Grevenbroich: mother after the death of a small child-proof

After the death of a little boy in Grevenbroich close to Düsseldorf, the police have detained the mother of the child on a provisional basis. The 27-Year-old had been summoned to police information Wednesday on the day before the rescue workers and given to have their almost two-year-old son lifeless in his bed found. The results of an autopsy would have confirmed the suspicion that the child could have died a natural death. Against the mother of the urgent suspicion of manslaughter was in concomitance with abuse of wards, police said. The officers made no information on the cause of death and the possible circumstances under which the little Boy died. A homicide took over the investigation.

Blaubeuren: climber dies in fall

In baden-württemberg, Blaubeuren, Germany, is a man Climbing killed. As the police reported on Wednesday, was broken up, the 28-Year-old and his 32-year-old Known on Tuesday morning to a climbing tour, as against 10.30 a.m. the fatal accident on the broad rock occurred. As it is, I hooked the man his rope on a hook, but only to half the height. His companion gave him a warning and asked not to climb so more, said later to the police. But the 28-Year-old have not heard and was continued to increase. He crashed on crashed on the floor. He died at the scene of the accident.

Salzgitter: man threatened in SEC-use with toy gun

in a SEC-use in Salzgitter killed the man threatened the officers, according to the Prosecutor’s office with a toy gun. In the darkened room, this looked like a real gun for the police officers, said a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig on Wednesday. The 28-Year-old had not given up, therefore, even after Warnschüssen of the special forces and had been killed. After the deadly SEC-use last Thursday, officials had found in the apartment of the Killed in addition, the body of a 22-Year-old. According to prosecutors, the two German knew each other. Whether and by whom the Younger was killed or whether he took his own life, was still being determined. It is suspected that the 28-Year-old killed the young man is, according to the Prosecutor’s office.

Ditzingen, Germany: the wife of a freight train is detected and deadly

injured In baden-württemberg, Ditzingen, Germany, has been recognized a woman of a freight train and fatally injured. As reported by the police on Wednesday, occurred the accident in the night, shortly after 1 o’clock. Presumably, the young woman entered the tracks, the way to the platform shorten. In spite of immediately initiated emergency braking of the train could not stop in time to prevent a collision.

Düsseldorf: SEC-use – a woman is barricaded in apartment

special operations command is since Wednesday morning in Düsseldorf in use, because a woman in her apartment has entrenched. You should have a bailiff is attacked. It were heard, according to police, the shots could have come from a gas gun. Media reports that it has attacked the man with acid, was not able to confirm a police spokesman. The woman was still in the apartment and you have a “static situation”, – said the speaker. You stand with the woman in contact.

Hannover: man Smoking in the death of

toppled A man who is plunged in Hanover on Tuesday from a window of his apartment and died, had probably smoked before cigarette. Have shown that the first investigation by the police. The 28-Year-old fell on Tuesday from the fifth floor in a backyard (see message below). The investigation had not revealed any information to a third-party negligence, said a police spokeswoman on Wednesday. “The most likely explanation is that he has set the smoke on the window sill, and then the balance is lost.”

Glücksburg: rowing boat capsizes on the fjord – a man drowns, another

miss Tragic end of a harmless boat trip On the Flensburg fjord in the Schleswig-Holstein capsized a rowing boat and a man died. One more Person was missing, police said in the Morning. The rowing boat was capsized with three people aboard on Tuesday evening around 18.30 near Glücksburg. A 50-year-old woman and a 56-year-old man were released from the forces in a hospital. The man had to be resuscitated, and died later in the hospital. The third Person, a 53-year-old man, is still missing. The search measures had been canceled because of the darkness of the night, but should resume today. How it came to the time of the accident, according to police, is still unclear.

news from Tuesday, 16. April

Hannover: man falls from window and dies

In Hanover, a young man was on Tuesday killed in an accident in the morning fatal. As the police reported, was in favor of the 28-Year-old from a window of his apartment on the fifth floor. Local residents had seen the man around 8: 30 p.m. in the backyard of the apartment building and the rescue workers are alerted. The emergency doctor could only note the death of the husband. The wait was worth it. The officials, however, expect an accident. Notes are not available to third-party negligence, it said.

Würzburg: 14-Year-old steers car to an emergency at the wheel

A 14-Year-old had to take over on the highway 3 near Würzburg, the control, after her mother was suddenly unconscious. As the police reported, were the two against 13 o’clock on the A3 in the direction Frankfurt-on-the-go, as the mother is around 300 meters before the port Kist point lost consciousness. Mind your 14-year-old daughter took over at around 100 kilometers per hour, the steering Wheel and steered the car off the highway. The car landed in a ditch near a commuter Parking lot. From there, the young people alerted the rescue forces which brought her mother to a clinic.

Hamburg: driver falls drunk out of car

police officers stopped in Hamburg in the night to Tuesday a motorist after the car was without lights on the road and a traffic light at red light had hit. As the car stopped and the officers opened the door, it fell right toward them the drunk 46-year-old driver. As officials reported, the man was able to independently stand up again. A guard led breath alcohol test resulted in a value of 2.54 ppm. The man was a judge.

Aachen: man 500 meters behind the van reeled

It sounds like something out of a James Bond movie, but it is a reality. Zwei, 35, and 36-year-old men should have bound lock in the vicinity of the Urfttal in the Eifel (North Rhine-Westphalia) about the same age, with a rope to the trailer hitch of your van. After that, they gave full throttle, and dragged the victim for about 500 meters behind the car. The man suffered life-threatening injuries. Subsequently, the alleged perpetrators have, according to the Prosecutor’s office cash and cell phone, and Euskirchen left removed. The WDR had first reported about the case. Accordingly, the Background of the fact is still unclear, how the two men were with the victim, is currently the subject of the investigation. The two suspects sit for attempted voluntary manslaughter and false imprisonment in detention.

Schwelm: man is by scrap press

killed In the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Schwelm came a man in a work accident. According to the first findings of the 55-Year-old had to wait on Monday for a scrap press. When he was in the metal press, sat down suddenly in the aisle. Why, is still unclear. The criminal investigation is determined. “We are but a misfortune,” said a police spokeswoman. The man belonged to the police to a company, should wait for the heavy equipment. As the rescue arrived forces, the man was already dead. His body was recovered after the securing by the police of the fire Department. Several witnesses had been in the care of Emergency pastors, a witness came to the hospital, so the fire brigade. The interviews run, according to police.


The accident happened on the premises of a scrap dealer in Schwelm

©fire Schwelm

news of Monday, 15. April

Cologne: a 20-Year old clutch of city railway with the

Because he didn’t want to get reported too late to the Sport, the doors of the train were already closed, is a 20-Year-old on Friday night on the car clutch along for the ride. Unfortunately, behind him, the police came and the incident was also filmed.

Accordingly, had the cops catch the young man red-handed in his daring action at the Aachener Straße/corner of Handel street and also observed that the 20-Year-old held only on the windshield wiper of the railway. The officials followed the city’s rail and finished a little later in the ride. The man I now await a criminal case because of dangerous interference in rail transport, it says.

kamener Kreuz: Drunk car thief falls asleep on the green strip next to the highway

all the people on the green strip next to a busy highway in North Rhine-Westphalia, a drunk and a suspected car thief tried to sleep it off. As the police in Dortmund announced on Monday, officials were alarmed in the night to the last Friday on highway 2 at the intersection kamener Kreuz. There they found on the green strip a sleeping 39-Year-olds in a car.

“Only by repeated loud Knocking, the driver could be brought out of the Land of dreams,” it said in the police report. When you Open the door would have been more pronounced odor of alcohol is perceptible. In the car, several empty bottles and cans that had once contained beer and liquor were.

An alcohol test when the man was positive. In addition, it turned out that the car was reported stolen. The car was seized, the car thief taken into custody.


The 28-year-old defendant (r.) son-in-law on the first Day of the trial to the accusation of indictment, you’ve had your Baby in September 2018, after the birth in the bathtub drowning.

©Daniel Karmann, DPA, Nürnberg: Baby in a bathtub drowning, the defendant is silent,

for manslaughter by omission has to answer a 28-Year-old since the Monday before the Landgericht Nürnberg-Fürth. According to prosecutors, the accused had in September 2018, your new born Baby after delivery, in the domestic bath tub drowning. They got neither help, nor tried, the infant self-revive. The body should have them in a cardboard box hidden.

On the first Day of the trial, the defendant-in-law. Their defender doubted, moreover, that their statements are from the first interrogations to recycle, because the woman had been a lawyer and had not been cleared as a suspect about their rights. The Prosecutor described the allegations as absurd. The judgment is yet to fall this week.

Bremen, Germany: 31-Year-old wife adds life to a dangerous cut to

In Bremen, has added a 31-year-old man and his wife a life-threatening laceration to the neck. Why the man attacked the 23-Year-old on Sunday morning, with a knife, was still unclear, police said.

Thus, the Victim called to the fact, a well-Known, drove her to a hospital. There the woman had been emergency surgery immediately danger to life no longer exists now. The suspect appeared in the police a little later in the clinic where you have him without a fight. Now, it is checked whether the man in custody. The investigation is going.

Hamburg: customs investigators found 440 pounds of cocaine on a container ship

customs investigators have discovered on a container ship in the port of Hamburg, 440 kilograms of cocaine. The in 17 duffel bags Packed drug had already been in the past week, in the case of the control of a rice-sacks Laden container found, such as the customs announced on Monday. The Container was loaded accordingly, in Uruguay, and should go via Hamburg and Antwerp to Sierra Leone. The drug with a street value of well over EUR 13 million is obviously for the European market, a spokesman said.

According to customs, the smugglers transported the procedure the drug in the so-called Rip-Off. The drugs are not hidden in the complex of the landing but hand in pockets behind the goods in the Container are stored. In the destination country, they could be brought quickly and mostly unnoticed, even in the case of a stop of the transport boxes without the actual charge needs to be touched.

Flossenbürg: investigators dig again in the case of Monika fresh wood

The search for the 42 missing Monika fresh wood in Bavaria. Forces of the police began to reported in on Monday morning, with trenching to a further possible location of the body, such as the investigator. This is the information according to the edge of a forest South of the small town of Waldkirch in Flossenbürg in the upper Palatinate, near the border to the Czech Republic. Only a few meters away, the police had already dug last week.

The twelve-year-old schoolgirl Monika fresh wood from Flossenbürg had the knowledge to on 25. May 1976, in the afternoon, her parents leave home. A little later, their trail was lost. The investigators believe that the girl was murdered.

Ludwigshafen, Germany: microwave falls from the window sill, then the cooking pot

flying An unfavorable course had chosen a 37-Year-old on Sunday for his microwave. He set the kitchen appliance on the window sill of his apartment in the 2. Floor. For yet unknown reasons, the microwave fell out of the window and smashed the window of a parked car. In addition, the 38 was incensed-Year-old so that he threw the cooking pot velvet food in a high arc behind. As the arrived, called the police, I calmed down, the heavily intoxicated man quickly, as it says in the police report. The pot-thrower, an indicator for damage to property. The amount of damage is unknown.

food: a taxi driver in the hospital

beaten, Apparently because he refused to take her in his Taxi, is attacked on a Sunday morning to eat a taxi driver by two men brutally and seriously injured. As the “WAZ” reported, found police the 57-year-old man in the morning hours – before the witnesses had selected the emergency. Also due to witness statements, the officers a little later a part of the 15-member group. A 23-Year due to his aggressive behavior. The drunken man turned out to be one of the two clubs and spent the night in police custody. The search for the second offender remained according to investigators initially unsuccessful.

Mannheim: parts of the town library and elementary school in flames

In the case of a major fire in Mannheim was damaged on Sunday night, a building of the city library hard. Meters high should have beaten the flames out of the house when firefighters arrived the “image”. The Spread of the fire to an adjacent high school could prevent the fire brigade. In the branch of the city library housed an elementary school, not more, apparently, was to save. According to police, damage, collapse risk, due to the severe building. The cause of the fire, the police has started the investigation. According to information of the Rhein-Neckar-television, arson could be the cause of the fire. Accordingly, forces were at the scene of break-in tracks. In addition, fire extinguishers should be of the walls and water taps turned up ripped. According to the first estimates of the property damage is several hundred thousand euros.

Sinsheim: Hoffenheim-Fan dies on the way to the stadium

The managers of the football Bundesliga side TSG Hoffenheim was not in the mood on Sunday afternoon despite a 2-0 success against Hertha BSC really to celebrate. As the club announced, via Twitter, came in the run-up to the game, a Fan of the kraichgau killed. “Our hearts and thoughts in this difficult time for the bereaved of the deceased, our sympathy goes out to his family and his friends,” it said. Apparently, the Fan was on the way to the stadium. To is the exact of death, circumstances nothing is known. After the game, the Berliner spoke to the relatives of the deceased their sympathy.

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