He killed two women, raped their corpses and put then between them: a grey double-murder seeds in Petershausen, near Munich, must the offender in a closed psychiatric institution.

The land court of Munich II sentenced the 54-year-old accused of two counts of murder and disturbance of the peace of the Dead in addition to 15 years in prison.

The presiding judge certified him in the grounds of the judgment of a severe personality disorder, sadism, and “severe psychological disturbance”. The sexual satisfaction of the defendant had been “interwoven with fantasies of Violence against women”.

The default parameters are already 54-Year-old was killed in February of last year, his two mentally ill Acquaintances. The court saw it as proven that he drugged the 40, and 41-year-old women at a carnival celebration in his apartment, strangled, garroted, and then you passed. Finally, he lay between the two bodies into the bed. The court spoke of “necrophiliac acts”.

The way how he carried out the deed, the “ritual procedures”, languages from the point of view of the court, “that he has long fantasized about it”. One of his victims, he strangled with a cut up T-Shirt, and with duct tape. The defendant followed the verdict with his eyes closed, again and again, he shook almost imperceptibly the head. According to the court, he should have tried to take on the fact of life.

The prosecution in its indictment of hatred towards women as a motif. The public Prosecutor and the court had requested the psychiatric unit, as well as life imprisonment, the defense of accommodation and 14 years in prison. The court also saw a “tragic” component. The defendant was decades in therapy – his sexual disorder was not treated, however, because he addressed you never.