Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stands in front of the Parliament elections on October 9. April under massive pressure. Him accuse threaten, in three cases due to bribery and corruption. It comes to gifts of rich business friends, the attempt to control the reporting about him and his family.

A statement from the attorney General is expected for February. The 69-Year-old with the nickname Bibi rejects all allegations. And the right base is firmly behind him. His Likud party leading in the polls. How can that be? And what happens if Netanyahu is accused of?

“The most Important thing for all voters (in Israel) is the issue of security,” says Jonathan Rynhold, a politics Professor at Bar-Ilan University near Tel Aviv, Netanyahu’s success. This is a minimum hurdle, then you would talk about social issues or about economic.

“Netanyahu has had ten years of relative calm, we had no Disaster in the military field, such as in the second Lebanon war.” Under Netanyahu’s predecessor, Ehud Olmert, more than 1200 people, mostly civilians, on the Israeli side, about 160 soldiers and civilians died in the war in 2006, on the Lebanese side.

“Besides, people see that he improved the diplomatic relations of Israel”, says Rynhold. Under Netanyahu, Israel took recently re-established diplomatic relations with the African Chad. In the fall, he flew to Oman – the first Israeli head of government after more than two decades. Israel and Saudi Arabia closer together.

“He is seen in the right-hand camp as the best candidate for the office of the Prime Minister,” said Rynhold. None dare to attack him – at least until an indictment. The only one who could be at the Moment, dangerous, Benny, Israel’s Ex-chief of General staff, with his new party of resistance to Israel.

Netanyahu for decades has characterized the Israeli policy. Since 2009, the former management consultant is always the head of government – after a period in the 1990s. He should have in the summer is still the Post held, he would overtake state founder David Ben-Gurion as the longest-reigning Prime Minister of Israel.

The police recommended, however, in the past year, in all three cases, the charges against him. The decision of the Prosecutor-General Avichai Mandelblit is about to 22. February expected, because the candidate lists of the parties must be submitted. According to media wants to explain Mandelblit previously reports.

He can, however, announce first of all, only an accusation depending on a hearing by Netanyahu. The process of consultation can take, according to media reports, in turn, months. So no longer is expected to have a final decision before the elections.

In one of the cases to cigar Netanyahu and his family in the years 2007 to 2016, two business men, champagne, and jewelry with a total value of one Million shekels (the equivalent of about 230 000 euros). If it were illegal donations from the Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan and Australian entrepreneur James Packer, police said.

In turn, should have made Netanyahu, among others, for a law, the Milchan tax breaks in the millions. In addition, he had helped him to obtain a new U.S. visa.

Also should have tried to Netanyahu, to take unlawfully influence on the media coverage. He should have made an effort to secure a Deal with a media Mogul, a positive coverage of government-critical newspaper “Yediot Achronot”. In return, Netanyahu will have to help in view, the influence of the circulation was the free newspaper “Israel Hajom” to weaken, the long as his mouthpiece.

In the third case, Netanyahu is suspected to have as the Minister of communications granted Bezeq legal benefits. In exchange, however, a group belonging to the Medium should have reported positively about him. Netanyahu gave the post of Minister in 2017.

Netanyahu was not also been in the affair to a multi-million dollar submarine Deal with Germany questioned, but was considered a suspect. To have him was the U-boat-Deal against the will of the military and the Ministry of defence, enforced accused. The police had declared in November, in the case of sufficient evidence for charges against several Suspects, including a close Confidant of Netanyahu’s.

the head of The government has already explained, also in the case of a charge against him not to resign. He speaks of a “witch hunt” on him. In the past, there was suspicion of corruption cases against him, but never Netanyahu stood in front of the court.

Anshel Pfeffer, author of “Bibi: The Turbulent Life and Times of Benjamin Netanyahu” (Bibi: The turbulent life and times of Benjamin Netanyahu), describes the head of the government, as a people with two faces. “We see Netanyahu, the statesman, the diplomatic incredibly active, that’s very impressive,” says pepper. “On the other hand, he is very insecure, paranoid, under pressure, reacted sometimes in a panic, a local politician, is fighting for his Survival.”

The people would see the light of the expected charges, more and more the weak side of Netanyahu. “At the Moment, it is hard to imagine that he will retain, according to an indictment, a majority, he is then forced to go,” says pepper. “But Netanyahu has already been written off so many times that you have to be careful with such statements.”