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a Swedish Prosecutor’s arrest warrant against Assange (10.19 PM)requested Selenskyj as Ukraine’s new President sworn in (9.48 PM), the dissolution of Parliament announced (9.55 PM)the government crisis in Austria: a Short Declaration of intention to deliver (9.09 PM)newspaper: refugee costs in 2018 at 23 billion euros (9 o’clock), EU companies are feeling the effects of the trade dispute between the USA and China (5 PM)

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+++ 11.51 watch: 77-Year-old with car in pit +++

A 77-Year-old remained in Düsseldorf with his car in an excavation hazards and stuck. The police announced, could free the driver out of the car, but was brought in as a precaution to a hospital. The man went off the roadway and slammed into boxes several Electricity pylons and barriers, before he finally landed in the pit on the opposite carriageway. The police according to their own statements, that health problems from the driver to the accident led.

+++ 11.45 am: land court rolls case of the self-proclaimed Sharia police, Wuppertal-new +++

in Front of the Wuppertal district court of the second process to the self-proclaimed Sharia police has begun in the Bergisches Land. This court was informed by the speaker on request. In the procedure, the public Prosecutor’s office lays out the seven defendants of violations of the Assembly law uniform prohibition to the load. The accused had been spoken in a first process in November 2016, the Federal court of justice (BGH) annulled the acquittals, however.

+++ 11.36 PM: activists: Ten civilians at a Russian air attack in Idlib killed +++

in Spite of the proclamation of a ceasefire by the Syrian army in Idlib, ten civilians have been killed in the rebel Bastion, according to activists, once again, in the case of Russian air attacks. The Syrian Observatory for human rights said, came in the night-time attacks near the town of Kafranbel five children, four women and one man killed. In the case of the attacks was damaged, therefore, there is also a hospital strong.

+++ 11.09 PM: Swedish Prosecutor requested arrest warrant for Assange +++

The Swedish Prosecutor’s office issued a warrant against the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on suspicion of rape requested. If the district court of Uppsala makes the way for want you to issue a European arrest warrant, in order to achieve the extradition of assange to Sweden. The Deputy Director of law enforcement, Eva-Marie Persson told.

when the court decides on the application, was initially unclear. Perssons authority had begun its preliminary investigations against Assange in a week. The 47-Year-old is alleged to have in 2010, a woman in Sweden raped. He has denied always. Other allegations are now time-barred.

+++ 10.57 PM: referee collapses during game in Bolivia and dies +++

A referee in Bolivia is broken during a football game together, and shortly afterwards in a hospital died. Víctor Hugo Hurtado collapsed about ten minutes after the start of the second half in the game between the Bolivian Associations Always Ready and Oriente Petrolero in El Alto and crashed on the lawn, as local media reported on Monday. He was, according to media reports, in early 30.

according to The figures, the referees have already been in the stadium a heart and respiratory suffered a standstill. Physicians managed to revive him before he was taken to a nearby hospital. In the er, and Hurtado was then a second heart and breathing died to a standstill. El Alto is located on more than 4000 meters of altitude to the West of Bolivia’s capital, La Paz.

+++ 10.56 PM: attack on the home of a Jewish couple in lower Saxony +++

The residence of a Jewish couple in Hemmingen near Hannover was the target of a suspected anti-Semitic attack. According to the Prosecutor’s office Hannover a doormat was set on fire in front of the door. In addition, had been sprayed with red paint in the entrance area, the word “Jew” and told Prosecutor Thomas blade. The “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung” (“HAZ”) had previously reported about the attack in the night to Saturday. “We are taking the case very seriously,” said blade. The police had sought at the weekend in the neighborhood, according to witnesses. The state protection determines.

+++ 10.13 PM: boat capsizes in Uganda – Several Deaths feared +++

After a shipwreck in Uganda, a number of death is fear of the victims. So far two bodies had been recovered, 15 people were missing, said police spokesman Julius Hakiza. Thus, a boat on the lake albert in Western Uganda capsized on Sunday. You suspect that it was crowded and, because of the strong winds flipped over, said Hakiza. On Board, especially football players and Fans, who were on their way to a local toys accordingly. More than 30 people would have survived the accident. The police and Navy searched for the Missing.

+++ 9.55 PM: Ukrainian President Selenskyj announces dissolution of Parliament to +++

The new President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Selenskyj, has announced the dissolution of Parliament and new elections in two months. “I dissolve the Parliament,” said Selenskyj at the ceremony of his inauguration in Kiev. The former comedian has in the Parliament no majority.

+++ 9.48 PM: Selenskyj as the new President of Ukraine + +

sworn in A month after his election, the former comedian Volodymyr Selenskyj took office as President of Ukraine. In his oath of office in Kiev, he swore, for the territorial integrity of the Ex-Soviet Republic. “I pledge to defend all of my actions the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine,” he said at the festive inauguration in the Parliament. The 41-Year-old is the youngest President the country ever had. He stands for a Pro-European course. At the ceremony, the former Federal President Christian Wulff took part.

+++ 9.36 PM: Indonesian court convicted French drug smuggling to the death +++

A court in Indonesia has a French because of drug smuggling and sentenced to death. Félix village had been found guilty, to have drugs brought into the country, which is why he should receive the death penalty, told the presiding judge in Lombok. The verdict came as a surprise, after the prosecution had demanded 20 years in prison.

FPÖ-scandal in Austria

Chancellor Briefly seems to want to throw the FPÖ-Minister of the interior, Kickl from the Cabinet

DPA +++ 9.09 PM: the government crisis in Austria: a Short statement want to type +++

After a meeting of the party Board of the conservative ÖVP Federal Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) wants to make for lunch (12.30 PM) for an explanation. It is assumed, that the dismissal of the FPÖ is proposing Minister Herbert Kickl. Short considers it unacceptable that Kickl during the foreseeable investigation of the Video affair in the office.

In the Video, which has led to the resignation of Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache and the break-up of the ÖVP-FPÖ coalition, may be addressed illegal party donations to the FPÖ. In July 2017, the date of the secret recordings, was Kickl FPÖ-General Secretary. “It is clear that Kickl can’t investigate himself,” said the “courier” (Monday).