Buchholz: Unknown spaces more than 80 Bank lockers from

The police are looking for in the context of a public fahnung after four to five unknown men. The group is suspected to be on Friday, may 5. July and Saturday 6. To July, a total of 82 lockers in the self-service area of the Sparkasse in Buchholz in der Nordheide broken. The police announced on Friday, was captured by you jewelry, cash, watches, and precious metals worth more than a million euros.

“During their Commission, the men ran all day Saturday on occasions by the self-service areas, and were filmed here”, – stated in the message. Apparently, they changed multiple times, the clothes not to be noticed. The investigators suspect that the men had a vehicle in the vicinity, where you can store the loot, and were able to move. Now investigators are looking for witnesses who observed anything Suspicious. To this end, the images published from a surveillance camera. All of the recordings and further information here.

sources: Polizeiinspektion Harburg, police Directorate Lüneburg

Bad schönborn: tuberculosis outbreak in schools

In Bad Schönborn in Baden-Württemberg are as yet ill four students from tuberculosis. “The total number of infected students and teachers at the school currently amounts to 109 people,” said the Landratsamt Karlsruhe on its website. Investigations after the first two diseases had shown “a high number of contagions”. The two other diseases were discovered. The “Badische neueste Nachrichten” (BNN) reports on Thursday, it was students, teachers and Employees, especially in a community school.

Not everyone is plugged in, is also sick. In addition, the authority emphasized: “tuberculosis today is usually a treatable and curable disease.” Cases of tuberculosis, there is from time to time. So many contagions all class levels, however, were “unusual”, the newspaper quoted the authorities doctor. To exclude the possibility that among the Infected even more Ill, there are further investigations, including x-rays. The first disease was detected prior to the Whitsun holidays with an eight-graders at the community school, the second disease is “related” to a primary school. A Transfer of bacteria-induced disease is tuberculosis to be held according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) via droplets in the air.

source: dpa

Kleve: social worker shows itself due to child abuse

Due to severe child sexual abuse, the Prosecutor’s office in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Kleve, against a social pedagogue from Kevelaer. The attorney for the 49-year-old tatverdäch adjusted submitted at the beginning of July a self-indictment of his client for the law enforcement authority, as a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office announced on Friday. The Accused denied, therefore, until 2002, a Minor of his relationship repeatedly, to have sexually abused.

The Prosecutor’s office obtained before the district court Kleve a warrant against the man because of 40 cases of child sexual abuse in the period from 1998 to 2002. “The investigations also extend to the possible actions to the detriment of further Damaged,” said the spokesman. Additional information the office of the public Prosecutor not made with reference to the ongoing investigation.

source: AFP

Nuremberg: police shoots tenant down with a metal rod on the landlord struck

A police officer in the Franconian town of Hilpoltstein a man shot in the leg with a metal rod on his landlord struck and alarmed police officials in the attack. The 70-year-old landlord suffered serious injuries due to the blows, the 39-year-old tenant came in with a leg shot to the hospital, as the police in Nuremberg said on Friday. The attacker, the warrant should be opened for attempted manslaughter.

According to police, the tenant a rampage in the house and destroyed the facility. Why he would have to surrender the in-house resident landlords attack, the other investigations, said a police spokesman. After the police arrived, the 39-Year-old had shown to the police officers an attack posture, and a warning shot and the use of pepper spray, he did not react. As the man went off with his rod on the police officers, it came to the use of firearms.

source: AFP

Hamburg: four and a half tons of cocaine in the port of Hamburg confiscated

The customs service has seized in a ship container in the port of Hamburg, the record amount of four and a half tons of cocaine with a street value of almost a billion euros. The drugs had been discovered around two weeks ago during an inspection, according to the Hamburg main customs office on Friday. It was the largest cocaine shipment that had been discovered in Germany.

source: AFP

Hude: world war II mine in the lake blasted

In the vicinity of Oldenburg is a three-Meter-long world war torpedo mine checked had been blown up. The sea mine was discovered on Thursday during construction work in the lower Saxon village of Hude, the police announced. After the area was evacuated, separated the experts from the explosive ordnance disposal service late in the evening, propellant and explosives to the Mine of each other. The explosive was then transported to a gravel pit and there, in the night of Friday, blown up. The residents were allowed to return in their homes. The Mine had been digging, according to the police, probably by German soldiers during their retreat to blow up the street, if you would have been used by the allied forces.

source: dpa

Hauzenberg: mayor receives threatening letters

The mayor of Hauzenberg (district of Passau), Gudrun Donaubauer, has in the past several days I receive threatening letters. Two of the letters had contained a dead mouse, said Donaubauer (independent) of the German press Agency on Thursday evening. In a third letter, a powder was similar substance. The letters had been sent both to the town hall, as well as to your home. Donaubauer suspected a connection with the planned wind turbines in the municipality. Because in the case of the letters copied articles were on the topic. First of all, the Bavarian radio reported.

Danube, Bauer has filed a complaint. The police was out of reach in the evening for comment. Hauzenberg is a about 12 000 inhabitants, a municipality in lower Bavaria. The planned Windkrafträdern has fallen, according to donaubauer no decision yet.

source: dpa

news of Thursday, 1. August 2019

Langelsheim: 19-Year-old should have shaken shaken the Baby to death

A young man in Langelsheim in the Harz mountains, the four-month-old son of his brother to death. The 19-Year-old will result because of the suspicion of bodily injury or death to the custody judge, informed the police in Goslar, Germany on Thursday. The Suspect admitted to the crime during police interrogation, said a spokesman for the German press Agency.

The 19-Year-old had, according to the investigators, on 19. July on the two children of his older brother’s attention. In the afternoon he then called the rescue service and the poor health of the infant informed. The little Boy was then, with the helicopter in the children’s hospital to Hannover flown, where he died a day later.

The autopsy revealed that the infant died as a result of a violent impact, said the police spokesman. The Goslar-born 19-Year-old, who lived at the time of the murder in the apartment of his brother in Langelsheim, on Wednesday. Additional information the police didn’t initially.

source: dpa

Hamburg: snake frightened ice-cream parlours-visitors

Long queues in front of ice cream shops, the warm temperatures are nothing special. Differently it looks, if a real snake in the toilet of an ice cream parlor curls. This is what happened in a Hamburger ice cream parlor, like the “Hamburger Morgenpost” reported.

There was a guest, was held on Tuesday evening, a 70-centimeter-long reptile that snaked its way to a window. “It was all a huge scare,” said ice cream shop owner Boban Dimcic the German press Agency on Thursday. The police had rapidly been on the ground. “The members have then pulled a reptile expert,” said a police spokesman.

The expert have identified the snake as a harmless corn snake, which is actually native to North America. A police officer captured the animal and brought to the shelter. How the snake got into the toilet, the ice-cream shop, was not immediately known.

source: dpa

Prittriching: Bundeswehr-Pilot with Laser

blinded a Pilot of A German army helicopter has been blinded in the vicinity of the plane clump of lechfeld in Bavaria with a Laser and injured. The 42-Year-old suffered a retinal detachment, and the service is not currently capable, as the police announced on Thursday. The soldier had flown over on Monday at dawn, the municipality of Prittriching in upper Bavaria, as it is a flash of bluish-white Flashing was blinding. A little later, a gray stain had formed in the field-of-view. The Pilot is suppose to be a laser light from the ground have been made. The criminal investigation Department initiated an investigation because of dangerous interference in air transport and dangerous bodily injury.

source: dpa

width of the castle: – Hand of a steel worker from rod impaled

A serious accident occurred on Thursday morning in schleswig-Holstein Breitenburg. A 14-metre-long steel rod pierced through the Hand of a worker at a local steel company. The incident occurred during the morning shift. Paramedics and firefighters provided first aid and had to disconnect the steel rod. The injured man was taken by rescue helicopter to the accident hospital Boberg, such as the “Morgenpost” reported.

source: “Hamburger Morgenpost”

Offenburg: man calls for grasshopper in the bedroom, the police

Because a mysterious animal wandered into his bedroom, a concerned man from Baden-Baden called the police for help. He reported to the officials on Wednesday over the phone from a “scary encounter” with an “unknown animal”, informed the responsible custodians of law and order in Offenburg on Thursday. The speech was a “big spider” that looked like but “completely different”. Because he was worried that it was potentially a dangerous, invasive species, caught it and alerted the police,” said the officials. This arrived a little later and were able to calm the man. “They released the grasshopper on the foot,” it said in the police report.

source: dpa

Kassel, Germany: 21-Year-old on the open road

In Kassel, Germany, shot and killed a 26-year-old man shot and killed on Wednesday night on the open road for a 21-Year-old. Special forces were able to take the alleged offender to a lighter note in his Kassel apartment, as police and prosecutors informed rushed. “The alleged murder weapon could be ensured”, – stated in the press release. The trigger was the fact an escalating dispute in the connection of the Older on the Younger’s lap was, therefore, apparently. The man died at the scene. The alleged shooter fled the scene initially.

The suspect should still be on Thursday the detention judge. The corpse of the Killed should be examined.

source: AFP, police headquarters Northern Hesse,

Mannheim: Unknown steal in Heidelberg more than 40 window shutters

Unusual prey in a greater extent have made the unknown thieves in baden-württemberg, Heidelberg. At a house were stolen on the street side and more than 40 window shutters, such as the police in Mannheim announced on Thursday. Possibly they had been with the help of a stool or a ladder removed. The damage to the police amounted to several thousand euros.

A resident of the house noticed the theft, therefore, shortly after midnight, as he wanted to close the shutters of his window. This was, however, come a long way since the last time you used on the previous Wednesday evening lost. “In a Review he noted that in the entire area on his side of the street the shutters were missing,” said the police. The officials now hope to witness.

source: AFP

Rostock: “Marsimoto”Statue stolen from Fullscreen

The Marsimoto Statue in the Rostock City was just two days

©Screenshot, Instagram/marsimoto

After the theft of a Statue to his honour, Rapper Marteria hopes to Fan by Using. “Who stole my beloved Marsi monument and Hansa’s lucky charm for a victory?”, the musician from Rostock, will be asked in the social networks. For evidence, he promised a “massive reward”.

The Statue had been set up on Monday in the Rostock city centre and after just two days of the gesbeen tohlen. She showed the Marteria-art figure “Marsimoto” – a man in sneakers, a hooded jacket and face mask. The police took up investigation, a spokesman said. New information there was on Thursday according to police sources, first of all.

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Who stole Marsi’s memorial? Behind it only a week of work and a lot of money, but also sweat, and love is not plugged in!! In addition, it was our good luck charm to the legendary Hansa victory against Bayern. Let us together find out who did this to us! There is a huge reward for those of the me clues as to the perpetrator of give🔵⚪ awesome🔴 share it !!!! #woistmarsi . . @hmetalmaniac

A post shared by M A R I S (@marsimoto) on Jul 31, 2019 at 5:09am PDT

source: dpa, Instagram

Bad Doberan: 70-Year-old sexually

harassed On Wednesday a 70-year-old woman in the centre of Bad Doberan was sexually harassed. As reported by the police, met the woman and her unidentified man to each other. “In consequence, she was overwhelmed by him and with sexual intent touches. Passers-by rushed to her aid. Subsequently, the suspect fled,” – said in the police report. In the context of an immediate investigation, a 21-Year-old man was arrested as a suspect firmly.

source: police Rostock

holders: number of the Drowned in Germany dropped

The number of Drowned in Germany fell in the first seven months, slightly to 29 deaths at least 250 Dead. After the on Thursday by the German life saving society (DLRG) published in the interim balance sheet, the decline in the weather-can be explained, of spring and of July would have had the first summer month has less than beach weather as of 2018. So at least 51 people drowned in the very warm of may 2018, this year 28.

According to the länder, the development was, however, very different. Thus, the number of Badetoten in Bavaria rose by 20 to 65 cases, while in lower Saxony, a decrease of seven Deaths to 29. Unchanged unsecured swimming areas are far and away the most common place for fatal drowning accidents. At least 231 people lost their lives there, over 90 per cent of the total number. 131 died in lakes and ponds, 76 in rivers, nine in a channel or Creek, five in the port basin, in a ditch. Police spokesman Achim Wiese, said that the organization remains ready, with municipalities or counties to work together. “A simple bathing shield is not enough just to have people from jumping into the unguarded and, above all, uncharted waters of holding.” In swimming pools, six people died, according to the DLRG statistics, in the Baltic, six in the North sea, a man. In the gender comparison of the proportion of women was 19 percent, considerably lower than men’s. The DLRG attributes this to the behavior of the men. The main reasons for the Drowning, the swimming on unguarded beaches, as well as alcohol, recklessness and overconfidence be.

source: AFP

Memmingen: milk the stockyards to animal cruelty charges searches

After the animal cruelty charges against the people Responsible in a large allgäu dairy operation is determined against nine Suspects. This Prosecutor’s office and police announced on Wednesday in Memmingen. At the police headquarters in Kempten, a 30-member special Commission was established. After the public Prosecutor shall examine the allegations against the operation in Bad Grönenbach for three weeks, looks given, the authority is suspected of animal welfare violations. On Wednesday 21 objects to be searched, including the operation in Bad Grönenbach were therefore. Is determined against six Employees of the company and three veterinarians for the Welfare of the cattle in the operation are responsible. In the large-scale operation in the lower allgäu cows miss to be is been. An animal rights organization, had made video recordings to the public. The company was also not reached on Wednesday for comment.

The district office took the affected dairy farm, with conditions, of a closure first. “Among other things, the country needs to host an animal protection officer,” said a spokeswoman for the district administrative office of unterallgäu in Mindelheim the German press Agency on Wednesday. This is to ensure that animal protection laws are complied with. In addition, the operation was prohibited the Killing of cattle under. Before Transport to a slaughterhouse, the animal must be also examined by an official veterinarian, as the authority wrote on its website. “A closure is not in the present case, at the present time into consideration,” said the spokeswoman. “As a result, the animals would not be helped. These are supplied and will be.”

source: dpa

Flensburg: rain puts roads under water

Heavy rain has flooded on Wednesday afternoon, many roads in the Flensburger city center. Some roads were closed due to high water level, as a spokesman for the Regional control centre said. Especially at the port, there were problems. There, the water reached up to the buildings ran. Or injured accidents it was not, according to the station. Some passers-by were barefoot-on-the-go, you the water reached up to the calf. On Wednesday afternoon, the severe weather warnings from the German weather service (DWD) for the state of Schleswig-Holstein, Saxony-were-Anhalt and Saxony.

source: dpa

Wuppertal suspension railway travels again

Wuppertal has its monorail again: After eight and a half months break has forced the suspension will have taken trains on Thursday morning of your operation. “We go,” said utility spokesman Holger Stephan. To 05.12 PM, the first train left the station Vohwinkel.

“Wuppertal depends on its suspension railway,” said mayor Andreas Mucke (SPD). “It is not only our most important means of transport, with over 80 000 passengers a day and our world-famous landmark. The monorail is also a part of our Wuppertal-based lifestyle. All you have to vermisst and the restart longed for. For Wuppertal, it is the Comeback of the year.”

In November, had crashed a power rail on several Hundred meters in length from the Carrier frame. Although no one was injured, but the operation on the 13.3-Kilometer-long line was first set. According to the Stadtwerke since then, several Backups were installed. As a substitute, the city bus was, but they’re not as fast as the monorail can zip through red lights and traffic jams easy.

source: dpa

news from Germany, from Wednesday, 31. July 2019:

Wacken: the terrain of the “Wacken Open Air” in part because of bad weather

evacuated Because of the storm, the “Wacken Open Air”site has been vacated and on Wednesday evening part. In the Wackinger Village and in the area in front of the stage, the Fans were asked to leave the premises and to search the vehicles of protection, the police announced. These two areas were for the visitors accessible, the rest of the site will be opened on Thursday.

the appearance of the “Wacken Firefighters was Affected”. The Show of the local Fire Department band is considered the unofficial kick-off of the festival. It was cancelled after the third song. The campsite was not affected.

Ludwigsburg: three years of the dog in the face,

bitten A three year old has been bitten in Baden-Württemberg by a dog in the face. The Boy was with his family on a bike path in Ludwigsburg on the road, when a 25-year-old cyclist with his angel came to meet the dog, as the police announced on Wednesday. When passing the pedestrian, the 14-month-old mongrel dog broke loose and bit the kid in the face.

The beast ripped at the same time the 25-Year-old from the bike. The three-year-old was seriously brought the injured to a hospital. The dog was seized by the police and placed in a pet home. The police dog handler squadron has taken over the further investigation.

source: , dpa, police Ludwigsburg

Offenburg: man finds decomposed bodies in a tent in the woods

In a tent in a forest on a run in the state of Baden-Württemberg has found a man on Wednesday, two bodies. The man and the woman were unable to identify due to their condition, informed the public Prosecutor’s office in Baden-Baden and the police headquarters in Offenburg on Wednesday.

police launched an investigation to the cause of death to be a forensic pathologist should examine the mortal Remains. It should also be clarified whether there is a connection with a spring over several weeks in the area of the parked car.

source: AFP

Freiburg: fireman to the arsons is in custody

After a series of arsons of barns in baden-württemberg, the district of Emmendingen is a 20-Year-old in custody. The Suspect had been an active member of a volunteer fire Department, informed the police and the public Prosecutor’s office on Wednesday in Freiburg, Germany. He is accused of eight arsons and an attempted arson. According to investigators, the man from Herbolzheim confessed to the fire since mid-may in the vicinity of his place of residence put. A nearly 30 police officers of the existing investigation team had been looking for the arsonist. She received so many clues from the population, also to the suspects. He was arrested on Friday and since Tuesday is in custody.

The motive to give so far “no conclusive findings”, declared the police and the Prosecutor’s office. In the case of the fires was caused to buildings, inventory and agricultural equipment damage, estimated at more than one Million euros. The fire a firefighter suffered minor injuries.

source: AFP

Frankfurt: Urn thefts police puzzles

Six mysterious Urn thefts are a matter for the police in Frankfurt am Main. Unknown opened in the last week, several tombstones in a cemetery in the district of Most, in order to steal the ballot boxes, the officials said on Wednesday.

According to a spokesperson, is not excluded that metal thieves were at work, because in the urns copper was processed. The police determined because of disturbance of the peace of the Dead, as well as theft and hopes to witness.

source: AFP

Saarbrücken: Protestant pastor for child porn in court

A Protestant pastor in the Saarland, has been indicted on suspicion of possession of images of child pornography. He should also have youth porn obsessed, graphical images, and obtained, as the Prosecutor’s office announced on Wednesday in Saarbrücken. The man was advised to Instructions of American Authorities to the German authorities to the attention of the investigators. The 65-Year-old should be tried according to the Prosecutor’s office to send at least one image via an E-Mail address. Earlier, several media had reported about the indictment.

according to The figures, were found during a search at the end of October of 2018, appropriate pictures on the Computer of the clergy. The origin of the material was unknown, it said. The charges were brought in mid-June.

The Evangelical Church in the Rhineland, indicated that the Country in charge of the Church have suspended the priest and “once of his parish being removed from service”. Further information could not be made “for reasons of care,” it said of the press office in Düsseldorf.

source: dpa

upper Franconia: Smart on the A9 up to the stop

loaded In upper Franconia, the police stopped on Tuesday, a Smart car loaded to the roof with the belongings of his 52-year-old driver. “The loading of the vehicle, the vision was significantly affected and thus the traffic safety is not given more”, informed the officials. In addition, no valid registration and no insurance had passed for the Smart since the beginning of 2019 more protection. A valid driver’s license of the driver has not had also.


Doubtful custom work: In the Smart was barely room for the driver

©police upper Franconia

source: police upper Franconia

Victories: weapons warehouse in the case of 68-Year-old discovered

In the case of a house search in the North Rhine-Westphalian Bad Berleburg investigators have more than 30 firearms and stabbing weapons, as well as around 250 kilograms of ammunition were found. In the house of a 68-Year-old discovered firearms, including machine guns and Shotguns were located, the police announced on Wednesday in Siegen. For more details, the investigator is not called first.

A police spokesman reported that it was in the case, no Betrain to the so-called Reich citizenship scene. Weapons and ammunition have been secured by the police. Against the 68-Year-old led the officers to a criminal case for violations of the weapons act and the war weapons control act.

source: AFP

Düsseldorf: driving the 60 miles on the highway on the way

On three motorways in North Rhine-Westphalia was a 72-year-old man a total of about 60 kilometers long in the wrong direction. Officers stopped the wrong-way driver Wednesday morning on the A46 at the junction for Neuss-West, the police announced. Accordingly, the man was advised on the A44 in direction Mönchengladbach on the wrong track and later on the A61 towards Venlo changed. Thereafter, he continued his meander on the A46. According to the first findings of the 72-Year-old process had. Not to be accidents it had come, it said. First, the WDR had reported about it.

source: dpa

Frankfurt: lioness in Zoo

put down The young lioness Mira from the Zoo in Frankfurt am Main has been put to sleep because of a Skull deformity. How it came to changes in the head and in the brain, is unclear, said the Zoo on Wednesday. Thus, had developed in April 2018 born young animal well until the age of about twelve months, first abnormalities in the coordination of movement had occurred. Despite symptomatic treatment, no improvement had occurred. The animal had no infection, the blood values were unremarkable. CT and MRI showed a small brain hernia, a structural change of the skull. In this malformation, the impaired movement would probably have been processes of the lioness and her occasionally absent-looking view due.

Over the months have given hope that Miras health through medical monitoring and growth might improve. You’ve had phases in which no symptoms are visible were. Ultimately, the efforts of the zoo animal doctors and animal keepers had remained, but without success.

“There was not ruled out that Mira was suffering from severe headaches and clear was that they had no Chance at a normal social Lion, we had to meet in consultation with the stud-book for Asian lions and the competent veterinary authorities of the decision to redeem Mira,” said zoo Director Miguel Casares. In the past few weeks, said Mira reeling and uncertain. It was “very sad” to lose Mira, said Casares. Since there have been no treatment options and more, was not responsible for “any further delay”.

source: AFP

Gedern: bathers rescue three year old from the lake

bathers in Hessen a three-year-old girl from Saxony-Anhalt saved your life. The child drive on Tuesday afternoon lifeless in the Gederner lake in Central Hesse on the edge of a swimming area, the police announced on Wednesday. Bathers discovered the girl, pulled it ashore, and busy again. Rescue workers took the further supply of the three-year-olds and they brought in a helicopter to a hospital.

How could this come to the emergency, want to clarify the investigator with the help of witnesses. “It is suspected that the child was playing unsupervised with other children at the lake.” Where the parents were during the, was initially unclear.

source: dpa

news from Germany, from Tuesday, 31. July

Ratingen: Tesla burns of unknown cause completely Fullscreen

the Remains of The burned down Tesla

©police of Mettmann

a Tesla remained in a residential area in Ratingen-breitscheid, in the district of Mettmann, NRW is not much more than a pile of ashes left. As reported by the police, burned down the electric car, on Tuesday night in a Parking lot completely. A local resident had perceived, therefore, in the night a loud Bang. “When he ran into the street to look, he found that there was a Tesla fire. The man alerted immediately and the fire Department, which informed, in turn, the police about the fire,” the officials. The forces found upon Arrival a completely in flames standing car. The fire Department was able to extinguish the fire, but not prevent, the car burned down completely. A about four feet stand next to it, BMW had been damaged by the enormous heat development. The property damage amounts, according to the police at around 50,000 Euro.

Tesla Model S

electric sports car burn to the fucking ground when Charging

There is no information on the cause of the fire, there were, according to the report on the spot. The wreck was secured for the investigation. “Due to the difficult track situation on the ground currently, neither a technical problem nor an intentional or negligent arson may be excluded,” it says. Notes on Suspicious persons, do not result in the first instance.

source: the police of Mettmann

Freiburg: Pilot dies in crash of glider

in The crash of a glider in the state of Baden-Württemberg is the Pilot died. The man crashed on Tuesday afternoon at Rick stream, close to a Golf club, police said in Freiburg. Findings on the cause of the accident were not available initially. The criminal investigation and the Federal office for flight accident investigation participated in the investigation. Also on the identity of the dead, no details were known.

source: AFP

Munich: search for missing mother and daughter goes on

In the case of a for a good two weeks of missing mother and her daughter, the police searched it again in a forest in the South-East of Munich. Around 100 officers will be held on Tuesday, among other things, with Search and shovels have been on the move, a spokesman said. Also, service dogs were used.

The investigators believe that the Missing persons were killed at the age of 41 and 16 years, from the new husband of the mother. The 44-Year-old, has been sitting for days, among other things, on suspicion of murder in custody. What clues the police have, that in the forest the bodies of the Missing could be hidden, remained on Tuesday more unclear.

source: dpa

Olpe: shepherd dogs injure the nine-year-old severely

In North Rhine-Westphalia have added two shepherds, a nine-year-old girl in severe bite wounds. The dog owner went with their animals to police, information from Tuesday in the forest in Hofolpe for a walk, when she noticed a group holiday. You have to leash the dogs, but they were directly on the group zugestürmt and had two nine-year-old attacked.

A Boy fell, therefore, in an attempt to escape on Monday, was able to fend off the attacking dog, however. Then, both of shepherd were attacked by dogs the girl, as it was called. The dog owner had not been able to pull their animals out of the child. You would have only drained from the girl when a man came to help. A rescue the child brought the car to a hospital.

source: AFP

Solingen: hikers during bathroom break of wasps attacked

For a pee break in the woods a man, near Solingen, in North Rhine-has been come to Westphalia, a wasp nest to close to the animals so afflicted, that he was injured on the run easily. “The black-and-yellow animals launched immediately an attack on the walkers, who fled on the run,” said the police in Wuppertal, Germany, on Monday evening. Accordingly, the of the wasp pursued the 37-year-old Walker fell over a tree root, and the leg damaged in. In addition, he got several wasp stings. At the end of July and August, the people thickness of a wasp’s nest is the Largest, is spoken in the police message.

A rescue brought the car to the Walker in a hospital. The incident occurred on Monday in a forest near Solingen. The police have been reported Injured after an accident in the forest. Officers made the search and came across the lying on the floor stroller. “The wasps had fled at the Arrival of the police already,” – said the official.

sources: Reuters, police in Wuppertal

Duisburg: man wants to want to push firefighters from smoky apartment push

A 39-Year-old in Duisburg, Germany, has firefighters from his apartment, from of the they wanted him to just to save. According to the police, it had arrested on Monday strong – the neighbors alerted firefighters failed but first of all, in order to get the man out. The police 39 came to be, the-Year-old came up with finally on the road. There, the man insulted the rescue workers and the barriers over again in the apartment wanted, the police in a communication dated Tuesday. Ultimately, the officers handcuffs to put on him and brought him to the station. After firefighters had ventilated the apartment, let the man back home. The cause for the Smoke from burnt food in a frying pan was. The man should get a display because of resistance.

source: dpa

Bremen: Alleged hostage-taking by a twelve-year-old with a gun, police use of

solves A perceived taking of hostages by a twelve-year-old has raised in Bremen, a use of the special forces of the police. Several witnesses observed according to the officials from Tuesday, as a Boy held late on Monday night, a woman in the district of Burglesum a gun to the head, and then with her in a house disappeared. The police caused great alarm and pulled together numerous forces. Also, special forces were deployed.

on the ground, the situation explained, however, quickly proved to be completely harmless. The Boy at the age of twelve years, had played with a toy gun on the street, the allegedly threatened wife was his 24-year-old sister. The police wanted to test claims to whether the family may have to bear the cost.

source: AFP

Bad Bentheim: freight train in Herd

A more than 2000-ton freight train is driven in the night to Tuesday in lower Saxony in a Herd of cows and killed two animals. According to the Federal police in Bad Bentheim from 16 cows in the existing herd in Delmenhorst stand on the tracks when the train around midnight happened to the place. The locomotive of the 561-Meter-long and around 2100 tons heavy train was damaged in the collision and was not ready for more driving. A replacement locomotive had to push it back in the freight station of Delmenhorst.

The railway line between Bremen and Oldenburg was, according to the Federal police in the night, about five hours locked. The surviving cows escaped and returned independently to the farm of their owner. The police are investigating the accident.

source: AFP

Konstanz: Slight earthquake at the Bodensee

In the vicinity of lake Constance shook in the night to Tuesday the earth noticeably. About eleven kilometres North-West of Konstanz, a slight earthquake of a magnitude of 3.7 occurred at 1.17 PM, according to the seismological service of the southwest. Preceded by a smaller quake was gone about ten minutes previously, with the thickness of 2.7. At the police station about 100 concerned people had called from the district of Konstanz and the Western lake Constance region, a spokesman said in the morning. There is no damage as a result of the tremors were first known. The information also no one was hurt.

source: dpa

Kirchardt: 5000 turkeys die in Hofbrand Fullscreen

A Putenhof in Kirchardt, in the district of Heilbronn in flames

©Julian Buchner/use-Report24 DPA

In case of a fire at a chicken coop in baden-württemberg, Kirchardt, around 5000 turkeys have died. The police announced on Tuesday morning in Heilbronn, burned down the barn in the night completely. Firefighters had prevented their rapid deployment, the flames of attacks on another Turkey barn. The cause of the fire was initially unclear, the damage was estimated at three and a half to four million euros.

The forces have been alerted, according to the officials in the night to Tuesday against 23 clock. Also a warehouse with around 500 tonnes of cereals and 200 bales of Straw burned down. Firefighters had to lay hose lines over a distance of more than two kilometers, in order to secure their water supply.

145 firefighters were on the farm in use, last damping-down was on the Tuesday morning, according to police. The police took up investigations into the cause of the fire. The information provided by the officials that came during the mission in the night to funny disabilities by look. The police are called, among other things, via the short message service Twitter to remove from the Fire and not bother the helper.

source: AFP

Hofheim: 1000 burning bales of Straw coaster affect and car traffic in the state of Hesse

Around 1000 burning bales of Straw in the night to Tuesday in Hofheim am Taunus in Hesse, to significant disruptions to traffic. Because of the strong smoke development, according to police, a highway and a ICE-track of the German railway had to be temporarily suspended altogether.

According to Deutsche Bahn, it came because of the ongoing fire on Tuesday morning still to delays. Was affected, thus, the ICE line from Cologne in the direction of Frankfurt am Main. Out of consideration for the use of force at the fire scene the wrong trains at a reduced speed and had 15 to 20-minute delay, the company said. The burning bales of Straw were located, according to the police on a field in the municipality of Hofheim am Taunus, to the East of Frankfurt am Main. Motorists had seen the flames against 23 o’clock of the near highway 66 and highway, and the emergency call is selected. The cause of the fire was initially unclear. The officials have not ruled out arson and asked for stuff information.

source: Hofheim

July, despite the heat, no exceptional weather of the month

records broken, Despite several heat records in July, has been in terms of temperature is not exceptionally hot month. On average, temperatures were about two degrees above the long-term funds, this was a record, said Andreas Friedrich by the German weather service (DWD) in Offenbach. In other years there had been in July even higher average values, around 2003 or 2015.

Last week, had been set up with 42.6 degree in Lingen, a new heat record for Germany. Also in numerous other measuring stations, the 40-degree mark was exceeded significantly. However, it was in the first half of July, unusually cool, what pressures cut the Month, said Friedrich.

The July 2019 was the preliminary data of the DWD to dry, it fell, therefore, only 78 percent of the month, heck in the rain. The sunshine duration was approximately 112 per cent, somewhat above the long-term means. The DWD submits this Tuesday its monthly balance sheet.

source: dpa

news from Germany from Monday, 30. July 2019:

Velbert: twelve-year-old sets cars with a weed burner flame Fullscreen

Three cars and a hedge fell the weed burner to the victim

©district police authority of Mettmann

A twelve-year-old who should burn in North Rhine-Westphalia, Velbert, weeds, and accidentally set three cars and a hedge on fire. As the police and local media reports, had been set by the “negligent dealing with a weed burner” first of all, a 20-Meter-long hedge in full extent in the Brand. The flames spread to three cars. The vehicles were burned completely off. Four other vehicles were damaged by the heat.

with the in the fire to heat generated were to the police, according to in addition, the window pane of a residential house, as well as the side wall of a Garage was damaged. Also a piece of garden fence to a more distant residential house was damaged due to the strong radio in-flight. After about one and a half hours, the fire brigade had the fire under control. No one was hurt. In Velbert, Germany ruled on Friday temperatures around 37 degrees.

source: district police authority of Mettmann, “RP Online”, “Accuweather”

Voerde: suspect cocaine in the blood

had to In the suspects, of the just over a week ago, a woman in the lower Rhine town of Voerde in front of an incoming train collided and killed have, there are indications that cocaine consumption. It may be with him products of cocaine in the blood removal has been demonstrated. “This is not to say, however, that he was specifically under cocaine influence,” said the Duisburg state Prosecutor Alexander Bayer on Monday. Further research should bring detailed insights.

The 28-year-old suspect sitting on suspicion of murder in pre-trial detention is silent, therefore, continues to be one of the Tatvorwürfen. Witnesses had described the man to him unknown 34-Year-olds approached from behind and wordlessly pushed into the track bed. The German-born Serb, according to police reports, the father of nine children. For the police, he was even before the fact, not Unknown. He had been sentenced to, among other things, for theft, assault and minor Offences of money.

The 34-year-old woman to be buried in the closest family and circle of friends, beige, said a police spokeswoman. A public funeral will not give it according to the family. The victim leaves behind a daughter.

source: dpa

Celle: police officers 81-Year-old with a gun

An 81 overwhelm-Year-old with a traumatic pistol, has threatened in the lower Saxony town of Celle, after a conflict, the other a motorist. The following police action, the Senior was also so “strange” that officials overwhelmed him, and handcuffed, as the police announced on Monday. Accordingly, he has not responded to calls to put your hands up.

According to officials, the 81-Year-old and another 37-Year-old drivers were advised on Sunday afternoon, in a dispute over their respective way of driving. Both stopped and got out, taking the older man moved in the course of the dispute a gun. Then he drove away. The younger Participants called the police.

officers discovered the 81-Year-old shortly after, very close to on a plot. His car he had left. “He was acting weird and went in a barn,” said the police. When the man does not respond to speeches, would have brought the action forces him to the ground and handcuffed him. He had a blank-firing gun in the pants pocket, another was in the car.

The police officers, the pensioners said, therefore, “he felt safe in Germany”. In the dispute with the other driver he had pulled the gun because he felt threatened. The necessary weapons permit, the man did not. His weapons were confiscated, and appropriate investigations initiated.

source: dpa

Berlin: police officer sentenced to money penalty – illegal blow rings in the apartment

is A Berlin-based policeman, for illegal possession of two blow rings has been sentenced to a fine. The district court of Berlin-Tiergarten imposed in its judgment on Monday 20 daily rates of 85 euros. The possession of brass knuckles is prohibited under the arms act. Police officers are not treated differently from other citizens, said the judge. Against the 51-year-old COP is determined for some time because of an accident, driving with a fatal outcome.

The rings were discovered in a house search in April with the officials in a chest. They were used according to the defender, only for photos. According to the verdict, would have no real impact tools take. The defence wanted the proceedings failed but.

The official is suspected according to the prosecution, it was exactly one and a half years, alkoholisiert at the wheel of a patrol car the car of a 21-Year-old rammed, and to have mortally wounded. In the case is expected with longer investigations. An indictment is not yet available. The chief Commissioner must not come for months, to the service.

the collision in January 2018 in the vicinity of the Alexander square. The police car with excessive speed in the car of the young woman crazy. The case had been publicly beaten by the waves. A breathalyzer test at the scene of the accident has not been made.

source: dpa

Frankfurt: Apparently, a child in front of train encountered and killed

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In the Frankfurt main train station on Monday gave a fatal incident with a child. The child was advised after the first findings on the tracks and appears to be an incoming train was run over, said a police spokeswoman in the morning. The exact circumstances were initially unclear. However, it had been a man arrested. The “Hessenschau” had agreed with the “Frankfurter Rundschau” that a man had pushed the child in front of the incoming ICE. The description fit according to the Reports on the detainees. Whether and to what extent he had something to do with the incident, had yet to be clarified. At the station there had been a “massive police operation”. How’s the child, was initially unclear. It was an eight-year-old boy, said a spokesman for the police in the metropolis on Monday the news Agency AFP. Meanwhile, the police confirmed on Twitter his death.

Also on the rail the incident had an impact. Four tracks had been blocked, said a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn.

source: , dpa, AFP, “Hessenschau”, “Frankfurter Rundschau”

Cologne: dead and injured in hospital fire

on Monday night came when a fire in a hospital in Cologne, Germany, one person died. Several people were injured in the fire at the hospital Cologne-Merheim easily, like a hospital spokeswoman said on Monday morning. “The cause of the fire, we can say nothing.” The police assumed that because of the confusing situation, first, of the eleven injured, the hospital spokeswoman, according to were found, after preliminary investigations, however, only four people minor injuries. Among other things, a nurse, was injured slightly, as she jumped from the first floor to save themselves. Immediately after the fire, missing current patient had now been found.

The fire spokeswoman broke out, according to the Clinic first, according to information in a patient’s room in a ward for infectious diseases, and rooms led to a strong smoke development in a corridor with other adjacent patients. The fire Department had been alerted to its own information, to 4.05 p.m. by a fire alarm system and the staff. You have found the deaths in “a completely burnt-out room,” says a communication from the Monday morning. The identity remained unclear, the police went but believe that it is a patient. At around 5.30 am, the fire was extinguished.

“All the injured were treated in the emergency room,” said the clinic spokeswoman. Among them, both clinic staff and patients were. The police are investigating the cause of the fire. The amount of damage there was initially no information.

source: dpa

Darmstadt: drivers of 4.6 per Mille of the police car in the state of Hesse, the right-of-way

With considerable of 4.6 per Mille of alcohol in the blood was caught in Hesse, a 50-year-old drivers. The police was on Saturday morning at the man carefully, because he’s a strip in pfungstadt the right-of-way took, as officials said on Monday. In the case of a subsequent control, the Patrol noticed an odor of alcohol on the man.

A breath-alcohol test resulted in a value of 4.6 per mil. The 50-Year-old had seized a blood sample to the police station, his driver’s license was. The 50-Year-old a criminal case now expects.

source: AFP

Göttingen: police grabbed the salt, and handkerchiefs into the drug package

Using salt and paper handkerchiefs investigators have transferred in lower Saxony, a drug dealer. The 31 and 38-year-old men are accused of the illegal import of narcotics in non-small amount, as the district court told of Göttingen. According to the indictment, the men should have given up in February of this year, two packages with a total of around 55 kilograms of marijuana in a freight forwarding company in Rome. Address an address in bath was Lauterberg in the southern Harz mountains. The drug should be sold in Germany.

The police had, according to the court of the planned drug shipment Wind, so that Interpol could make sure the packages prior to delivery. The investigators, working across borders, together, brought the packages, then again on the way. They exchanged but the drug against road salt and paper handkerchiefs. As the defendants the delivery of the 4. March in the Harz mountains, in the reception wanted to take, they were arrested. You are sitting since then in custody.

source: dpa

Brunnthal: the mother and the child after the accident in critical condition

After the serious accident of a family of five from the Netherlands on highway 8, the mother and two children are still in critical condition. You would be treated in various Munich hospitals, said a police spokesman on Monday. “We have to trust the Doctors.”

The minibus of the family, had rolled over on Sunday after the exit Brunnthal near Munich, and was thrown against a tree. The 44-year-old father and 4-year-old girl were killed. The 39-year-old mother, an 11-Year-old and a 12-Year-old life-threatening injuries. The accident was there was according to police sources, first of all, no new insights. An expert examining the case, it said.

source: dpa

Wiesbaden: race on A3 is supposed to have triggered a pile-up with four injured

An illegal race should have led to the highway 3 in Wiesbaden to a pile-up that left four injured. According to several independent witnesses, four vehicles were delivered to the race on Sunday, police said. The driver had used all three of the strip, overtaking and other traffic participants on the right and the left.

Because of increased traffic between the locking system Medenbach and Wiesbaden’s cross of the traffic was on the A3 to a Halt – and a 26-Year-old, who was involved in the alleged racing, driving on the left lane on a car. This was thrown forward and bounced off a car with a trailer. The trailer ripped off and was thrown against a further three vehicles. The other three parties Involved in the alleged race continued after the accident.

The section of the highway was temporarily blocked. In the evening there was a up to 20 kilometres long traffic jam. The police are looking for witnesses.

source: dpa

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