A police officer has been wanted in the United States for many years in the internal police databases, potential Dating Partner, these women then sought out and tried to tow. The Head of the police station, Melanie Bevan said, in a press conference. Also, the “New York Times”, CNN and the “Washington Post” reports about the matter.

Accordingly, the husband should have sought at least since 2012, in the police computers after women, he might have fallen. With phone calls, social media, or Visiting in their apartments, he should have approached the ladies, then. He was always in the service and have been in uniform, should have his Job to gain the trust of the women. “He was persistent, and ultimately successful,” said police chief Bevan.

Florida: police officer no longer in service

Up to 150, in most cases, Hispanic women, he should have contacted. The police boss have a lot of visited them personally, to tell you that the deeds of this man “are representative of those that wear this Uniform and badge with Pride and to say simply: I’m sorry”.

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Meanwhile, the policeman is in service. Last summer his approach flew on. The police boss, Devan describes in the press conference, how it came to be: The officers had met, therefore, a woman in the Parking lot of a super market and her car was then in his police home followed. There, he knocked to the door of your parents house and demands to speak because of a “domestic affair” with the woman. The parents had refused, had been whether his tenacity suspicious and would have demanded the name of the police officer and that he was gone.

The parents had little call later in the local police station and the identity of the Cops can clarify. As this had been addressed by his superiors, he claims to be, the woman followed, because the light on your car was defective. Due to the conflicting information, an inquiry had been opened, in came out that the police have searched in the internal databases, always to young women. Talks with the women would have shown that he have contacted you after that, and tried to tow.

“Had he not resigned, he would have been fired”

In the course of the investigation, the Bredanton Police Department presented the police officers after twelve years in the service. Shortly thereafter, he submitted his resignation. “Had he not resigned, he would have been fired,” said his former Boss. The investigators assume that the official many professional have broken rules to have Sex during the periods of service. Him could now face a criminal investigation.

sources: Bradenton Police Department / CNN / “New York times” / “Washington Post”,