In case of an emergency have can people die by this prank: An ambulance is stopped in the Bavarian town of Bruckmühl, because someone had filled the water in the Tank. The car stopped and would not start. A local shop looked at the car and then made the discovery, for which the term “string” is an understatement – apparently a stranger had broken open the tank lid, and more than 59 liters of water is poured into it.

“Somebody has to fill made the effort to sabotage our team’s transport truck, with a hose or funnel willfully the Tank completely with water, so that our use of the vehicle is defective and not ready for use,” write the rescue workers on Facebook. “To us the words …”

we are still missing, the words are still missing… a few weeks Ago a stranger broke in to one of our emergency vehicles…

Posted by BRK preparedness & First Responder Bruckmühl on Monday, 8. July 2019

you reported the incident to the police against persons Unknown. The prospect of success was low. “We are stunned, very disappointed and can find no explanation, anyone who comes on such an idea, to harm us, so in our commitment,” says the rescue team to his horror.

is Not the first damage to the ambulance

moreover, it is the first damage in the value of several Thousand euros in the car and, therefore, not of the CRPD can be worn. Meanwhile, the rescue forces have therefore started a fundraising campaign. So far, more than 800 Euro came together.

More than a thousand people have already responded to the Posting of the police and to show indignant. “What is the matter with people?”, many of the questions and agree that This deed is, in fact, “incredible”.

“The Unsub could be the Next person to need this help,” writes one. “Unfortunately, the world loses the way of Thinking.”

source: Facebook/BRK preparedness & First Responder Bruckmühl