anyone Who has in East Germany, a University degree in the bag, wants to pack according to one study, often the moving boxes and moving out. So about two-thirds of the students in Saxony-Anhalt want to move after graduation to another state.

Included in this value are Uni-graduates from other States who want to come for the first Job against the Trend to Saxony-Anhalt – it is the so-called migration balance. It is located in Saxony-Anhalt in the case of minus 64 percent.

In the other East German länder, it was similar in Berlin, however, it is the other way around, as on Wednesday in Cologne published study by the University of Maastricht and the personnel service provider Studi temps. Were interviewed in September 2018 nationwide, about 18 700 students and freshly-baked graduates.

the Tenor of the analysis: East German University cities have on young people, although a high level of attraction. This goes out but the question of where your bread to earn; with the exception of the Federal capital.

For the Rhineland-Palatinate saw it in the statistics is also bad. Many students will be pushed to completion in the city-States, or Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany it is mainly due to a strong industry, a lot of Jobs.

The migration balance for Hamburg was around 160 percent and 78 percent. For Hamburg, that means that statistically, on 100 places to study 260 graduates want to have in the Hanseatic city for a Job.

“The East will lose massive graduates, while city-States and economically strong regions to win,” said Studi temps-in-chief Eckhard Köhn. This Hamburg get financially very well for the countries of out-migration on the other hand, the financial Ballast. Universities are generally funded by the provinces, but there are also private universities.