The key messages in the Overview:US shot down Iranian drone over the Strait of Hormuz (21.43 hours), and Oliver Zipse new BMW-boss (21.05 PM)killer of backpack is sentenced-tourist in Morocco to death (16.53 hours), and German in Croatia, stabbed to death (13.48 PM)Lufthansa machine in Belgrade because of bomb alarm, evacuated (12.26 PM)Berliner crashes when Hiking in the Alps (11.40)suspicion of terror: crackdowns against the Islamist threat in North Rhine-Westphalia (6.15 PM)DNA analysis leads to the acquittal of an Innocent (5.23 PM)

the news of The day:

+++ 21.43 at: USA Iranian drone shot down over the Strait of Hormuz, shot down +++

The United States have an Iranian drone over the Strait of Hormuz. The “USS Boxer” have taken a “defensive measure against an Iranian drone” that had come to the ship of war “very, very close,” said US President Donald Trump in Washington. The drone is immediately destroyed. Trump, the drone was only about 914 meters of the US vessel. Trump appealed to “other countries, to protect their vessels in transit of the Strait and in the future to cooperate with us”. Since the beginning of may there were several attacks on tankers in the Region, for Washington, Iran is responsible made. Tehran rejected any responsibility.

+++ 21.38 PM: five-year-old drives dad’s car, small sister +++

dad’s car, a five year old in the state of Brandenburg has to drive his little sister. The girl suffered severe injuries and was placed with a rescue helicopter to a hospital, as a neurppiner police spokesman said. The Boy had started on Tuesday night in a District of Märkisch Linden (Ostprignitz-Ruppin) unattended in the car of the father. The car drove, accordingly, with a jerk forward, because a gear was engaged, and captured the four-year-old sister. The police are now investigating on suspicion of violation of the Supervisory and duty of care.

+++ 21.05 PM: Oliver Zipse is the new BMW-in-chief +++

The previous Board member for Production, Oliver Zipse is the new Chairman of the Board of car manufacturer BMW. The Supervisory Board decided at a meeting, as the company announced. The former BMW CEO Harald Krüger had announced at the beginning of July, surprisingly its withdrawal. The 55-year-old Zipse has been sitting for 2015, the BMW Board of management; he was followed by one of Kruger to the Post of production Executive. According to the figures, he is on 16. In August, the office of the Chairman of the Board, accept.

+++ 19.32 PM: Mexico has a claim on the assets of “El Chapo” +++

Mexico’s President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador has claimed the assets of the former Mexican drug Lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán for his country. “Legally, the Central Mexico belong,” he said at a press conference. The 62-year-old Guzmán was sentenced on Wednesday in New York to life in prison plus 30 years, and may not apply for early release. In addition, the court of “El Chapo asked” to pay a sum of 12.6 billion dollars. The United States rise to the claim “we will not accept without a legal basis,” said Lopéz Obrador. It is unclear, however, how the money of the Ex-drug bosses would be – if it still exists.

+++ 18.26 PM: Von der Leyen wants to Strasbourg as the seat of the EU Parliament hold +++

The designated EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wants to hold on to the seat of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. “I would never argue in favour of the Parliament in Strasbourg to give up,” said the CDU-politician in an Interview with several European Newspapers. “It is one of the icons of German-French reconciliation, which is based on the EU. The house has great historical significance and sometimes, you must simply invest in symbols.” The CDU Chairman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer had brought in one of its first European policy proposals for the abolition of the Parliament’s seat in Strasbourg into the game and, thus, in France, outrage. Later, she was balanced by the thrust.

+++ 18.22 watch: British MP to prevent circumvention of the Parliament in case of No-Deal-Brexit +++

The British Parliament has adopted a Legislative add-on that prevents the future Prime Minister a No-Deal-Brexit bypassing of the Parliament. The clause was adopted on Thursday with the 315 to 274 of the votes and is still pending in the upper house confirmed. The measure is obviously on Boris Johnson, who is considered the favorite in the race for the Post of the party leaders of the conservative Tories, and in order for the Prime Minister. Johnson had repeatedly announced that the UK will 31, the EU. October leave, whether with or without agreement.

+++ 17.36 PM: schools in and around Notre-Dame should as a precaution be cleaned +++

Three months after the fire of Notre-Dame have arranged the Paris authorities, a “thorough cleaning” of all schools in the vicinity of the famous Cathedral. The precautionary measure should ensure that the lead dust risk was “minimal,” said the Paris health representatives Arnaud Gauthier at a press conference. According to his information, samples had shown no alarming concentrations of Lead. The French investigative portal “media part” had previously reported that in schools and nurseries in the surroundings of Notre-Dame dangerously high lead-dust concentrations had been measured. In the case of a private elementary school, you would have exceeded the limit by ten times. Accordingly, the authorities had waited until may to take samples in the ten schools and nurseries within a radius of 500 meters.

+++ 16.53 PM: the death penalty against three men for the murder of a backpack-as a tourist in Morocco +++

In the process the suspected Islamist-motivated murder of two Scandinavian backpack-tourist in Morocco, three defendants sentenced to death. The court ruled in Morocco’s Salé on Thursday.

death in a popular Hiking region

After the beheading of two tourists in Morocco: 15 Suspects in Anti-terrorism court


24 Suspects from the radical Islamic scene, were Accused in total, the three main suspects had confessed to the murder of the young women from Denmark and Norway in December.

The 24-year-old Dane, and her four years older Norwegian friend had been decapitated in mid-December. Their bodies were found in a secluded area of the Atlas mountains. The two women had pitched at the foot of mount Toubkal her tent for the night. The area is especially popular with hikers.

+++ 16.51 PM: police are allowed to reject applicants because of his HIV-infection +++

The police Academy of lower Saxony must not reject an applicant because of his HIV infection. The administrative court in Hanover ruled on Thursday’s judgment. The lower Saxony police had rejected in October 2016, and an application by the plaintiff, as a police Commissioner candidate in the official relationship on revocation. It was argued that it was because of his HIV infection for the police service is disabled.

The court gave the plaintiff a right: Neither a premature incapacity as a threat, a risk that he could infect colleagues or citizens. The HIV infection of the man is treated according to the information of the court for years antiviral. Thanks to the therapy, the virus load is with him, therefore constant below the limit of detection. The court had sought assessment of the health status of an opinion. The expert should comment, especially as to whether the plaintiff could meet the requirements of the police service of health to be unfit for service, and whether there is a contagion risk. According to the evaluators there is no concern for a job as a police officer.

+++ 16.32 hrs: Twelve tourists should have raped a woman in Cyprus +++

The allegations are fierce: Twelve Israeli tourists to have raped a young woman on Cyprus. A district court in Paralimni ordered for the duration of the investigation, the eight-day remand. The young men charged with rape and conspiracy to rape threatens. The Israelis had been detained on Wednesday after a 19-year-old tourist from the UK said to be in your Hotel in the resort of Agia Napa in the South-East of the island and raped. Accordingly, you and the alleged perpetrator lived in the same Hotel.

investigators fear further finds

police retrieves dead body in a suitcase from the lake – the “first serial killer” in the country appalled Cyprus

By Daniel Wüstenberg

The hearing before the court took place, to the exclusion of the Public, as one of the Suspects is a minor. Several members of the young men also took part. As the Israeli told the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the Israeli Consul in Nicosia, Jossi Wurmbrand, in contact with the detainees. Their families would be kept informed, the Ministry said.

Agia Napa attracts because of its nightlife and its sandy beaches each year, many young tourists. Most come from the UK, every year around 1.3 million Britons to Cyprus. Also from the nearby Israel, more and more tourists come.

+++ 16.17 PM: city of Mannheim raises fines against climate strike at the end of students +++

After fierce public criticism, the city of Mannheim has lifted previously imposed fines due to truancy against climate strike at the end of the students again. The city had “determined, in these specific cases, after a comprehensive review of these penalties cancel”, the municipality informed on Thursday. The cases had been dealt with “first routine”. In addition, the Affected would not have “made use of their right to comment on the facts of the case”. Therefore, the peculiarity of these cases was not noticed “in comparison to the classic truancy,” it said further. “The four fines are not yet final – with the lifting of the notices, the payment obligation shall be void.”

Unentschuldigte missing hours

“Fridays for Future”: public order office has student due to absenteeism punished


The movement Fridays for the Future, had the first cases of this type previously known. The clerk’s office of the baden-württemberg city demanded that each of 88,50 Euro for two missed school hours after a Demonstration in may. The movement spoke of an “incomprehensible” behaviour of the competent authorities. You tried “legitimate activism by means of Fines to prevent,” said a spokesman for the Mannheim branch of the nationwide active organization.

+++ 16.10: Lufthansa aircraft in Belgrade, false bomb evacuated – alarm +++

Because of a bomb alert on Thursday morning, Lufthansa has been evacuated to the airport of the Serbian capital of Belgrade-plane. 130 passengers and five crew members from flight LH 1411 were shortly before the launch in safety, reported Serbian media. The Alarm later turned out to be wrong.

The machine of the German airline, flew, finally, with more than eight hours late to Frankfurt/Main. Previously Anti had-terrorist unit of the Serbian police, the plane is thoroughly searched. In the afternoon, the authorities took a 58-Year-old, to have sent the bomb threat by telephone, reported the Portal The man is a method, due to disturbance of the public peace, threatens.

+++ 15.33 PM: attorney: Missiles no longer is no longer a part of the Sea-Watch-Crew +++

captain Carola Missiles, according to the information of your attorney to the current Crew of the rescue vessel “Sea Watch 3”. “Carola is a member of the current crew of the Sea Watch, she is now doing something else,” said her lawyer, Alessandro Gamberini on Thursday after the hearing, Racketes by the public Prosecutor in the Sicilian Agrigento. “In her life, she has not only the captain of the Sea-Watch, but quite a lot different.” On the question of whether they would return to Germany, said Missiles themselves: “Yes.”

in General, it is normal that the rescue crews are replacing their Crew after missions. The “Sea-Watch 3” is currently in Sicily on the chain and can not move.

+++ 15.32 PM: a suspect after a fatal fire in a sauna club from Hamminkeln arrested +++

After the intentionally set deadly fire in a sauna club in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hamminkeln a suspect has been arrested. It was a 42-Year-old from the district of Wesel, informed the police and the public Prosecutor’s office in Duisburg, Germany, on Thursday. He sits, therefore, already for murder and arson resulting in death in custody.

One dead after fire

Sauna-the way to take visitors to fire the water hose to wet themselves


On the basis of video recordings from the club had confirmed the suspicion against the man. A crucial tip to its identification is came from a taxi company. In his examination, the man made the accusation and no information.

the fire was in the night to Sunday, a 64-year-old Dutchman, despite Resuscitation to a smokepoisoning died. In addition, the fire made work difficult, because they were hindered by some of the guests of the club massively. Three guests misunderstood, apparently, quite the seriousness of the situation, took the firemen the fire hoses off and splattered to each other. They were arrested by the police in custody. The building was destroyed by fire almost completely.

+++ 15.24 PM: the First judgment in the case of Lügde – public Prosecutor, the Revision sets a +++

The public Prosecutor’s office in Detmold has made after the first judgment in the case of abuse of Lügde request a Revision. The district court ordered on Wednesday evening, a man from lower Saxony due to aid to two years ‘ imprisonment on probation. The prosecution had demanded two years and nine months, a significantly higher penalty where no probation is possible. For the revision, justification for the Prosecutor’s office four weeks after the written judgment of the district court is received, said spokeswoman Johanna Dämmig.

the trial

victim to a hundred times the child abuse in Lügde: “I don’t think he regretted it”

By Kerstin Herrnkind

Should the Prosecutor in the Revision remain, the Federal court of justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe, the judgment error of law review. The Supreme court would find, would have to roll up the district court of Detmold the case.

The 49-Year-old from Stade had observed over eight years ago via Webcam in four cases, the sexual abuse of a child and a co-accused also instigated. After several months of detention, the Convict left on Wednesday evening the court as a free man.

+++ 15.20 PM: car bomb attack on police headquarters in Afghanistan +++

Several Gunmen attacked on Thursday the police headquarters of the Afghan provincial capital of Kandahar. A suicide bomber had just detonated a car bomb in front of one of the entrances of the police headquarters, said a spokesman for the Governor, Bashir Ahmadi. Multiple armed attackers have briefly tried it on a other access in the building to penetrate.

Whether this was achieved, it was not clear, said Ahmadi, the police headquarters is heavily protected. The attack is continuing. Images in social media showed upgrade a large cloud of smoke. First, no one confessed to the attack.

+++ 15.17 PM: majority of Germans find Kramp-Karrenbauer is a bad choice, as the Minister, + + +

The new defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer encounters with the Germans on some important reservations. In a representative survey by the opinion research Institute YouGov, 54 per cent cited this decision as a bad or very bad. There was a significant difference in the sexes, it shows Only 45 percent of the women rated the person explicitly negative, but 63 percent of men.

with Great skepticism, there is also the new EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. 49 percent of respondents do not believe that you can exercise the office in Brussels. Even 39 percent of CDU/CSU supporters have their doubts.

+++ 14.55 PM: the revolt against No-Deal-Brexit – Parliament Johnson stones in the way +++

The British Parliament start on Thursday, Boris Johnson before his anticipated than the Prime Minister missed a severe shock. The deputies voted by a majority for a Legislative add-on that a forced break of the Parliament about the planned EU-exit at 31. October much more difficult. Thus, Johnson could not set as I feared, the Parliament, in order to achieve a Brexit without agreement.

M. extensor: Last Call

Last Call, for real this time

After more than five years ago, our columnist, Michael expanded from London adopted. Time for a small, very personal balance sheet.

By Michael Streck +++ 14.48 PM: Tilt adiós – Three beaches on Mallorca are smoke-free +++

At three beaches in Mallorca are a smoker this summer are undesirable. After the Bay of Cala Estància in Palma is already since Wednesday, the first tilt-free beach on the Spanish holiday island, want Sant to follow the Cala Anguila, Manacor and the beach Joan in Alcudia, the example soon.

All three municipalities joined to a corresponding Initiative by the Balearic Ministry of health, such as the “Mallorca Magazin” reported. So far, however, was only a recommendation: the bathers, respecting the prohibition of abuse, would not at least punished for the time being, it said, citing the authorities.

+++ 14: 05: two-headed baby turtle in Malaysia + + + discovered

In Malaysia, a baby turtle with two heads on the world, but has survived only briefly. The Boy was turtles on Monday, together with 90 other Green sea in a Nest on the island of Mabul discovered, explained the representative of the conservation organization, SJ SEAS, David McCann. However, it died, according to a veterinarian late on Wednesday from unknown causes.

+++ 13.57 PM: the Cologne police: Possible stop prevents +++

The Cologne police prevented, according to its own assessment of a possible terrorist attack. “We had currently covert knowledge that an attack may be imminent,” said the Senior detective Aldi rector Klaus-Stephan Becker. In raids officials had previously taken several apartments in Cologne and Düren searched and a total of six men in custody. One of them, a Lebanese-German convert from Berlin, had been for years as a threat, and only recently to Düren drawn. The 30-Year-old, who was closely associated with the Berlin-based jihadist scene, in a conversation, one of the investigators had become aware, clearly, that he was to a stop ready.

+++ 13.48 PM: German in Croatia, stabbed +++

is believed to have been in a dispute with a 23-year-old German in Croatia, stabbed to death. The man from lower Bavaria had been in a restaurant in Pula on the tourist Peninsula of Istria, victims of the crime, police said. A spokesman said the 23-Year-old was likely to have been on a vacation trip. Details of the incident from Tuesday could not call the police in lower Bavaria, first. The investigation leads the Croatian police.

+++ 13.45: the inventor of the “HB-males” died +++

The “HB-Männchen” was in West Germany the post-war period, one of the most famous characters in advertising – be inventor Theo Breidenbach is now dead. The düsseldorf-based advertising Agency Grey confirmed, died of the brands expert already on 7. July at the age of 90 years. The excited HB-males Bruno, always with the saying “Stop, my friend, who’s going to go in the air?” and a pack of cigarettes to rest was brought in, knew in the 60s to the 80s almost everyone in the Federal Republic of Germany from TV and cinema commercials. Breidenbach also had the lead over other famous campaigns, including for the car maker BMW (“the joy Of Driving”).

+++ 13.08 PM: Agency: 14 Dead and 28 injured in an accident with a minibus with migrants +++

In case of an accident with a minibus with migrants are in Turkey, according to a media report, 14 people were killed and 28 more have been injured. The accident happened in the Eastern province of Van, near the border with Iran, reported the private news Agency DHA. In the case of the Victims, including women and children, it was therefore illegal in Turkey arrived migrants.

+++ 12.47 PM: Iran’s revolutionary guards to hold “foreign Tanker” + + +

Iran has stopped a foreign oil Tanker in the Persian Gulf, and the Crew members arrested. The revolutionary guards (IRGC) have stopped the Tanker, with supposedly a Million liters of smuggled Oil in the vicinity of the Strait of Hormuz and the twelve foreign members of the Crew arrested, according to the Tasnim news Agency. For more Details want to share the revolutionary guards in the near future.

Alleged oil smuggling

Further escalation in the Persian Gulf: Iran stops foreign oil Tankers, and. arrested the Crew

The Iranian revolutionary guard a “foreign tankers” in the Persian Gulf, to have been involved in “oil smuggling” It is not the first ship that is held by the official side.

DPA +++ 12.39 PM: crouching Heimer WHETHER to attack more on intensive care unit +++

The Hockenheim mayor Dieter Gummer (SPD) after a violent attack more in the ICU. Gummer had suffered multiple bruises, a broken jaw and brain bleeding, according to a spokesman for the town of Hockenheim in Baden-Württemberg. How long he had to lie still in the hospital, was not foreseeable.

Gummer is not to explain the attack as before. “For him it is a mystery as to who the Person was and what should be the backgrounds.”

Dieter Gummer in the hospital

mayor of Hockenheim to attack, seriously injured – police are searching for offenders

The reasons for the attack on the Hockenheim mayor Dieter Gummer are still unclear. The police issued a description of the offender, according to the will wanted.

DPA +++ 12.26 PM: Lufthansa aircraft in Belgrade because of bomb alarm, evacuated +++

Because of a bomb alert has been evacuated to the airport of Belgrade, the aircraft of the German Lufthansa. 130 passengers and five crew members from flight LH 1411 were shortly before the launch in safety, reported Serbian media. The Lufthansa in Frankfurt confirmed that a “security note” of the passengers and Crew left the Airbus A320. Then, under a unit of the Serbian special police searched the plane. At the same time, efforts to make the source of the bomb threat to find ran. Passengers and Crew were waiting, however, on the next flight for which the time was not initially fixed.

+++ 12.05 PM: the European satellite system Galileo is working again. + + +

The European navigation system Galileo is working again. How is the European satellite Agency, GSA said, were made since Friday disrupted services. Some commercial users had already re-Signal. It could, however, continue to come to fluctuations in the availability. “Technical problems in the ground-based infrastructure” had led to the failure of the navigation service, it had welcomed on Monday. The Search – and-rescue service of the satellite system, which helps, for example, the Finding of boats or hikers in Distress, but I will continue to work.

+++ 11.54 am: In Parking lot in car racing: a confession in the murder trial +++

After a fatal accident on a motorway Parking area in Hesse, a 18, has filed-Year-old at the start of a murder trial confession. He was responsible for the death of the mother and the serious injury of the boy, he confessed before the regional court of Darmstadt, in one of his lawyer-picked appearance. The defendant described himself as a “car fool” and said to be out of fear of a further process for driving without a license in front of the police fled.

+++ 11.40 PM: Berliner crashes when Hiking in the Alps and dies +++

While Hiking in the Bavarian Alps, a woman has crashed from a great height and died. The 23-Year-old was on a small Alpine climbing on the road, the police announced. Rescuers found the lifeless Wanderin below the 1500-Meter-high high-Lerch summit in the vicinity of Staudach-Egern roof and recovered the body on Wednesday. An innkeeper had called in the forces, because the Berliner was not returned of your planned trip.

+++ 11.33 a.m.: burglary in the lottery-the team – the stolen goods to the value of 50,000 euros +++

Only a few hours after the stage win by Caleb Ewan of the Belgian Cycling team Lotto-Soudal has experienced a nasty Surprise at the Tour de France. In the case of a break-in at the Hotel in Toulouse by the team were stolen on Wednesday evening, items to the value of around 50,000 euros. It is primarily video material and Hardware.

+++ 11.20 PM: crackdown on terror suspicion – four men are in police custody +++

In the case of the RAID against suspected Islamist threat police in Düren and Cologne has taken four men to avert danger in custody. It was not a question of arrests, – stressed the police. The background of the search action the findings of the security authorities, pointing to a terror suspect, the Cologne police said. The focus is more on an apartment in Düren – Cologne apartments searches had been. In the case of the use of special forces were used.

+++ 10.48 PM: Israel: archaeologists 1200 years old mosque in desert +++

Israeli archaeologists have discovered the Remains of a minimum of 1200 year old mosque in the Negev desert in the South of the country. “A small, urban mosque dated to the 7. or 8. Century – ist is a rare find in the world, but especially in the area North of Beerscheva”, according to the excavation Directors, Jon Seligman and Shahar Zur, and for the Israeli antiquities authority. No comparable buildings had been discovered in the area in the past.

the Remains of The mosque were found in the Bedouin city of Rahat. The rectangular, open-top mosque with a round prayer niche was believed to have been from the farmers in the area used, it was called by the archaeologists. The building was oriented in the direction of Mecca.

+++ 9.58 PM: number of dead after suspected arson attack in Japan for at least 24 +++

rose After the alleged arson attack on a film Studio in Japan, the number of dead has risen to at least 24. About ten more Dead had been discovered on the stairs of the second floor, a corpse had been found in the first floor, said a fire Department spokesman. After the incident in the city of Kyoto had been 13 deaths.

+++ 8.40 PM: 13 killed in fire in an animation Studio in Japan +++

In the case of a suspected arson attack on a film Studio in Japan, 13 people have been killed. On the ground floor and the first floor of the building, twelve bodies had been discovered, said a fire Department representative to the AFP news Agency. Previously, the fire Department had already confirmed dead. Numerous other people were injured, therefore, some of them difficult.

According to police, the suspect had spilled a “liquid” in the Studio, in the animated films are produced, and then fired. The fire Department said callers had reported a “loud Explosion”. The fire brigade was with 35 vehicles in use, after approximately three hours, they had extinguished the fire to a large extent. According to Japanese media, the Suspect was arrested. The broadcaster NHK reported that the man had been injured by the fire, and in a hospital, where he was under guard. The motive of the man remained open in the first place.

+++ 8.20 PM: Australian Boy finds a 50-year-old message in a bottle +++

a Miraculous beginning of a new letter of friendship: A nine-year-old Australian has discovered 50 years ago in the sea thrown in-a-bottle. Jyah Elliott found the bottle on a secluded beach in the state of South Australia and wrote a reply to the sender, which was determined according to the channel ABC already.

the author of The message in a bottle is the now 63-year-old native Englishman Paul Gilmore. He had at 17. November 1969, a total of six bottles with messages from a ship in the Indian ocean thrown, a thousand miles from the Australian coast. The then 13-Year-old was on the way brought with the “TSS fair star”, the migrants from the UK to Australia. Gilmore is currently on a Baltic sea cruise. The answer is likely to take some time, but the joy of discovery during the 63 had been-Year-old big. “He was so excited,” said Gilmore’s mother, Carla Elliott, the broadcaster ABC.

+++ 6.15 PM: suspicion of terror: crackdowns against the Islamist threat in NRW +++

The police since the early hours of the morning raids in North Rhine-Westphalia, against the threat from the Islamist environment. This had been prompted by warnings from security agencies, such as the Cologne police reported. The focus is more on an apartment in Düren – Cologne apartments searches had been.

Two men were arrested in Düren for questioning to the station, as the German press Agency learned from police circles. The men might have want to a stop to commit. More accurate Details were not available initially. Assessments of the risk situation and the first results of the tell search, the police wanted to in the morning.

+++ 5.23 PM: DNA pedigree analysis leads to acquittal for innocent of the murder Convicts +++

In the United States for the first time an innocent for the murder of convicted Mann of all charges washed clean after the true perpetrator was identified through a DNA pedigree analysis. A court in the state of Idaho spoke to the 43-year-old Christopher Tapp, final charge, in 1996, a woman is raped and murdered. “It’s a new life, a new beginning, a new world for me,” said Tapp, who had been sitting in prison for 20 years, then. “I’m just going to enjoy each and every day.” Tapp had been convicted in 1998 for the rape and murder of a woman to 30 years in prison. The guilty verdict was based on a confession, the called Tapp later.

death of a 16-Year-old

Cold Case of a Teenage murder: What can prove a Skin scraping?

last may, then was taken by another suspect that confessed to the murder after all. Investigators were closing in on him, by they derived DNA from the scene of the crime, found semen with pedigree databases on the Internet. In the US, many people’s DNA samples to send to specialist providers in order to find genetic material-comparisons of distant relatives.

+++ 4.48 PM: a Sea-Watch-captain Missiles be heard again +++

The German Sea-Watch-captain Carola Missiles must face in Italy again for questioning. On Thursday (10 p.m.), a hearing at the Prosecutor’s office in the Sicilian town of Agrigento. This is determined against the 31-Year-old from lower Saxony, among other things, allegations of aid to illegal immigration and the resistance to a ship of war.