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the Norwegian secret service boss expresses concerns against Huawei (17.37 PM)Von der Leyen says Lithuania with German assistance (17.24 PM)Porsche works Council chief Hück wants to be in politics (16.35)prison sentences because of Hungary’s worst environmental disaster (16.15)EU Delegation determined after meat scandal in Poland (15.33 PM)

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+++ 19.21 watch: Pentagon warns of strong of the IS +++

After the announced withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria, the US Department of defense warns of a possible resurgence of the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS). Without a corresponding pressure from the IS could win back “probably within six to twelve months of revival” and a part of the lost grounds, it said in a on Monday published the Pentagon report. In the field of U.S. troops in the East of Syria to fade around 2000 IS fighters love.

this Wednesday, a foreign Minister in Washington, the Anti-IS coalition meeting was held, at the Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas part. Host US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo is. Trump had the withdrawal of some 2000 US soldiers in Syria on 19. December announced, but so far no timetable announced.