In Saxony have declared according to the AfD, four members of their withdrawal from the party. Speculation about a re-Foundation under the leadership of the Saxony-Anhalt Landtag deputies, André Poggenburg were not confirmed on Thursday, however, first of all.

the speaker of The AfD County Association of Saxon Switzerland/Eastern ore mountains, Rolf Süßmann, wrote on Thursday on Facebook, Egbert Ermer, Jörg Borasch, Ute Fugmann and Bernhard Wedlich had declared on Wednesday evening at an event of the Association their resignation. This would have justified it with the “wrong policy of the AfD Federal Executive Board”. They had also declared that “there will be a new movement, which emphasizes the conservatism stronger.”

Deputy Chairman of The AfD group in the Bundestag, Tino Chrupalla, told the German press Agency, whether the well-Trodden planned the establishment of a new party, possibly together with representatives of the Pegida Alliance, is still unclear.

The Saxon AfD were, according to their own information until Thursday, no leaks known. “The national Board of Directors will make in the coming days, an opinion,” said a spokesman on request.

“Spiegel Online” quoted the Ex-chief of the AfD circuit Association Saxon Switzerland/Eastern ore mountains, Egbert Ermer, a comrade-in-arms Poggenburgs, with the sentence: “the project of The party establishment starts today.” It is planned to have a “Central German” movement, with branches in Brandenburg, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. Poggenburg itself would not comment on the dpa request.

sachsen-Anhalt AfD parliamentary group wants to advise in connection with the rumors about the Division on the exclusion of their Ex-Chairman Poggenburg. It’s a request for exclusion to the Board of Directors had been approached, said the Parliamentary Secretary Robert Farle in Magdeburg. This topic was also on the agenda for a Meeting of the AfD’s Deputy on Tuesday. An expulsion may not be voted on according to Farle because of the imminence of pending deadlines and then, but still.

founded in 2013, The AfD has several spin-offs. Party founder Bernd Lucke left in 2015 the party after he was put in a power struggle with the right national wing. He founded together with some like-minded people, a new party, but remained unsuccessful. After the Bundestag election in 2017, the party Chairman Frauke Petry resigned. She founded the “blue party”.

The AfD in the Bundestag, not Siegbert Droese from Leipzig said it was of course nice that it’s come to the beginning of an election year to such outlets of very active members. “We want to make thematic work, and less about personnel talk,” said Droese. However, it is not uncommon that it will come in a “young party”, as the AfD to the one or the other voltage.


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