver and her dog were injured on Thursday as a spokesman for the police said. Passengers in the train were unharmed. According to the initial findings of the investigators, the woman was on the railway crossing hazards, although the barriers lowered already. The mobile home damage was total. Images from the scene showed that the rear and side of the Camper were torn up and damaged. The Deutsche Bahn established according to a spokesperson between Fischen and Oberstdorf have a spare traffic with buses.

source: dpa

Stade: freighter rams a tradition of sailors – eight injured

In the collision of a traditional sailing ship and a container vessel on the river Elbe at Stadersand eight people on the historic sailing ship have been slightly injured. They were taken to hospitals, the police announced on Monday in Hamburg. The collision occurred on Saturday afternoon. The 38-metre-long and six-metre-wide tradition of sailors was sunk after the collision.

the cause of The collision with the under the Cyprus flag-propelled container vessel of 142 meters long and 20 meters wide, was initially unclear. After the collision, the 82-year-old skipper could not control the traditional ship. The 50-year-old captain of the container ship fleet in coordination with the authorities, first of all, next to Brunsbüttel and anchored there in the area of the northeast Bay.

The container ship was able to continue. On Board the classic sailing ship, a total of 43 people, including 14 crew members were at the time of accident. They were all rescued.

source: dpa

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