The US does not want to pull all its soldiers out of Syria. “A small peacekeeping force of around 200 will remain for a certain period of time in Syria”, said the spokesperson of the White house, Sarah Sanders, of the channel CBS on Thursday (local time). US President, Donald Trump had announced in December, all of the 2000 U.S. soldiers from Syria to deduct – with the justification of the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) is defeated. The timetable for the troop withdrawal, however, is unclear.

trump’s announcement of the withdrawal from Syria had a national and international level trigger great irritation. After a lot of criticism of Trump was abandoned, that the IS was already defeated completely. A withdrawal of U.S. troops would alter the balance of forces in the Region. Turkey is threatening with an Offensive in Northern Syria against the Kurdish militia YPG.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham welcomed trump’s decision, “to leave a small contingent of American forces as part of an international stability and unity in Syria”. This will make sure that the IS will not return, and Iran will not move into the vacuum, he wrote on Twitter. So Trump had followed the advice of the military. “Well, Mr. President.”

After years in Syria

Trump IS not to let the woman “back to the Land”, although he speaks of other countries

DPA Donald Trump with Erdogan

Trump exchanged views with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a telephone conversation on the Situation in Syria. Both have agreed to continue to work on the creation of a possible safety zone, according to the White house. Both countries are working for a long time to create such a Zone in Northern Syria.

This would go at the expense of Turkey, warring Kurds. The USA, however, the Kurds are morally obliged to have contributed a large part to the military Defeat of the terrorist network IS. The talks are to be continued on Friday at the level of the ministries of defence and of the armed forces.

IS a supporter wants to. back in the USA

sue, Meanwhile, was filed by the family of a U.S.-born woman who had joined in Syria four years ago, the IS and the not a is now allowed to return, lawsuit against the US government Your lawyer Hassan © RDRs opportunity for stated, Hoda Muthana’ve lived your entire life as a US citizen and have a US passport. In the suit it is found that Muthana, the return allowed, would probably be accused of a terrorist organization helped tremendously.

foreign Minister Mike Pompeo had said on Wednesday that Muthana is not a US citizen and will not be left in the United States. You have no valid U.S. passport and are not entitled to one. The woman did not have a visa to enter the US. Trump wrote on Twitter that he did not have to rely Pompeo, to let the woman back into the country.

The 24-Year-old is one of about 1,500 foreign women and children are being held by Kurds in a refugee camp in Al-Hul. She had reported in an Interview with the British newspaper “the Guardian” word and expressed hope to be able to return to the U.S. She was online been radicalized and do not regret their decision, said the mother of an 18-month-old son.

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