The Union wants to protect citizens, businesses and the state, with a transnational strategy for more Internet safety better against the growing threat of cyber attacks.

the heads of The Union members in the Bundestag, EU Parliament and the national parliaments Agency in Berlin this paper, demand in the German press-a “contingency plan within a short period of time on the outflow of sensitive data, digital industrial espionage or Sabotage.” In the draft, to be decided this Monday, also demanded tougher penalties for cyber criminals.

in December, a Hacker had released under the Pseudonym “0rbit” on Twitter in part controversial, data from politicians, journalists, rappers, YouTube Stars and other Celebrities. A student from the Hessian town of Homberg (Ohm), has confessed to the crime.

In the draft on Monday, ending a two-day conference of the group leaders of the CDU and the CSU in Brussels, the Federal government requires uniform minimum legal standards for safety of information technology equipment. This should apply to end-user devices such as mobile phones and Laptops. Providers of Online services and manufacturers of devices that are connected to the Internet, to make their offers so “that sufficiently strong passwords chosen by the users and these must be changed regularly”.

The Union also calls for a new criminal offense for the conduct of criminal infrastructures. In addition, the criminal law should be supplemented by criminal offences from the field of cyber crime. “With deterrence and high pressure for investigation and Prosecution successes for the protection of all can be achieved”, – stated in the draft. In all countries there should be according to the will of the faction leaders of the CDU and the CSU Central focal points for the economy. The focus of the direct exchange of information and quick help should be available on-site.

Federal and state authorities are to be designed “financially, technically, and in terms of personnel and infrastructure so that cyber detected attacks as soon as possible, interested parties are warned and identified vulnerabilities as soon as possible can be eliminated immediately”. The Federation and the Länder to make across countries, regular crisis management exercises.

The chief of the group, the Chairman of the conference, in Thuringia, the CDU-state and group Chairman Mike Mohring said the dpa, the enormous opportunities of digitization for each individual and the economy, a huge risks compared to. This was each subjected to the moving in the network. “Data security is lagging far,” said Mohring. “It must be taken quickly.”