within the next five years, the United States wants to send, according to Vice-President Mike Pence back astronauts to the moon, including a woman.

“The first woman and the next man on the moon two American astronauts, which are lifted with American rockets from American soil,” said Pence on Tuesday at a meeting of the national Council on Astronautics in Huntsville (the US state of Alabama). On the moon would be an Outpost established, as the Basis for a planned Mars Mission.

“It is the right time for this challenge, and I assured the Vice President that we, the people at Nasa – ready for the challenge,” responded Nasa chief Jim bride Stine on the presentation of the plans.

With a view to delays in the development of the new rocket, the SLS (Space Launch System) had accused the Vice-President of Nasa in his speech, lack of commitment and bureaucratic inertia. The rocket had originally intended to have complete in 2017, an unmanned test flight, after problems in the development of the date was postponed several times.

bride Stine called the next year for a first test flight, 2022, the rocket is scheduled to launch for the first time, people in the vicinity of the moon and back. You search for creative approaches to construction and Tests of the SLS go forward, said bride Stine.

The 5-year Plan for a manned landing on the moon Pence left no doubt: Failure is not an Option. If Nasa is not currently able needed to be changed the organization, not the Plan. And should it be necessary, would be set for the implementation of the objectives of the commercial Partner: “If commercial rockets are the only way to bring American astronauts in five years, to the moon, then it will be a commercial rocket,” said Pence.

He compared the Situation with the in the 1960s, as the United States and Russia competed for supremacy in space. There is currently a similar race in the All – “it’s just that the stakes are even higher today”. Pence mentioned China, which was last updated with the first landing of a probe on the moon’s back for attention.

Esa-chief Johann-Dietrich Wörner would like to avoid a similar competition like at the time, however, as he said to the news portal “Spiegel Online” after the announcement of Pence. “My hope is that there is no “back to the moon” with special emphasis on national interests, such as 50 years ago, but that we “go forward to the moon” in international cooperation.”

He hope to have cooperation opportunities. It is necessary to clarify what role it could play in the Esa, should not be able to implement the Nasa plans to the U.S. government, said Wörner the Portal. He pointed out that Europe will deliver parts of the technology for the planned US lunar mission. To the Service module of the space capsule, “Orion”, with the help of the Americans to the moon want to fly.

In 2011, had set the United States Space Shuttle program, with the decades-long U.S. astronauts into space. Since then, they had to leave their space with a Russian Soyuz rocket to the International space station fly.

U.S. President Donald Trump had shifted the focus of the US space from Mars, first on the moon. There, in 1972, American astronauts of the “Apollo 17″Mission last year, landed.

at the beginning of March was the first US astronaut ferry to the ISS, docked, however, unmanned: The “Crew Dragon” will be developed by the private US company SpaceX Tesla founder Elon Musk. The flight test should ensure, according to Nasa information, the ship and its systems, such as planned work, before a crew goes on Board. After about a week in orbit, the space capsule had returned to earth.