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the Dutch Minister resigns fewer and fewer refugees, members get to Germany (8.36 PM), due to report on asylum-crime (3.24 p.m.) U.S. government: notes on new chemical weapons attack by the Assad troops (0.02 PM)

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+++ 8.36 PM: Fewer and fewer refugees, members get to Germany +++

The number of relatives that were descendants of refugees to Germany, is in the course of the past two years has dropped significantly. So the 17 322 people from the six main countries of origin of refugees were, according to the foreign office in the first quarter of 2017 is still a visa. In the first quarter of this year, there were only 7402 people – although with Somalia, in the meantime, the seven main countries of origin were included in the statistics. The largest group of more than 5000 people came recently from Syria, with a large distance followed by nationals from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia and Yemen.

+++ 8.35 PM: the charges against the suspects after the murder of US Rapper for Hussle +++

In the case of the murdered American rapper for Hussle a Grand Jury has charged in the California indictment against a 29-year-old suspect. After notification of the State e R e the man for murder, you must murder, illegal possession of a firearm and assault in two other cases, the responsibility tried. The defendant pleaded according to the authorities, a verdict of not guilty. The 33-year-old Hussle (“Victory Lap”) was on the 31. March in a Parking lot in Los Angeles, had been shot. The shots were fired in front of a clothing shop, whose co-owner was a Hussle. Two other men were injured. The alleged perpetrator, who fled the scene, was arrested two days later in Los Angeles.

+++ 8.11 PM: Green government, criticize the policy of the coal exit +++

Green party leader, Anton Hofreiter has criticized the policy of the Federal government to the Coal phase-out. “The Federal government is on the cart before the horse,” he said of the “Rheinische Post”. “Of course, the exit strategy from Coal-affected regions need to be supported, but now she puts together a financial package, without having to bring the coal phaseout,” he continued. Need an overall strategy for the implementation of the decisions of the so-called coal Commission. The Cabinet looks on Wednesday, first with the vertices of a “structural strengthening law coal regions,” with those of the economic upheaval in the affected areas will be addressed. Overall, the Federal government will provide up to 40 billion euros in the next 20 years. Up to the summer break, the Federal government intends to adopt the relevant draft law.

+++ 7.02 PM: Dead in protests in Indonesia +++

In the course of protests of the government opponents in Indonesia, clashes with the police come. It had been killed according to the authorities, six people and more than 200 injured. In the capital, Jakarta, several thousand people gathered to demonstrate against the re-election of President Joko Widodo. After the rally, the police went after the Reports on the death of a demonstrator by a gunshot wound, a police spokesman said. The speaker emphasized, however, that the police didn’t shoot sharp. The rally was peacefully come to an end, but then the police used tear gas against protest participants. Several market stalls, and cars were already risen before in flames. The police arrested some 20 people. The electoral Commission confirmed on Tuesday officially Widodos re-election as President. The Opposition questioned the election result.

+++ 3.24 PM: Dutch Minister withdraws due to report on asylum-crime +++

In the dispute over a report on refugee crime, the Dutch Minister for immigration, Mark Harbers has lost his post. Harbers, resigned in the face of criticism of the report. The report had triggered resentment, because in the statistics is comparatively harmless offences, such as shoplifting, specifically, have been reported; however, of the asylum seekers committed crimes as serious as sexual Assault, murder or manslaughter were grouped together in a category of “Other” without a breakdown by individual actions. Critics accused Harbers, that he had intentionally tried to, the interest in the report is small to keep. Haber took “full responsibility”, that he had not informed the Parliament “correctly”. He however denied to have deliberately traded.

+++ 0.50 at: Macron and Merkel asking Putin to “Gestures” of the Dialogue with Kiev on the +++

France’s President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) have called for Russian President Vladimir Putin in the conflict in the East of Ukraine on the Kiev government approach. Russia should make the “necessary Gestures in order to create favorable conditions for a dialogue,” it said in a statement from the Elysée Palace after a telephone conversation between Macron and Merkel. Macron and Merkel had emphasized “that the Moment has come to make decisions, to end the conflict in Eastern Ukraine weighs on the relations between Russia and the European Union”. The relations between Russia and the Ukraine impacted for years. Russia had annexed in 2014, the Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea and supports separatist fighters in the East of the country.

+++ 0.28 at: the International Man Booker prize goes to Omani author Alharthi +++

The writer Jokha Alharthi from Oman has won the prestigious literary award Man Booker International 2019. Was awarded Alharthi for her novel “Celestial Bodies” (heavenly body), as the Jury announced in London. In the book it’s about the memories of three old Omani sisters family ties and fates, associated with the post-colonial history of the country in the South of the Arabian Peninsula. It is the first novel of an author from Oman, which has been translated into English. The Man Booker prize is one of the most important literary prizes in the UK. Prizes are awarded to foreign works that were translated into English. The prize money of 50 000 pounds (about 57 000 euros) shares Alharthi with your Translator.

+++ 0.02 at: U.S. government: notes on new chemical weapons attack by the Assad troops +++

The United States have “information” on a possible new chemical weapons attack by the troops of Syrian President Bashar a-Assad. In a statement, the U.S. state Department, the talk is of a “suspected chlorine gas attack in the North-West of Syria on the Morning of the 19. May.” Hinweisen will be investigated. Thus, the Chemical agents may be, during the Offensive of the jihadist-controlled Region of Idlib to use. “We repeat our warning that if the Assad Regime’s chemical weapons use, the United States and our allies quickly and in an appropriate manner answers,” said foreign Ministry spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus. In the conflict in Syria has already been used several times poison gas. Damascus is to have an agreement by 2013 no chemical weapons more.