this Friday is ushered in with the From one of the world’s most important disarmament treaties, because the United States wants to announce the information of the news Agency DPA its exit from the INF Treaty for the renunciation of land – based nuclear medium-range weapons.

behind the news:

What is the INF Treaty?

The INF Treaty on nuclear medium-range systems (Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces), which was concluded in 1987 between the United States and the former Soviet Union. The third major disarmament agreements between the former super powers initiated the end of the Cold war. Both sides agree on land-based ball to renounce ballistic missiles and cruise missiles with ranges between 500 and 5500 kilometers. At the same time, he also says the production and testing of such systems.

Why want to cancel the USA agreement now?

For some time the United States is accusing Russia to be in breach of the requirements. Specifically, are you accusing Moscow that the new cruise missiles of type 9M729 (Nato-Code: SSC-8) had a large range (2600 km), and they were, therefore, a breach of this agreement. Washington had set an Ultimatum of 60 days, to the destruction of the new cruise missile pledge.