Gadebusch: lug nuts on ambulance

Unknown loosened loosened in Gadebusch (County of North West Mecklenburg) the wheel of an ambulance and a possible accident at the time of purchase. The nuts on a rear wheel would probably have been at the weekend, relaxed, appear the incident was on Tuesday, police said.

On Sunday morning, she noticed that the rescuers during a space journey a loud noise. The wheel had loosened greatly and had already been damaged. Previously the car was used in villages close to Gadebusch, and the emergency room in Schwerin. An independent Loosening of the nuts holding the police to their own information, is very unlikely. They determined because of dangerous interference in road traffic.

Lambrecht: dog wants to eat lasagna and fire triggers alarm

A hungry dog has triggered in Lambrecht (Landkreis Bad Dürkheim) Brigade. The animal had not tried on Tuesday morning, about a lasagna access, which stood on the hearth while his master was at home, as the police announced on Wednesday. In doing so, he touched with his paws on the Knob on the stove, then turned on. The lasagna had to scorch and started to smoke and the smoke detector had sounded the Alarm. A local resident heard this, and informed the police.

rescue workers had to break up, according to police, the door to enter the apartment. There they found an intact dog – only the food had been affected. All residents had a short term need to leave the house, but were able to return to their homes.

Munich: motorists want to save on Parking fees and fly

“Brash wins”, the thought obviously a 65-year-old motorist in Munich. Stupid for him, He was observed in his action and now has a display on the neck. What had happened? As reported by the police, had placed the man in his car on Saturday afternoon in front of a property on the promenade, a perfect place place. The due Parking fee, he wanted to save, however, and mounted therefore, a blue light on the roof of his car.

This is the Moment an employee of the traffic monitoring with got. Because he found the behavior unusual, and he doubted the legality of the blue light, he informed the police. A little later arriving officers were able to encounter the man from Aachen on the spot and asked him to talk. As a result, the 65 acknowledged-Year-old, that he want to save the Park have fees. Against him a display was made due to fraud, the blue light bagged.

information from the “tz” is that, had the man a one-day ticket on the luxury hotel Bayerischer Hof for his 80,000 Euro expensive off-roader € 37 cost. Now he has to shell out probably a lot more.

Berlin: Two Dead in high-rise fire

In the case of a fire in a high-rise building in the märkisches Viertel came on Wednesday afternoon, two people were killed. As the fire and rescue services at noon, there was a fire in an apartment on the seventh floor of a house on the Senftenberger Ring. The fire brigade advanced towards 12 o’clock with 56 responders to the fire. For more information were not immediately known.

Nürnberg: Mortal strike before the S-Bahn suspects silence

After the deadly confrontation among the youth at a Nuremberg S-Bahn station, silence the two suspects. The 17-Year-old would make any information shared with the public Prosecutor’s office Nuremberg-Fürth on Wednesday to demand. Previously, the “Nürnberger Nachrichten had reported” about it.

The two young people should be advised at the end of January at the Nuremberg S-Bahn station, Frank stadium with three 16-Year-old in dispute. The three tracks rushed to the Train. A short run-in of train ran over two teenagers, the third was saved in the nick of time.

The two suspects were arrested. You have to sit for two times the homicide in custody. Why it came to the dispute, the office of the Prosecutor, according to the more unclear. A blood test is used to determine whether the two were under the influence of alcohol. The result is not yet, ‘ said the spokeswoman.

Waldshut-Tiengen: a train and kill 79-Year-old

While Crossing a railway, a 79-year-old woman in Waldshut route-Tiengen been on the high Rhine by a train and killed. The Pensioner entered on Tuesday at a railway crossing when the barriers close to the rail and wanted to be on the other side, the police announced on Wednesday. She stumbled, fell onto the tracks and was hit by a passing train. This could not stop, according to police, despite an emergency stop in time. The woman died at the scene of the incident. The train was filled with passengers. The railway line had to be temporarily blocked.

white water: man, 69, is found dead in his apartment

A-year-old man is dead in his apartment in the white water (Landkreis Görlitz) is found. As the police said, had reported on Tuesday evening, a 27-Year-old in the officers and a note is given. Since the man also claimed to have something to do with what Happened in the apartment, he was arrested. As the 69-Year-old was killed, was still unclear. Also, the backgrounds could not be resolved by the police.

Aalen: raccoon, after days of tree

rescued a 15 meters height in a tree, a small raccoon had to endure for three days before it could save the fire brigade. The police announced on Wednesday, had noticed a keen observer in Aalen in the ostalbkreis, that the raccoon was sitting after several days still on the tree and alerted the rescue forces. With a rotating head, the helpers freed the animal from his predicament. Once safely down, ran off the raccoon immediately. Why the little bear was no longer of the tree to climb down to, was unknown. “Perhaps he has not dared,” said a police spokesman.

Saarbrücken: With knife wounds of injured man in the car

discovered by knife wounds of injured man has been found in Saarbrücken in a car. A violent crime could not be excluded, police said. The 34-year-old Syrians had been discovered late on Tuesday night, sitting in his own vehicle in the district of Dudweiler. He was treated, according to the physician, and in a hospital. For further information, wanted to make a speaker on Wednesday morning. The investigation of the backgrounds of the stitches continued. The police are looking for witnesses who can help the investigation.

Cloppenburg: motorist falls asleep at the Drive-in switch

A drunk driver is at night when Waiting at the Drive-in counter of a fast-food restaurants in Cloppenburg (lower Saxony) fell asleep. A witness had called the police, a spokeswoman said on Wednesday. The officers woke the 49-year-old driver and conducted a traffic stop. An alcohol test on the night to Wednesday was 1,77 ppm. The police officers prohibited the man to continue.

Uttenweiler: fire destroyed the new building – 600,000 euros of damage

A fire destroyed in Uttenweiler (Baden-Württemberg), the new home of a family, and a loss of more than 600,000 euros. Since the family wanted to move in the coming weeks in the new building, no one was in the building when the fire broke out, as the police in Ulm announced on Wednesday. Neighbors had noticed the fire in the night to Wednesday and the rescue workers are alerted. They could not, however, prevent the house was gutted by fire. The police are investigating how it came to be the fire

food: Life imprisonment following murder of mother

After a fatal attack on his mother is a 23-Year-old from eating for murder to life imprisonment been sentenced. The defendant had stretched his mother, according to the verdict of Tuesday with a barbell, and your head, then several times on the floor beaten. In addition, the German gagged shoes, the 58-Year-old with a plastic hand. Background of the deadly attack of 26. June 2018, therefore, family problems. The accused should have of his mother under any pressure felt. He had concealed the termination of his studies. In the process of the Essen district court of the 23 had stood-Year-old the fact, but memory gaps occupations.

news from Germany, from Tuesday, 5. February:

food: dog in case of accident with the Elevator

strangled Before the eyes of his owner, a little dog in food has been strangled in an Elevator accident. According to the fire Department, a mother and her daughter had entered the Elevator in a multi-family house on Monday. Behind them, her little mongrel trotted a dog, the leash dragging on the ground and got caught in the closing door. As the Elevator went down, pulled the dog up and strangled. The online portal “The West” had first reported about the death of the animal.

Simon Berg: motorists Tempo 120 in front of Kita

With a record-breaking 120 miles an hour, caught a motorist on Tuesday in front of a daycare center in Simonsberg near Husum, in a radar trap racing. On the narrow country road with a speed limit of 50 kilometres per hour applies, such as the police Department in Flensburg announced. Now the 42-year-old man has to pay 440 Euro fine, his driver’s license for two months and get two points in the Flensburg traffic offenders file.

Hagen: metal part kills 52-year-old workers

For tons of heavy metal is part of on Tuesday to a 52-year-old worker fell and injured him fatally. The exact circumstances of the accident at work in a logistics company in Hagen were initially unclear, police said. The criminal police and the occupational safety and health office took up the investigation.

Wathlingen: 16-Year-old, possibly before the rape of protect – police are looking for helpers

The police Celle is looking for a young man, the 17. To be rushed in December to a 16-Year-old, possibly in front of a rape to keep it. The assistant will urgently sought as a key witness in the case and, therefore, requested to contact with the officials (phone number: 05144/98660).

According to police, the girl on the day of the deed was to a railway line in Wathlingen (district of Celle) on-the-go, when she was suddenly attacked by several young males. One of the suspects held the young woman in the mouth and grasped them both in the pubic area or the breast. The victims themselves protected by it dropped to the ground. Then the group should have treated you with kicks and insults. In this Moment the young man was fortunately stopped by and was able to drive away the young people.

Magdeburg: a Suspect chemical triggers road closure of

has led to a search of his house, found the chemical in Magdeburg for the temporary blocking of a major transport axis. There is a danger from the substance could not be ruled out, have you taken precautions, said a police spokesman on Tuesday. The affected residential building was vacated. Specialists of the land office of criminal investigation, investigated the matter and were able to make them harmless. After several hours, the officers gave in the afternoon the all-clear. Evacuation in a radius of 250 meters had been prepared, but this was not necessary, said the spokesman.

What was the substance exactly, remained unclear. At the searched apartment, it was the police spokesman, according to the Stay of a Suspect who was involved in the blowing up of several ticket vending machines. The man was volatile. It will continue to be determined.

Münster: diver’s body since mid-January, missing property

In Münster (NRW), have divers of the fire brigade recovered the mountains on Tuesday afternoon, the lifeless body of a man from the city of port 1 of the Dortmund-Ems-canal. According to police, the dead one since the middle of January of a missing 20-Year-old. Accordingly, a witness discovered the body, and the rescue workers are alerted.

evidence of a crime of violence not arising to the officials, so far, an autopsy is now to determine the exact cause of death.

Gössenheim: man pissing police officers in the leg

A drunk man on a rampage in a club’s home in lower Franconia, and a policeman peed. According to police reports, the 62-Year-old home in Gössenheim (district of Main-Spessart) leave in the night to Sunday voluntarily, which is why the police were called. While officials wanted to clarify the facts of the case, the man opened his pants and urinated to one of the police officers in the leg. He was handcuffed and brought to his apartment. Because he was physically and mentally able to care of myself, took him the police officers to the drunk tank down to the station.

In his apartment, he again made resistance and insulted the officers. A police officer was slightly injured on the Hand. The 62-Year-old must answer for itself because of the attack on law enforcement officials and insult. In the face up to five years in prison.

Germersheim: Unknown beat 20-Year-old in the hospital

Unknown beat in the Pfalz, Germersheim, a young man in the hospital. In addition, they sprayed the 20-Year-old pepper spray in the face, the police announced on Tuesday. According to the investigation of several offenders assaulted the victim am Monday evening in a Park close to the city centre, and fled afterwards. The background facts were unclear. The 20-year-old man was in bruises and abrasions brought in a clinic.

Lichtenfels: woman runs after the accident several times on the road

A drunk woman has caused in upper Franconia with an accident and went afterwards several times on the busy road. The police announced on Tuesday, had built the 61-Year-old the day before, on the B 173 in the case of Lichtenfels (Bavaria) in an accident. No one was hurt. It is a harm of 5000 euros. The woman had more than 1.8 parts per thousand alcohol in the blood already in the last year of the licence had been due to drunk driving decreased.

compared To the officials, the woman was acting very aggressive and ran several times on the road, so that you had to finally be with the bondage threatened. She was taken into custody and tried in the police car attack a civil servant, to be able to escape. You had to once again be overwhelmed in a hospital setting, the blood collection could be made. The 61-Year-old to a method for resistance against enforcement officials, and risk of road traffic

Bochum: threatening burglar victims restraints – heart attack

Two suspected burglars are supposed to have overwhelmed late Monday night in Bochum, the residents of a detached house and tied up. The thief-Duo should have rung, as one opened the door, gave the two men seem to force access to the apartment of the 62-year-old resident, where at the time of the offence, a 71-year-old Known to the victim was. The suffered during the buckling action, according to initial findings of a heart attack and died. As first, the “image” reported, should be escaped with the burglars, as they noticed that their victim is dead. They escaped, therefore, with a prey in an unknown amount.

The 71-Year-old had called the police. An emergency room physician could, in spite of resuscitation, only the death of the husband trying to find its Known has been associated with a shock in a hospital. You will find now on suspicion of murder, informed the public Prosecutor and the police.

+++ In the original message, we, the victim was in a chair had written tied up. This has not been confirmed by the police. Against the suspects on suspicion of murder, it is determined to be known only at lunch. Also in this Passage we have adapted to the latest developments, Anm. d. Red. +++

Berlin: a couple wants to package. offered Rob

During an attempted robbery in the centre of Berlin, a Parcel carrier, has been slightly injured The 26-Year-old did not want to deliver on Monday midday a package in the court road, but suspected of fraud a credit, which is why he sent the package. A 29-year-old man and a woman of the same age were informed, had ordered the package. On the road they met the Messenger and tried to Rob him of the package. The deliverer was slightly injured. The alerted police found later in the apartment of the couple a small cannabis plantation. The credit Scam was confirmed. The Couple was arrested.

Großlittgen: 20-year-old cyclist dies after collision

A car collided on Tuesday morning in Großlittgen (in the district of Bernkastel-Wittlich) on a forward-moving cyclists. The 20-year-old cyclist was injured so severely that he died at the scene of the accident. As the police reported that he was on the highway 34 on the way. A subsequent 53-year-old motorist drove him out of initially unknown cause, whereby the two cyclists crashed. To clarify the circumstances of the Accident, an expert was consulted.

Echzell: car crash into tree, driver dies in wreck

A 56-year-old motorist drove at Echzell in the Wetterau (Hesse)against a tree and the accident died. As the police in Friedberg announced on Tuesday, was off the man on Monday evening of the County road 181. His vehicle crashed head-on into a tree, overturned and went up in flames. The car burned down completely. The driver was unable to escape from the vehicle. If he ran in the car, or even before the fire was dead, was not yet known, said a police spokeswoman.

Esslingen, Germany: the wife and the Edging with a knife, A man attacked

should have attacked in Esslingen his estranged wife and their friend with a knife. The 23-year-old friend suffered a several-centimeter-long cut wound in the leg. The 22-year-old woman was unharmed, the police announced on Monday. Accordingly, the 35-year-old attacker broke on Saturday night via an open window in the apartment of his wife. When he found her there with another man, he should have immediately attacked with the knife. The two victims were able to get out in time.

Against the attacker, a restraining order had been imposed. He was arrested early Sunday morning and arrived on Monday. Now, the police determined because of dangerous bodily injury.

Bad Cannstatt: man disposed of cocaine on the run from the police

on suspicion of the trafficking noise police officers were poison at the weekend in Bad Cannstatt on a man’s attention. As they wanted the 25-Year-old control, he fled on foot. A witness took with his Car in the pursuit and stopped the suspected Dealer. The police arrested the suspects. On his escape, the man of two so called clamping bags got rid of with ten servings. In addition, the police found around 300 euros in cash. As the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” reports, issued by the competent judge warrant.

Ovelgönne: 20-Year-old crash with a Truck

Deadly head-on crash dies after frontal on Monday evening on the national road 211 in Ovelgönne. Between Barghorn and ancient village of the 20-year-old driver of a Car from the as yet unexplained cause, fell into oncoming traffic and crashed it head-on with a 40-footer from Lithuania. The Car was hurled into a water-bearing ditch, for the Drive any help came too late. The 40-year-old Ukrainian lorry drivers Ukraine suffered a shock and had to be transported to a hospital. The collapsing darkness and temperatures just below freezing made it difficult to record the accident and recovery of a completely destroyed small car.

Werder: man drives two hours with a dead co-driver

Without realizing it, ran over a man for two hours with his dead wife in the passenger seat of the car. Only at a rest stop on the A10, he alerted the emergency doctor, because the woman responded. At this time, the 50-Year-old apparently already dead. Probably di e woman died in his sleep. The Couple was Salzuflen on the return trip from Poland to the state of North Rhine-Westphalia bathroom. How the woman died, is currently being determined. Cancer drugs in the car indicated, however, that she was seriously ill.

news of Monday, 4. February

Nürnberg: Drunk wheelchair driver threatens cops a beating on

A strongly alcoholic in a wheelchair at the weekend in Nuremberg, the rescue forces attacked. Before passers-by had informed the rescue service, because the man at the temperatures fell to the freezing point from his wheelchair. The paramedics were not able to help the 58-Year-old, according to the police report, but because of this beat wildly. The alerted police was threatened patrol offended, and when you try the recorded man was brought in the ambulance to heave with the shock. Ultimately, the man can be moved only tied to the hospital, according to police. There, the Doctors determined a core body temperature of just above 32 degrees – the man had a breath alcohol level of nearly five per thousand. He also claimed to have anesthetic consumed. The wheelchair driver has to answer now, among other things, on suspicion of assaulting police officers.

white mountain: drivers to accident, asleep,

Not bad, the motorway police was astonished at the weekend in the district of Lindau. The officials had to Wake up on the A96, a man who was asleep on the shoulder of his completely demolished car. The 53-Year-old was abandoned according to the police, obviously tired from the road and had damaged the guard rail on a length of 50 meters. To sleep nothing was missing him and co-driver stated in the Police report. The damage to the car and the guard rail was estimated at about 60,000 euros.

Wiesbaden, Germany: 20-Year-old police shoots at US Air Field in the air

on Sunday evening all around the US airbase in Wiesbaden-erbenheim. Local residents had watched as a white van shots in the direction of the U.S. Air-Fields were fired and the police are informed. In a nearby commercial area, officers found the car and the two occupants, who had rented a room. According to the police report, the 20-year-old passenger, an artisan from Thüringen had fired the shots with a Taser gun. The two men were taken into custody. The large-scale search for them, according to police, a helicopter is used.

Berlin-Kreuzberg: an infant, apparently not

The infant, the stroller in the night on Sunday in a Bush in the Elise Tilse-Park in Berlin-Kreuzberg had discovered, killed, seems not to have been killed. It would be both a stillbirth as well as a natural death after the birth in question, a police spokesman, after the autopsy of the little girl on Sunday. Officials had cordoned off the locality on the grounds of the former Anhalter railway station on Sunday, spacious and first of all a possible homicide is not excluded. The murder Commission had already taken the appropriate investigations. The police are now looking more to the parents of the baby.

Leutkirch: couple rescues six year old in the water Park life

A six-year-old Boy at the weekend in an amusement Park in Leukirch on a water accident slide. As reported by the police, had climbed up the Boy in a silent Moment on the slide until the autumn of 2018 opened Parks. A Doctors couple discovered him, therefore, a short time later, lifeless on the floor of the slip basin. The two doctors were able to revive the boy, and shortly thereafter, arriving paramedics passed. He apparently had been for several minutes in the basin. Meanwhile, the six-year-old from the hospital was dismissed in Kempten.

Tegel mountain: walkers from the avalanche surprised

lucky had two walkers on Sunday at Tegel mountain in Schwangau. As the “image” reported, was solved by the couple from Kempten in the afternoon on a touring popular way of traveling as an avalanche and a 52-Year-old buried. The woman was buried, but could call out, apparently to help. On a width of 30 meters, the snow Board should be crashed into on the way. The helper of the mountain rescue should have been according to the report, in the vicinity. They freed the couple from the snow masses.

sources: press portal / “image”-newspaper / “tz”

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