A U.S. Federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit from pornstar Stormy Daniels against US President Donald Trump. The American media reported on Thursday (local time).

With the lawsuit, I want to tip the actress is an agreement that they cannot publicly about an alleged affair with Trump speak. Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, evaluates the court decision as a victory.

The judge in Los Angeles dismissed the lawsuit on the grounds that the actress have already get “exactly what you wanted,” wrote the “Los Angeles Times”. Trump had previously said before, the confidentiality agreement not to enforce.

Clifford had, according to his own statement, in 2006, to have Sex with Trump. Cohen said recently that he had paid in the order Trumps hush money to a porn star to in the election battle damage from Trump to avert. Trump admitted after several denials, a payment, but denies to have anything to do with the actress. Clifford has now published a book about it.

On Twitter, Clifford appreciated the judge’s decision as to the confidentiality agreement. She said, about a year ago, yet she had been with claims for damages of up to $ 20 million threatened for a breach of the agreement. “Glad that I stand firm I’ve remained & continued to fight to have,” she wrote.

her lawyer Michael Avenatti said on Twitter, “you won”. Trump’s attorney Charles Harder appreciated the judge’s decision, however, according to the “Los Angeles Times” as a victory for the President. Last year, Clifford had a legal defeat: at the Time, the same Federal judge had dismissed its defamation lawsuit against Trump.