In one of its extremely rare status of the U.S. special investigator Robert Mueller has refuted a report on the accusation that US President Donald Trump and his former attorney Michael Cohen to commit perjury instigated. The representations of the online portal “Buzzfeed”, as the star reported, were not “right,” said Peter Carr, a spokesman for the special investigator, on Friday in Washington. Trump himself dismissed the accusations as a lie.

Mueller’s spokesperson stated, the presentation of “specific communications to the office of the special investigator,” as well as “the description of documents and witness statements” received by the office regarding the testimony of Cohen in front of the Congress, to be “right”. The editor-in-chief of “Buzzfeed” Ben Smith said in the short message service Twitter, the online portal to stand by the report, and to his informant. Mueller to clarify his information.

report: Donald Trump should have asked Michael Cohen, in front of the US Congress to lie

The online portal had reported on Thursday evening, citing two anonymous law enforcement officials, Cohen had made according to his own description of his intentional false statements by 2017, the personal instruction of the President. In Cohen’s statements to the intelligence committees, it went to the planned construction of a Trump Tower in Moscow.

construction project in Russia

Trump should have asked his Ex-attorney, to lying to the U.S. Congress to lie to

Cohen “, in order to reduce his prison time,” countered Trump on Twitter. Also the presidential spokesman, Hogan Gidley referred to Cohen as a proven “liar”. The allegations were “ridiculous” and lacked “any evidence and credibility,” said Gidley the TV channel Fox News.

Trump said according to the Statement from Mueller’s office: “it’s A very sad day for journalism, but a great day for our country!” His lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, dismissed the accusations as “categorically false”. The new Chairman of the intelligence Committee in the house of representatives, the Democrat, Adam Schiff, announced: “We will do whatever is necessary to find out whether this is true.”

Trump has denied “transactions” with Russia again and again

Cohen was sentenced in December to three years in prison, among other things, due to his false statements to the Congress. He had admitted to the investigators, to the committees false statements to the Trump group pursued the project of a high-rise tower with luxury apartments in Moscow. Contrary to his original statements, the project should have been followed up until June 2016 – so up to a point, as Trump is already as good as safe for the Republican presidential candidate.

Trump vs. Democrats

Shutdown and with no end in sight – so it could go further

Niels Kruse

Cohen had said to the committees, the Trump Tower project had already been in January 2016, and buried, before the start of the Republican primaries. The chronology is highly controversial, as it is a question of whether Trump pursued still at an advanced Phase of his election campaign, business interests in Russia – which, in turn, could have its political attitude towards Moscow’s influence. Trump has denied the “shops” in Russia.

Cohen told the investigators that he had frequently consulted with Trump on the Moscow project as originally from him. The lawyer worked for more than ten years for Trump and was considered one of the most important problem-solvers and closest Confidants. He has considerable insider knowledge of the business and private relations to the President.

Mueller examined in may 2017, the alleged Russian interference in favour of Trumps in the election campaign of 2016, and any agreements between the Trump Team and Moscow. He, too, is the suspicion that Trump had tried to interfere after he took office, the investigation of the Russia-affair.

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