The administration of US President Donald Trump will classify the Iranian revolutionary guard as a foreign terrorist organization. The Trump announced on Monday in a White house, widespread communication.

in order to send a clear Signal to the government in Tehran, “that their support for terrorists has serious consequences”. The revolutionary guards (IRGC) in Iran, the elite unit of the armed forces is far more important than the classic army. The step is likely to lead to new tensions between the two countries. The revolutionary guards had threatened in the run-up with counter-measures.

Trump called the revolutionary guard “is the most important agent of the Iranian government, to direct their global campaign of terror and implement”. With the step his government further increased the rate against the Iran, it considers a “rogue regime”.

The U.S. President had announced in the past year, the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Tehran. With the agreement of the construction of an Iranian nuclear bomb should be prevented. In turn, Iran were made to improve the economic relations. The United States, however, increased unilaterally from the Deal, and imposed back economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

It is the first Time that the U.S. consider a military unit of another state as a terrorist organization. So far, the Islamic state (IS), Boko Haram or Hamas are to be found on the list to the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

The measure aims to provide financial assistance for the Garden. U.S. citizens and companies, it is forbidden to assist the organization – for example, in the Form of money, weapons or Training. Members of the unit may not be traveling in the USA or can be shown.

for quite some time, there had been speculation that Trumps the government could classify the revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization. IRGC commander Mohammed Ali Dschafari warned Washington on the weekend before such a step. “If the Americans really should commit such a stupidity and our national security compromise, then we will launch immediately take appropriate measures against them,” – quoted by the Tasnim news Agency.

The revolutionary guards in Iran according to the Constitution, the elite unit of the Iranian armed forces, and since more than three decades, is far more important than the classic army. The revolutionary guards are directly responsible to the Supreme leader of the country Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has in all strategic matters the last word. The “guard of the guardians of the Islamic Revolution” controls all borders in Iran, the Persian Gulf, as well as nuclear plants and military bases.

The unit also has great political and economic influence in the country. The Garden are the hard-liners ideologically, although closer to, but also the Reformer President Hassan Rouhani to respect and value you as a guarantor of the Security of the country.

The classification as a terrorist organization by the U.S. state Department. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo wants to speak on this Monday.