The United States has begun according to some observers, the withdrawal of troops from Syria. About ten armored vehicles, and other machines had been removed from the US base in the ostsyrischen province of Al-Hasaka, said the Syrian Observatory for human rights on Friday.

U.S. President Donald Trump had just before Christmas decided that troops from Syria to deduct.

reported the “New York Times,” confirmed a spokesman for the US-led coalition against the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) withdrawal. For safety reasons, however, published no information on the exact schedule, locations, and troop movements. The US have stationed 2000 soldiers in Syria, especially as consultants and instructors of the Syrian opposition forces.

On Thursday, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo had demanded in a speech in Cairo on more responsibility in the countries of the Arab world in the fight against Islamist extremism. With the U.S. allied Kurds in Northern Syria fear that after the U.S. withdrawal, an attack of Turkey on the controlled areas in Northern Syria. Turkey views the Kurdish fighters as terrorists.