It was a completely everyday Moment, the Alexandria Ocasio-prompted Cortez to your confession: looking into the shopping basket. The prominent democratic members of Congress, has shared on Instagram a photo of your purchases and in a touching comment to explain why the sight of the food makes a guilty Conscience. “I saw today on my shopping basket down and could not feel otherwise than a touch of guilt,” writes the 29-year-old newcomer from the party’s left wing, which is raised in the simplest conditions, in the Bronx, New York.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talks about her Childhood

“I’m still paying my student loans, and while I try my own meals, I also quite often on a frozen dinner or get me something to Take away. The luxury of the things I had as an adolescent, never, and when I looked down today at my basket, I couldn’t think back to the different as to the times in which I complained as a child about 10,000 felt. To eat rice and beans,” says Ocasio-Cortez, whose mother is from Puerto Rico and whose deceased father was born in the Bronx.

rice and beans were a meal in their family is the main, you would have eaten at most of the days, according to the politician, which is also under the symbol AOC known. “As a child I complained to me about it. I was tired of eating all the time, the Yellow, and I wanted to have the expensive meals, I saw children on TV eat. Now that I’m an adult with bills and years of smuggling and expect had to, I feel terrible about it.”

her parents had been young and had tried, with very little money, two children to raise, says Ocasio-Cortez, their former family relationships. To eat “every day rice and beans, it allowed me to go on class trips and to play football. I didn’t understand it at the time – my parents didn’t want me to feel restricted – but now I feel really guilty about it.”

AOC will debt of gratitude

transform The youngest woman ever elected to the U.S. Congress, describes himself as a “democratic socialist” and the Interests of the working class. It occurs, among other things, for free universities, the expansion of Medicare, the government health insurance for the elderly and the disabled, and a Federal Job guarantee with a minimum wage of 15 dollars per hour.

“When I graduated from College, I was paid in my first Job, $ 45,000,” recalls AOC. This was more than your mother in your entire life ever have a working relationship and I deserve it. “So many feelings of guilt and strange emotions are not connected, but now when I think of these moments – the dinner, at which I cried, because I understood what was brought for a sacrifice my parents – then I can just try to take that guilt and turn them in daily gratitude.”

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I looked down at my grocery basket today and couldn ’t help but feel a pang of guilt. I’m still paying my student loans, and while I try to make my own meals; I also quite often want to resort to a frozen dinner or take out. These are luxuries I never had growing up, and as I looked down at my basket yesterday, I couldn’t help but think of all the times as a child that I complained about eating rice and beans for what felt then like the 10,000 th time. Rice and beans what our staple meal, and we ate it the vast majority of days. As a kid I eventually complained about it. I got tired of eating the same thing all the time, and I wanted to have the elaborate meals I saw children eating on TV. . Now, being an adult with bills and having had to scrimp and calculate everything for years, I feel terrible about it. My parents were young and trying to raise two kids on a dime. Eating rice and beans every day is what allowed me to go on school trips and play soccer. I didn’t get it then – my parents didn’t want me to feel limited – but I really feel guilty for it now. . When I graduated college, my first job paid $45k. It was more than my mother made in her entire life. There is a lot of guilt and strange emotions that comes with that, but now when I think about those moments – those dinners where I whined because I didn ’t understand the sacrifice my parents were making – all I can do is try to take that guilt and turn it into everyday gratitude. . I’m thankful. Half the time I don’t feel deserving of how my life has turned out over the last year. It brings a lot of stress and complications, but I’m not afraid for my own survival the way I used to be when I didn’t have insurance or when the restaurant was dead for weeks in a row and I wasn’t making the tips I needed to pay rent. All I can do is be thankful. I thank my creator and every well-wisher, supporter, organizer, family, and friend. And dedicate my life now to working as hard as I can so that everyone in this country can have the opportunities needed to be blessed with a basket like the one I have today. . (So sorry to be posting pics of food in the middle of Ramadan! 😬 When inspiration strikes, ya gotta do what ya gotta do)

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The new icon of the left Democrats, studied Economics and international relations at Boston University and worked until shortly before their election to the deputies of the house of representatives in November 2018 as a waitress in a Restaurant to support her mother.

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“That puts me in danger”: Ocasio-Cortez reports of death threats to Republican attacks

By Marc Drewello

“I am grateful. Half the time I have the feeling, not to earn it, how my life in the last year has developed,” says Ocasio-Cortez. “It brings a lot of Stress and commultiplications, but I have no fear for my own Survival as I had it earlier, as I had no health insurance, or if in the Restaurant for weeks nothing was happening and I got the tips I needed to pay the rent.” Everything you can do, is be grateful, writes to the Democrat more. You thank your Creator, your supporters, your family and your friends and do it “now life’s work as hard as I can to work for it, that everyone in this country, the opportunities to be with a basket like the one I have today, blessed.”