Ufone TikTok Offer Subscription Code & Other Details

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Ufone is a top telecommunication network and the reason is quite obvious. A lot of customers are satisfied with this network as they enjoy good services. If this isn’t enough Ufone also offers a lot of packages that are perfect for daily use. You can choose among SMS, calls, internet and other packages that will help the users enjoy a good time. TikTok has become very famous among internet users and this is why Ufone has introduced Ufone TikTok offer. If you like to make videos on TikTok subscribing to this offer will give a lot of benefits. Here are more details regarding this package:

What do you get in the Ufone TikTok offer?

The Ufone TikTok offer is beneficial for many users. You will get 1.5 free GB internet that is to be consumed for this social media app only. The Ufone free TikTok package will be valid for seven days. You don’t need to worry about the price as this offer is available at Rs 50 (tax included).  It is one of the best packages for the internet users and you can enjoy making as many videos as you want.

You can share your TikTok videos among your friends and loved ones. When you have free internet MBs you can download your favorite movies from YouTube and watch it for free. Even if the light goes out you don’t have to worry because of this free internet offer. You can download movies and watch them when you are free. The Ufone TikTok package price is affordable and you can get the best of everything.

How can you subscribe to Ufone TikTok offer?

The Ufone TikTok package weekly code will help you subscribe to this offer without any issues. With this package you can enjoy internet for and spend quality time on watching and uploading videos on TikTok. Here is how you can subscribe to this offer:

  • For subscribing to Ufone TikTok offer you can dial *2345#

Terms and Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions of Ufone TikTok offer.

  • The prices of this package include taxes
  • Subscribers of this bucket will get maximum speed of internet
  • Internet speed will depend on a lot of factors including device, location and time
  • Ufone packages are valid for prepaid customers
  • Once you have consumed this offer bucket volume will be charged with a default tariff i.e. Rs. 2.75 + Tax
  • For the usage of 25 MB users will get 150 free MBs for one day
  • For checking the remaining sources dial *706#

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