In case of fire use in California’s Anaheim have taken firefighters two Windows one in front of the fire hydrant parked cars, so they could lay a water hose.

The forces were forced to destroy the rear side window of the illegally parked the car, the hose, the fire Department of Anaheim in social media. On photos was seen over the back seat of the car-reaching hose.

The fire in the kitchen of a house I have finally, in little more than 15 minutes will be deleted, shared with the fire Department on Facebook. The incident happened already on Tuesday.

The fire Department used the case to remind the residents of Anaheim, not in front of fire Department access roads or to Parking fire hydrant. In a Tweet, it was made clear that there is no Option would have been to route the hose under or over the vehicle. The fire-damaged property is not without reason, it was said.