In the case of the Norway-brokered contacts between the government and Opposition of Venezuela to the United States continue to support the desire of the Venezuelans for democracy and an end to the “illegitimate regime (head of state Nicolás) Maduro.

This last had brought a new election in the Opposition-dominated Parliament into the conversation. “Free elections can not be a tyrant monitored,” said the U.S. state Department in Washington on Saturday evening (local time).

Therefore, could in Oslo with Maduro solely “about the conditions of its departure” to be negotiated. “We hope that the talks in Oslo to focus on that then progress is possible”, – stated in the message.

at the same time, the US Ministry of foreign Affairs of the government in Caracas demanded the immediate release of imprisoned opposition politicians, among them the Deputy Chairman of Parliament Edgar Zambrano. In total, there is in Venezuela, currently 800 political prisoners.

The Opposition to the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó sees the Norwegian-threaded attempt at Negotiation skeptical. “We will not give us a false dialogue,” said Guaidó. In the past years there were always discussions between the warring Camps that ran in Sande. The Opposition accuses Maduro, only conversations to engage in to stall for time.