The UN security Council and the G7 countries have shown themselves to be deeply concerned about the military escalation in Libya.

Both called on Friday evening, the powerful Libyan General Khalifa Haftar to stop his on Tripoli zumarschiere troops. It is feared a new civil war in the oil-rich crisis state, developing one of the most important transit countries of migrants on the way to Europe.

Haftars self-proclaimed Libyan national army (LNA) is to take the capital of which is the internationally accepted government of Fajis al sits Sarradsch. Supported the General from Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. The Tripoli-based Sarradsch government Haftars LNA is based on an Alliance with local militias.

The German Ambassador to the UN, Christoph Heusgen, who holds the rotating presidency of the security Council, currently as President, delivered in front of journalists, the appeal to the troops to stop. The Council wants to attract all those who are looking for new escalations in Libya, responsible, accountable, said Heusgen, after an emergency meeting of the highest UN body in New York. “There may be in this conflict has no military solution.”

Earlier, the UN had already informed the special representative Ghassan Salame, the security Council behind closed doors on the current Situation in the North African state. There time ruler Muammar al-Gaddafi in 2011, is in Chaos since the Western aid led to the overthrow of the Long. Haftar was able to extend its influence in the past few months from the East, far to the West of the country. Among other things, acquisitions, his troops, two of the largest oil Fields in Libya.

UN chief António Guterres Haftar met on Friday in the ostlibyschen city of Benghazi. Guterres later said on Twitter that he was leaving Libya, “with a heavy heart and deep concern”. “I still hope that it is possible to prevent a bloody confrontation in and around Tripoli.”

The French international broadcaster RFI reported, however, from the heavy clashes. The fighting had intensified after the departure of the UN Secretary-General, reported to the transmitter. Especially around the International airport of Tripoli, skirmishes had been reported. A spokesman of Haftars LNA, Ahmed al-Musmari, said late on Friday its forces had taken control of the airport on the southern edge of the city. The location was in the night, however, unclear.

The 75-year-old Haftar had given to his troops on Thursday the order to advance on Tripoli. In a speech, Haftar announced the “liberation” of the capital. The head of government Al-Sarradsch, in turn, a General ordered the mobilization of his followers.

the foreign Ministers of The G7 countries and discuss until Saturday, in Western France, Dinard, but before the end of their meeting: “We oppose any military Operation in Libya.” For the G7 group, the United States, Japan, Canada, the UK and Italy in addition to Germany and France.

For the middle of April is planned in the Libyan city of Ghadames, a three-day national conference, organized by the United Nations. UN special envoy Salame want to there are searching for solutions to the year-long crisis.


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Teodora Torrendo is an investigative journalist and is a correspondent for European Union. She is based in Zurich in Switzerland and her field of work include covering human rights violations which take place in the various countries in and outside Europe. She also reports about the political situation in European Union. She has worked with some reputed companies in Europe and is currently contributing to USA News as a freelance journalist. As someone who has a Masters’ degree in Human Rights she also delivers lectures on Intercultural Management to students of Human Rights. She is also an authority on the Arab world politics and their diversity.


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