It was an incredible act of destruction: In the English city of Peterborough, Unknown, destroyed at the weekend, an annual model railway exhibition completely. The exhibits were set up in the gymnasium of a school. Actually, the exhibition should be opened on Sunday. But the night was broken into the building and all of the exhibition pieces completely smashed. The damage amounts to several Thousand pounds. However, not only the material loss hurts the owners of the Market Deeping Model Railway Club.

As BBC News reported, were destroyed with the valuable exhibits of the year long work. The Chairman of the club, Peter Davies, was, according to the report “totally confused”. Models that were manufactured over the years, had been kicked and thrown around, including a Lokomtiv unit of 8,500 pounds (about 9600 Euro). “I’ve never experienced anything like this. A hurricane did less damage”, said 70-Year-old. The Club members were “devastated and distraught”. A man spent 25 years of his work, and now she was simply destroyed. “We will never have the time to build such plants.”

A “hurricane would have done less damage”.

Posted by BBC News on Sunday, 19. May 2019

The police continued on to the school grounds four teenagers who are suspected to be responsible for the damage. They were released on bail.

Rod Stewart is calling on other celebs to donate to

on The Internet the Club has launched a fundraising campaign to life. On Tuesday, more than 80,000 pounds (about 90,000 euros) were already coming together. Far more than the model-makers had hoped for. “Originally, we had hoped that £ 500 would cover part of our costs of reconstruction. The response was fantastic and overwhelming,” it says on the page.

Shitstorm after the Video Posting

Rod Stewart apologizes for beheading scene


Also, a Celebrity has announced his help: Rod Stewart. The singer has even orbits with a passion for model trains, was in 2013, even on a short visit to Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland. According to “BBC News”, said the 74-Year-old, he wanted to support the Club with £ 10,000 in rebuilding: “I was absolutely shocked to hear that. It has lasted 23 years, until I had built my model railway, so I feel your pain.”


The singer Rod Stewart has a passion for model Railways

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other Well-known model railway Fans such as the Pianist Jools Holland, the musician Roger Daltrey, he called for donations.

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