Dr. Casey Smitherman missing at the beginning of January one of her students, she Worried. The inspector of the Department of education district of Elwood, in the U.S. state of Indiana looked at whether the 15-Year-old at home and had to find that he seemed to be a pain in the neck inflammation. Earlier, she and her husband had helped the young boy who lives in poor conditions with a relative under a guardianship.

The teacher decided to bring the 15-Year-olds in the emergency room of a hospital because they feared that the disease could worsen. But since she was neither the mother nor a legal guardian, refused the Doctors to treat the young people, as CNN reported, as well as other U.S. media. Then Casey Smitherman made a momentous decision, with the help of which you’ll have your Job put at risk and for which you must answer now before the court. And, although she had only the Welfare of the young.

“you are not a good example”

Smitherman took the students to another clinic, where she spent him as their son and take him to the health insurance treat. A prescribed medication you picked in the pharmacy and delivered to the sick students back home. But a few days later, a guardian of the student signed up because of the unexplained treatment. According to the police, of Elwood of the students had tried to remove the label from the prescription bottle to protect Smitherman. But in vain.

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U.S. school with students

to identify viral, The school inspector went out the next day to the police and explained their Actions. “I understand that you wanted to help a young man who was in a bad condition,” said district attorney Rodney Cummings CNN, “but you are so not a good example, if it shows young people how to assume false identities and making false statements.” Casey Smitherman has to answer now for malpractice, insurance fraud and identity fraud.

Casey Smitherman – for the time being, in freedom

The school Board was, in spite of these Offences behind their inspector. “Dr. Smitherman has been used since the time of their recruitment tirelessly for the interests of all the pupils of the schools in the district of Elwood. She has made an unfortunate error, but we believe that this is only done out of concern for the welfare of the child”, – said in a statement. Smitherman did not know that you did wrong. Nevertheless, it’ll assist you further.

But what will happen to the school inspector, who was on the wrong way? Your lawyer Bryan Williams makes courage. You will, for the time being keep your Job. And since you will be attending a rehabilitation program, would have left the charges, it should not be taken within one year. Seen in this way, Casey Smitherman spends the next months on probation in freedom. “My goal was always to create the best conditions for Elwood-students physically, mentally, and academically well-can develop,” says school inspector in a statement. “To this purpose I will focus me more.”